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Monday, January 31, 2011

Color Brigade: Vol 4

abercrombie Scarf (included with jean skirt) (not similar, but lovely)

It's another day for the Color Brigade!!  I actually thought it was classic blazer day too for Everybody, Everywhere, but it turns out I'm a week early.   All the best!  This way I can make sure I get more wear out of my blazer collection.  :)

I think we all know how much I love my colored tights.  But as the weather starts to warm up, tights are slowly going to be fading away.  So as another colorful alternative to tights, I'm going to start experimenting with silk scarves.  I haven't quite figured out the best way to wear lighter silk scarves yet and kinda just tied this one like a traditional winter scarf.  This scarf was also a little trickier in that it's very slim and actually came as a belt in a jean skirt that I bought several years ago.  Nonetheless, I do really love the pop of color that it gives and can't wait to try out more scarf looks in the future!  So...for my Color Brigade submission, I give you white, blue, green, and gray!

Now it's your turn!  Link up your colorful outfits below!

Note, feel free to link up any outfit you wore in the past week or an outfit that you'll be wearing later this week -- it doesn't have to be something you actually wore today!

  1. Put this button on your blog sidebar.  Entries without this button will be removed. 
  2. Click on the "Click here to enter" button.
  3. In the "Link it to:" section, leave a link to your colorful creative outfit for the week combining at least 3 different colors. Note that prints count as 1 color (e.g. leopard print = 1 color)
  4. In the "Caption or Title:" section, tell us what different colors you're wearing.  Example: Gold, Cream, and Red.
  5. And that's it!  Go back and check out the other amazing entries from members of the Color Brigade!

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P.S. Urban Outfitters is having a great sale right now!  I picked up a couple things, including this blazer that's on sale for $39.99!  Use code TAKE10 for an additional 10% off too!  I actually decided to return this blazer though as I decided I didn't really like how the bottom hem went up so much in the back.  But definitely check out their sale.  Remember you can get an additional 3% off through Mr. Rebates too!

P.P.S.  I just realized my interview was published on Smashion!!  Check it out.  :)

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Tutorial: Messy Bun Look Using Goody Spin Pins

Finally, the tutorial that you've been asking for!  If you missed my previous posts (here and here), I put up my hair in a messy bun using a couple Goody Spin Pins.   Check out the video for how to achieve this look:

I apologize that the sizing is a bit off, but you can view the video in HD if you like.

And the magic behind the bun:

P.S. In case you missed it:

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dressing Up My Hoodie

Lulu*s Comeback Baby Grey Dress - S (buy dark grey here, buy similar)
Forever 21 Red Belt - S (cut short) (buy similar)
Christian Louboutin Patent Pumps - 35 (gifted from Adrian - the bf) (buy, buy similar for <$20)

So if you've noticed, I kinda like to try different things on the weekend.  Today, I went for something a little unexpected and mixed a velour hoodie into a dressier outfit.  I hadn't originally planned on the hoodie, but the softness called out to me and I couldn't resist.  It's also got these puffy sleeves which I'm a sucker for everytime.  I actually really loved this combination and it was perfect for my day of running random errands and getting more wedding planning under my belt.  And of course, I was only too happy to be able to sport my new LV Bellevue PM purse

And since many of you guys requested a tutorial on using the Goody Spin Pins to create a messy bun updo, I recorded a little video this morning for this look today.  I still need to do some editing and will have it up soon so please stay tuned!  :)

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend!

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P.S. In case you missed it:

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Lotsa Leopard Print (eek!)

Lapis Leopard Print Cardigan - One Size (gifted from mom) (buy similar)
Forever 21 Black Patent Belt - (holes punched) XS (buy similar)
Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Pumps - 35 (gifted from Adrian - bf) (buy)

I have a confession:  I'm scared of animal print.  And while I do own a jaguar print skirt, it's much less bold of an animal print and I actually thought the print was of poppy flowers when I first bought it!  When my mom bought this leopard print cardigan for me a few weeks ago, I instantly had to turn my thinking cap on and figure out how I could wear it while still staying within my comfort zone.  This was my first attempt.  I decided that I was going to embrace the leopard print with open arms and flaunt it like it was meant to be worn.  I was actually able to go sans leggings too for the first time in months thanks to the un-seasonably warm weather this weekend.  And to make sure that the leopard print looked classy instead of tacky, I brought out my trusty Louboutins (a Valentine's Day gift from Adrian over 5 years ago).  Leopard print always calls for black patent.  And the red sole actually happened to be a perfect match for the red skirt!  Hopefully this outfit turned out classier than what you'd see in your typical 80's sitcom rerun...

So why all the red?  Well, Chinese New Year is right around the corner on Thursday, February 3, but my parents and I had a little celebration this evening.  Red is said to bring good luck and you're even supposed to wear red right down to your underwear (which I did, of course!).  And while typically there are red envelopes involved, this year I got lucky and my parents actually gave me a Louis Vuitton Bellevue PM purse (twitpic)!!  I can't wait to start styling it in my daily outfits!

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P.S. For any of you guys who are into Louis Vuitton purses, they're cheaper to buy in Europe.  My dad travels to Germany frequently for work and Louis Vuittons are significantly cheaper there than in the U.S. (although I've heard it's cheapest in France).  Tourists are also tax-exempt and so you get that money back before leaving the country.  So if you or anyone you know is traveling to Europe anytime, just something you might want to keep in mind.  :)

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Mod Vibe

So as a departure from my usual colorful outfits, I decided to go for something a little darker today.  I bought this little chiffon polka-dot shirt from H&M over Christmas when I saw it on the sale rack for $10.  How can you say no to a $10 polka dot shirt?!  I've been anxious about wearing this shirt for over a month now but it's always been freezing outside so there were no good opportunities.  Until today.  Check this out for crazy Texas weather:
Yes, that's temperatures in the 70s!!  And then snow on Tuesday.  So basically, it was now or never with this chiffon shirt.  And that shirt was so now.  With a little tomato-red belt and red earrings, I felt ever so mod.  The only thing missing is one of those plastic white round sunnies.  You know what I'm talking about. 

So on that note, I hope you enjoy the outfit.  I'm off to enjoy the rest of this glorious day!  ^_^

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P.S. In case you missed it:

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Kate Walsh Fragrance Train Kit Giveaway Announcement!

We have a winner for the Kate Walsh Fragrance Train Kit giveaway!  Thank you everyone who entered.  Look out for more exciting giveaways in the future!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Color Coral. And Some Technicals

Target White Scarf (recent) (buy similar)

I loved little colorful accessories to add some spark to an ordinary outfit.  Today, it was the color coral.  I saw these awesome little coral pumps on the Forever 21 website and noticed that they had them in size 5, so of course I had to buy them!  And while the shoes actually looked a little cheap when I opened the box, they actually look really cute and nice when worn.  They are a tiny bit big though, but it wasn't anything that a little heel grip couldn't solve.  And while these shoes are a little low in terms of heel height for me, the bright color certainly made up for it.  I think these will be my new go-to shoes for the spring!'s Friday finally!  It's time for another Friend Friday post, and this week's theme is all about blogger mechanics.

1. What technology do you use in blogging? (computer, camera, video camera, tripod, etc...)
Camera:  Canon Rebel Xsi body (borrowed from Adrian - the bf)
Lens:  Canon 50mm f1.8
Camera Setting: AV mode, ISO Auto, F-Stop 5.6
Camera Remote: Canon RC-6
Video Camera: Canon SD1400IS
Tripod: Velbon 5000 (borrowed from parents) 
Computer: MacBook Pro Laptop / Sony Vaio Desktop

My camera is a basic DSLR, but it's perfect for what I do.  I highly recommend upgrading from the default lens to the 50mm f1.8 lens as it's reasonably priced and gives amazing picture quality!  The wireless camera remote is also a lifesaver as I cannot always count on someone else taking pictures for me.  It's also a necessity if you're experiencing blurriness problems when using the camera timer when taking pictures.   The camera is focusing on the background when the timer button is pushed and by the time you're standing in the foreground, the focus will be incorrect and you will end up as a blurry mess.  

2. What computer and online technology do you use? (blogging system, photo storage, photo editing tools, etc..)
Blogging System: Blogger
Photo Storage: Picasa
Photo Editing Tools: Lightroom, Photoshop CS5, Picasa

Although Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop have slightly higher learning curves than other photo editing programs, it's worth it to learn your way around these tools as it will make a huge difference in the quality of your photos.  The primary reason I love Lightroom is how it allows you to adjust the exposure of each picture.  In the situations where I don't have enough daylight while taking pictures, this exposure setting fixes it all!  If you've ever been frustrated taking pictures in the winter time because of lack of light, then you need this software!

3. What is your process for taking pictures?
I take pictures in the morning before I leave for work.  It takes me about 5-7 minutes now and I end up with about 40-50 pictures.  I edit in the evenings after work and will write up the post later that night.  In the past I've always scheduled the post for the next morning, but lately I've enjoyed just posting it automatically that night.  I actually think my readers appreciate this more too as I seem to get more comments that night instead of in the morning!  

4. When it comes to backdrops for your photos what do you consider? Do you scout locations or shoot the same spot daily?
I shoot in the same spot on weekdays as I don't have much time before I leave for work in the mornings to find a photoshoot location.  I'm actually hoping that I'll be able to scout out different locations on the weekends just to add a bit of variety to the blog.  Be on the lookout for this in the future!  

5. If you could splurge and get one new piece of equipment what would you be buying?
Next on my list is a speedlight for my camera.  I'm hoping to be able to take some indoor pictures to do some more beauty reviews and need to have better lighting for the macro shots.  My hope is to save up for one of these by the end of the year.  :)

Be sure to check out ModlyChic for other Friend Friday responses!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All Bunned Up

NET International Cardigan - S (purchased in Taiwan) (buy similar)
LOFT Square-Neck Top (really old) - XS (buy similar)
Flower Pin (gifted from Annie)
Turquoise Necklace (really old)

I was going to wash my hair this morning, but it was freezing outside and the idea of being all cold and wet just sent me straight back to bed for another 15 minutes in between the sheets.  So up in a bun my hair went!  It actually ended up taking me almost 15 minutes tease my hair so that it had enough volume to make a bun not look like a little knot on the top of my head.  But thank goodness for the Goody Spin Hair Pins!  My bun can now be big and loose and these little pins make it all stay in place.  These little guys are the ultimate godsend, I tell you.

As for the outfit, I almost forgot about this bandage skirt!  The last time I wore it was actually for my first outfit post ever on my blog.  If you haven't seen it, it's a gem in all it's awkward glory.  To say the least, it's always good to see how far you've come.  :)

Oh, and this post is titled as such because of my hair bun.  Not because of these crazy Urban Dictionary definitions.  

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