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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Another Lace Find

gap ochre ribbed waist cardigan, urban outfitters chambray shirt, forever 21 scalloped lace skirt, bakers wild pair karen tan suede pumps, michael kors rose gold small runway watch mk5430, melie bianco madison purse, ann taylor gold skinny belt

gap ochre ribbed waist cardigan, urban outfitters chambray shirt, forever 21 scalloped lace skirt, bakers wild pair karen tan suede pumps, michael kors rose gold small runway watch mk5430, melie bianco madison purse, ann taylor gold skinny belt

gap ochre ribbed waist cardigan, urban outfitters chambray shirt, forever 21 scalloped lace skirt, bakers wild pair karen tan suede pumps, michael kors rose gold small runway watch mk5430, melie bianco madison purse, ann taylor gold skinny belt
  Cardigan: Gap Ribbed Waist Cardigan in Winter Ochre - XSP / $23 (love the draping on this cardi)
Shirt: Urban Outfitters BDG Chambray - XS / $40 (ASOS option) (J. Crew one)
Belt: Ann Taylor Perfect Skinny - XS / $15 ($8 option
Skirt: Forever 21 Scalloped Lace Skirt (recent) - S / $22.80 (buy
Watch: Michael Kors "Small Runway" (MK5430) - $127 (buy)  
 Shoes: Bakers Wild Pair Karen WP - 5.5 / $70 (buy) (Pour la Victoire ones
Purse: Melie Bianco Madison - $50 (buy

This lace skirt is my most recent {and maybe luckiest!} Forever 21 find. You might remember that I had purchased a lace skirt from Lulu's a few months ago but ended up selling it as it was a bit too short to wear to work and it didn't quite fit on my natural waistline either. I literally shrieked inside when I saw this skirt at my Forever 21 store just sitting idly on the table by its lonesome. I love how this skirt is cut more like a pencil skirt {instead of the mini-skirt style that was the Lulu's} and while the current size Small is still a bit roomy, I have no doubt that in a few months my preggo self will be filling it out. :)

Happy Thursday!  I'm finally catching up on the Victoria's Secret fashion show tonight.

Oh, and guess who's 8 weeks pregnant today!


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Sandy a la Mode said... [Reply]

AHHHHH i love it!!! lace is my fave!! you look darling!!!!!1

Elle said... [Reply]

This skirt is goooorgeous! I saw it online the other day but passed on it...I am having second thoughts!

SkippySays said... [Reply]

That skirt is beautiful! Definitely one of the best F21 finds I've seen on you. I'm going to have to see if my store has one too!

Urban Jungle Fashion said... [Reply]

Your Urban Outfitters skirt paired with your F21 Skirt is an amazing move.  I love how they compliment each other.

Frannie Pantz said... [Reply]

8 weeks already???  Yay!  And double yay for this skirt and that great chambray top and rusted cardigan.  You look adorable and I can't wait to see how your little belly grows!

Michelle said... [Reply]

I love the cognac colors you have going on!  Great skirt find!!

Congrats on your eight weeks!! :)

Tori said... [Reply]

Fabulous! I love lace too!!

Alamodeetplus said... [Reply]

I swear I always get outfit inspiration when I need it most from your blog! Lace skirt tomorrow it is :) Thanks! 

That skirt really is stunning, and I love the cognc cardi paired with the cream skirt. Very fall-tastic! 

styleofiris said... [Reply]

Congrats again on your pregnancy! I loove lace skirts. I just got one via HauteLook that I've been dying to post it but it's black. That one looks sooo good on you and I love that blouse you paired it with. Great look!!!!

Kristin K. said... [Reply]

i love the chambray shirt!! :) and congrats on your pregnancy! i'm looking forward to your maternity posts, those will be super cute! :)

Coffeebreakcrn said... [Reply]

Congrats on your pregnancy! =)

Anyway, cute outfit. I have a cardigan very similar to that; same color. I haven't worn it yet though cause I didn't know to pair it with... but now I do! hehe. Love it.  =)

Anyway, just wanted to say hello from a new follower. Glad I found your blog.

Carrie said... [Reply]

I like how you paired the lace skirt with a chambray shirt. It's unexpectedly perfect. :) What an awesome Forever 21 find! 

Lydia Abate said... [Reply]

You always find the best things at F21! I love the scalloped hem of the skirt, and that you've paired it with chambray!

cindydiep2 said... [Reply]

Congratulations on your prego! How exciting for mom-to-be :D. Be careful, don't wear high heel a lot.

Walkinwonderland said... [Reply]

Kileen, congrats on your pregnancy!! I love this color palette. Great pictures...


The Girlie Blogger said... [Reply]

Lace - very nice. Love the outfit.

Petite LG said... [Reply]

This skirt looks almost identical to the Lulus one. I have the same sweater from  Gap. Might have to try this combo soon =)

tia_cherie said... [Reply]

I love your lace skirt. I've been looking for a lace skirt for ages but I can never find the right one.


Congratulations! Wow so happy for you!!

Marie_McGrath said... [Reply]

Uuuhyhhh, your new skirt is so so pretty!!! What a score! I'm so glad you managed to find one that fits you so much better, you look great!

Neris said... [Reply]

absolutely wonderful! one of my favorite outfits from you up to date :)

Happy Friday!




Fashion Fractions         

Polka Princess said... [Reply]

Aaah! I LOVE lace! And like your hairdo too!! :)

Did I say I love lace?? :)

Mrs.pancakes said... [Reply]

The skirt is too cute..congrats on 8weeks!!

Irene Tran said... [Reply]

Congrats on hitting 8 weeks, Kileen! You look amazing. I'm excited to see how your wardrobe changes during this journey.

Tara said... [Reply]

Your skirt is stunning it!

John Marine said... [Reply]

Kileen, you have lovely hair, face, and smile in these pictures (I REALLY love the third picture!  What a cutie you are in that one!).  This is a very sweet and easy outfit.  The lace skirt is lovely along with the platform heels.  Very lovely looks, Kileen!

Angie said... [Reply]

what a great dupe! i like it better than the modcloth one too

Helen said... [Reply]

That is such a sweet find!

jodi said... [Reply]

Yay!! Happy 8 weeks!! :) I really love those colors together and that skirt is adorable. :)

Alex Elizabeth said... [Reply]

Whattt that's skirt is F21? You must have the best Forever 21 karma of anyone I know. I love how you styled it with the chambray shirt!

Linda Smith said... [Reply]

You are so butiful!Cheap chanel 2.55 handbags

Olga said... [Reply]

Such beautiful outfit! I love the combination of different materials and textures: lace, cotton, denim, leather... so different but so perfect together :) Great look!
PS: the shoes are amazing!!xoxo Olga

Tanya said... [Reply]

Great layering. Gorgeous skirt!

Bhushavali Natarajan said... [Reply]

Congrats love....
And that skirt is awesome...
Roaming-About in Style

Jessica said... [Reply]

I love that skirt! I don't think I could ever pull if off, since I don't have near as nice legs as you do, but it's beautiful either way! I love the entire outfit!


Callandra said... [Reply]

Wow!  I love that skirt so much!!  Too bad F21 is sold out of the small already :(

Kileen said... [Reply]

Oh wow, that was quick! It was still available a couple days ago. :/

chic accessorizer said... [Reply]

love the lace skirt...n how u teamed it up with denim shirt...adore the belt, shoes n the bag is too rockin...n congrats mummy to be
im following u..plz follow me :)
chic accessorizer

Jas said... [Reply]

that skirt is perfect!

Ladyofashion said... [Reply]

Stunning lace skirt. I love lace, it's timeless so this is a great outfit!

Giuseppina said... [Reply]

Gorgeous skirt! I SO wish they still had it in a size small online. I'm starting to think I need to stop checking out your website since it makes me want to shop!!

Kileen said... [Reply]

it's possible that this skirt is still in your store! i was at F21 yesterday and saw several on the racks!

jeannetjjsantos said... [Reply]

This is a great look - I like those colors together - and those shoes....that's all I have to say about

Linda Smith said... [Reply]

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Anonymous said... [Reply]

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