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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review: Giorgio Armani Beauty

There's currently a 15% off sale {with free shipping at $50} on the Giorgio Armani Beauty website! I actually picked up a couple items from them a couple weeks ago and am absolutely in love with them. And so even though I purchased too early to take advantage of this sale, I wanted to share with you my review of what I'm currently obsessed with from their line.

Foundation: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk ($59 US)
I had been looking for a good liquid foundation for several weeks now as my skin becomes noticeably drier during the fall/winter months and I usually turn to something more liquidy to provide more moisture to my dry skin. I scoured the web for reviews and even sampled a few other foundations before finally settling on this Luminous Silk one by Giorgio Armani.

{click on each picture for a larger image}

giorgio armani luminous silk foundation #4 review
bare face - no foundation!

giorgio armani luminous silk foundation #4 review
Applied using Sigma F80 brush

giorgio armani luminous silk foundation #4 review
Applied with fingers

giorgio armani luminous silk foundation #4 review
Applied with fingers - taken with flash
For me, I prefer a more light-medium coverage foundation -- nothing too heavy where I feel like my skin can't breathe. My goal is usually to wear a foundation that doesn't even look like I have foundation on. If that means that my freckles will show through the foundation, then so be it. There is also no SPF {that I know of} for this foundation so it also photographs really well -- even with flash!

Color Match
The Luminous Silk in shade #4 is a perfect color match for my NC20-25 skin. The color is described as having "golden yellow undertones" and is ideal for Asian skin tones. I have read that people have a hard-time getting a color match though, so I would definitely recommend getting it done at the counter.

I first tried applying the foundation with the Sigma F80 brush. I really liked the result but it was a bit sheerer of a coverage than I wanted. I then tried just using my fingers to blend out the foundation and was simply wowed at how flawlessly it blended into my skin! The foundation also felt like pure silk on my fingers! I also found that the foundation has very buildable coverage without looking cakey at all -- I put a second layer on over my freckles.

I tried the foundation over a couple different primers too. I received a sample of the Giorgio Armani Fluid Master Primer which I tried first. While it feels silky smooth going on, I felt that it actually didn't do a very good job of making the foundation go on smoothly. I then went back to my non-silicone based Stila Hydrating Primer and absolutely loved that combination. For me, I've found that primers with silicone don't work well for my skin -- but that's just me.

The finish of the foundation is a subtle glow. I didn't find that I needed any sort of setting powder with it and didn't notice any sort of oxidation either! The color lasted all day for me (10+ hours) although keep in mind I work in an office at a desk job and don't have to deal with any harsh environmental conditions.


  • light-medium coverage
  • blends flawlessly
  • minimizes pores
  • leaves subtle glow -- no setting powder needed
  • buildable coverage -- I applied a 2nd layer on top of my freckles
  • pump dispenser that allows for small usage amounts
  • lasts 10+ hours

  • expensive {but worth every penny!}
I would highly recommend this foundation to people who have generally good skin but just want to even out their skin tone and don't want a heavy make-up feel. I have dry skin and had no issues with breakouts or irritation. This foundation is my new Holy Grail!  If there's one thing to splurge on, it's a good foundation.  (buy)

Lipstick: Pink Rouge #500 ($30 US)

Here's one more quick suggestion for Giorgio Armani while I'm at it. I received a sample of the Pink Rouge #500 lipstick when I first bought my foundation and after using it for a week straight, I decided to buy the full-size tube. It's the perfect pinky-brown shade for the Fall. It's long-wearing with a subtle sheen finish and very moisturizing on the lips too!

giorgio armani pink rouge 500 lipstick review

The sale is for USA only.  Go to and enter code EXCLUSIVE for 15% off!  Free shipping at $50.  Valid 10/18-10/20 only.  So hurry on up!  :)


Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post.  I just thought I'd share my new makeup finds with my lovely readers and let you guys take advantage of a sale I missed out on.

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  1. the lipstick is really pretty! i like the rosy hue

  2. thanks!! i'm surprised how much i love it. can't live without it now. :)

  3. Um. You are totally making me want to buy that foundation!!!

  4. I'd say get a sample from the makeup counter and try it out. I totally fell in love!

  5. Another cute post 
    dear, really lovely and stunning as usual :))


    Still one thing, could you please please do me a favour and
    vote for me by liking my photo on this link :)



    It really means a lot to me :) puss puss and huggs from  <3 <3


  6. You have amazing complexion, even before putting on the foundation! 

    I am a huge fan!  So glad I found this blog recently!  :)

  7. Hi Kileen, I'm wondering if the GA foundation does a much better job than the Missha BB cream review you posted some months ago, as I  was seriously considering getting the BB cream for myself, due to the fact that I love how your skin looks on pictures and have been reading such great reviews of the product, and it's at a great price range for a student on a budget like me. Hope you can let me know! - Mar

    Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

    miss: The
    New BODY by Burberry Giveaway

  8. Hi Mar!

    I actually stopped using the BB cream when summer came along as I felt that it was too heavy on my skin. I haven't picked it up since then and actually am wiling to sell you what's left of my Missha BB Cream (50% full at least!) as well as a new bottle of Legere White Multi BB Cream for $20 + $2 shipping if you're interested... :)

  9. I use their foundation too and love it!!  I also have a lipstick of theirs.  As much as I like their lipstick colors I feel like they are way too expensive.

    The Girl in College

  10. OMG the last photo is GORGEOUS! I think it's my fave photo of you! Looks like a magazine!!! WOW.

  11. Lovely, I really wish I could get this foundation here in SA. you look beautiful :) and im so glad that you embrace your freckles mostly :)

  12. Thanks for your foundation review Kileen! I feel like I've been on the perfect foundation hunt for years. I'll def be giving it a try!


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