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Sunday, January 8, 2012 Present The Best You { + Giveaway!} is launching a new Facebook app called BeKnown, a professional networking tool for Facebook users that allows them keep their professional and personal lives separate. To commemorate the launch of this new app, I was asked to write up my tips on presenting your best self during an interview. Being that this is a fashion blog, I wanted to focus on the first impressions created by the interview outfit. Here is a sample of something I would wear to an interview.



Blazer: H&M Tuxedo Blazer (old) - 2 (similar)
Top: Express (old) - XS (buy this year's version)
Belt: borrowed from Express shirtdress - (similar)
Skirt: Forever 21 Black Pencil Skirt (old) - XS (similar)
Watch: Michael Kors "Small Runway" (MK5430) - $127 (buy
Shoes: Louboutin Decollete Patent Pumps - 35 / gifted from Adrian (similar)
Purse: Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 - gifted from parents (similar

My basic guidelines for dressing for an interview include:
  • Wear a suit.  I am a software developer so oftentimes the interviews that I go into do not call for wearing a suit.  However, I strongly believe that a suit will only help you in the case of an interview.  A good suit conveys professionalism and shows that you are serious about the job opportunity, not to mention that a suit sometimes can give you that extra boost of confidence! Take the time to invest in a good suit -- you don't want to be scrambling around finding a suit and worrying about alterations before an interview!
  • Wear classic colors.  I am a big fan of colorful outfits, but for an interview, this is definitely one case where you want to stick with the classic colors -- and definitely black!  I personally prefer pairing royal blue tops with my suits as I feel like the color projects authority while still staying classic and conservative. 
  • Minimize accessories.  If you are interviewing for a fashion-forward opportunity, you will probably want to ignore this bullet.  However, since I am in the technology field, having accessories in an interview outfit can be distracting and excessive.  I would generally just stick with a watch, simple earrings, and maybe a simple necklace. 
  • Comfortable, functional pumps.  Although I usually prefer platform pumps, for an interview I will always stick to a simple classic pump shape.  Make sure that these pumps are broken in and that you are comfortable walking in them!  The last thing you want to be thinking about is having painful feet during a long day of interviews. 
You can tell that for an interview, I like to play it safe with my outfit choices.  The point is to look professional and wearing the right clothes is definitely a key component in creating a positive first impression with a prospective employer. 

As for's latest BeKnown app, I have long awaited for something that would let me separate my professional network from my personal network on Facebook.  While privacy settings can help you hide posts that you don't necessarily want your boss to see, ultimately there needed to be something that could help you build your network professionally within your existing Facebook network.  I couldn't have been happier to learn about the launch of just this feature with the new BeKnown app!

And to help spread the word about BeKnown, I have been given a couple items to use for a giveaway! 

Prize will be similar to image shown:  buesiness card holder + makeup kit

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Disclaimer:  This post is an entry to the BeKnown comtest.  Giveaway items are provided by  All opinions are my own and completely honest.

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  1. Great app, great tips, and great shoes!

  2. I can't imagine you not getting hired in an outfit like that!
    I definitely agree that you should look put together and classy.

  3. you look great kileen! that's exactly what i've been wearing to interviews, but even more conservative (buttoned the blazer and a black small bag). i guess our fields are slightly different though, eh? the blue really pops against your skin tone!

  4. You made really good points about wearing the right colors. I really agree that blue really brings out authority. Thanks for this informative post... it's always useful no matter what =)

  5. i love a classic black suit. the shoes are lovely, too!! hope you had a wonderful new year.

  6.  Simple, polished and chic!! Lovely look!;)

  7. That is the perfect interview outfit! I like how the blue shirt adds the perfect touch of colour without being too in-your-face.

    You look so classic and stylish! :) 

  8. Your CLs are gorgeous!  And I like your interview outfit.  Classic but still stylish!

  9. girl you are soo stylish and classy!!!

  10. i would've actually preferred a classic black bag with this outfit but didn't have one. and best of luck with your interviews!

  11. Great interview outfit, Kileen - definitely something I would wear, although I might go for a long-sleeved button down opposed to short sleeves. Love the cobalt blue, though. And I hope you're feeling as great as you look!

  12. I entered every which way! What a great giveaway and what a fun chance to dress for an interview! You look great! XO
    real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

  13. That skirt fits you beautifully Kileen, and you look stunning in that color blue!

  14. I love this blouse! As a fellow petite, I can really appreciate a v-neck. Maybe a trip to Express is in order. 

  15. We're in the same contest! : ) Doesn't the giveaway end today though?

  16. as far as i know, the post just had to be published by today... i could be wrong though.

  17. Ahhh... noo. I just double checked. The contest began in December and ends today. I found out about it last minute too.

  18. :( oh well. thanks for letting me know! i'll let the giveaway run for a week just to be fair to the readers, but i guess my clicks won't count for anything past today.

  19. That is definitely one thing I don't have, is a power skirt suit! Once I loose 20 more lbs, I'm on a mission for a high quality one!

    Shasie of Live
    Life in Style

  20. Hey girlie, there was no extra info box, so I tumbled your giveaway here:

  21. I am a really tough interview-er and I would def hire you Kileen! :) Love the outfit!

  22. Cute and little and classy here.  You look lovely, Kileen!  Love this indigo blouse as well as the lovely Louboutin pumps.

  23. Love the color of that shirt! I definitely believe keeping it classic and simple is the best way to go!

  24. Kileen - Love this blue color on you. And I totally agree with your suggestions of wearing a suit but going with a bold memorable color, especially one that is as flattering on as this shirt is for you! - Katy

  25. You look so cute...Lovely blog!!

    Check out my blog if you want? :)

  26. So chic lady!

  27. Prefect outfit for an interview. Do you have your suits tailor? I am about 5'2" and size 0 but find it really hard to find a nice suit that fits. Never tried tailoring any of my suits but considering doing it now.

  28. The "suit" that you see me wearing here is actually not a suit set. I bought the jacket and skirt separately when I found pieces that fit without the need for tailoring. I haven't had any luck at other stores (e.g. Ann Taylor, Banana Republic) in finding suits that would not require lots of tailoring. If you do find a good suit from one of those places, it would be worth it to have it tailored.

    Hope that helps!

  29. Love your cobalt blue blouse. Looks so well put together!

  30. U look great, so professional and chic, very elegant!! Gorgeous!!


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  32. Nice place.I would never have normally come here to read the blogs but I'm really glad I did. Will definitely be coming back.

  33. Thanks for the great tips, I have an interview coming up soon so this was a perfect post!

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  37. love the blue with black combi !

     follow me? i follow you!

  38. I am absolutely in LOVE with your blog.  You have great professional style! You have certainly got a follower in me as I'm constantly looking for office appropriate inspiration! I'm in IT as well so I know what you mean about having a nerdy day job -- but isn't it refreshing to be able to break down the negative stigmas of being an intelligent woman? It's empowering and you're doing an awesome job! Congrats on the baby bump and keep taking the geek world by storm :)

    Catalina  at City and Burbs

  39. ashley @ sunnysideshlee.comMay 4, 2012 at 9:57 PM

    I once read that when you're on a budget and investing money in your interview wardrobe, instead of buying that $300 suit, opt for a designer bag or designer shoes. People notice your bag and shoes first before they notice your actual suit ... just make sure that suit is not ill fitting. I'm a recruiter for a Fortune 50 company and can tell you thats definitely true! 

  40. You look adorable. That outfit looks so perfect.
    I loved your style.

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