Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eye Catching

LOFT Military Peplum Jacket, loft wanda stripe knit dress, mk5430, sole society marco santi dash nude pumps, mk5430, tjmaxx vieta lucille handbag

LOFT Military Peplum Jacket, loft wanda stripe knit dress, mk5430, sole society marco santi dash nude pumps, mk5430, tjmaxx vieta lucille handbag

LOFT Military Peplum Jacket, loft wanda stripe knit dress, mk5430, sole society marco santi dash nude pumps, mk5430, tjmaxx vieta lucille handbag

LOFT Military Peplum Jacket, loft wanda stripe knit dress, mk5430, sole society marco santi dash nude pumps, mk5430, tjmaxx vieta lucille handbag
Jacket: LOFT Military Peplum Jacket (shrunken in dryer 2x) - 00 / $49.50 (similar)
Dress: LOFT Wanda Stripe Knit (recent) (sides slimmed) - XS / $8.50 (super cute ShopBop one!) (loving this striped one -- only $15!)
Belt: Gap Outlet Yellow Snakeskin (holes punched) - M / $5 (cute Anthro one on sale $10)
Shoes: Marco Santi Dash Nude Pumps via Sole Society - 5 / $50 (buy - sold out in nude) (love this pair!)
Watch: Michael Kors "Small Runway" (MK5430) - $127 (buy)  
Bracelet: Agaci (old) -  (similar)
Bag: Vieta Lucille Buckle Satchel (c/o TJMaxx) - $30 (very similar Aldo satchel!)

I'm new to the idea of styling military-inspired jackets, but after seeing it on several other bloggers as well as practicing on my own, I am now a firm believer that they go with everything!  And did I also mention the fact that it's the perfect fall transition item?  I love how they give this feminine dress a bit of a tough edge while the fitted cut still keeps it from looking too masculine.  After all, I am {and will always be} a girly girl.

And what's an outfit without a pop of color right?  I had to throw in a bright yellow belt just to add a little something that would catch your eye...  :)

LOFT Military Peplum Jacket, loft wanda stripe knit dress, mk5430, sole society marco santi dash nude pumps, mk5430, tjmaxx vieta lucille handbag

And because temps reached back in the 90s again later in the day, this is how my outfit ended up looking come 5pm. Good thing I had that belt!  Otherwise it's almost like an optical illusion.  :)

LOFT Military Peplum Jacket, loft wanda stripe knit dress, mk5430, sole society marco santi dash nude pumps, mk5430, tjmaxx vieta lucille handbag


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MarianneMatic said... [Reply]

Hello Kileen! I love how you accentuated your outfit with that belt! its just so cute! and I'm loving your make up! I must learn how to put that too!

Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen - H&M Leather Bands Giveaway!

Muchloveilly said... [Reply]

loving the stripes with that pop of yellow! you are one sophisticated dresser, kileen! 

Sandy a la Mode said... [Reply]

love your striped dress sweetie.. and the jacket and purse too!!

Oreleona said... [Reply]

that yellow belt is indeed eye catching! love the dress!

Chandana said... [Reply]

I love the outfit.. You always look so good and put-together! Love the yellow belt and the jacket!

Adrian said... [Reply]

Hi lo, I miss you. Can't wait to see you tomorrow. ;)

Kim A. said... [Reply]

Hey Kileen! That's an awesome striped dress and I'm loving those cute pearl earrings with the diamond bow. I'm a pearl girl too! You have an awesome look and I'll be following your blog. I look forward to reading your future posts. :D
SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

Michelle said... [Reply]

You look great!  I have not been to a mall to do serious shopping since August!  I will keep my eye out for that dress! So cute!

You also did a great job stacking all your bracelets! They complement the purse nicely! :)

Lyddiegal said... [Reply]

I love the new dress - I clearly have a soft spot for anything striped, and that yellow belt makes it so nautical.

Cecilia Oviedo said... [Reply]

Oh Kileen you've joint two of my favorite looks, military and nautical! Everyday I'm impressed by your locations, all awesome!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Alamodeetplus said... [Reply]

I love mixing masculine and feminine, and the military jacket is the perfect mix of edgy, without losing all femininity :) Oh and you have super defined runners legs!! Work it girl :)

Frannie Pantz said... [Reply]

I am a total firm believer in the military flair!  Love the way this toughens up your pretty flirty dress!

Kileen said... [Reply]

awww, i miss you too, b! xoxo!

Kileen said... [Reply]

lol, thanks! it's years of gymnastics too. :)

Kileen said... [Reply]

thanks! i'm actually just getting into the whole arm party thing. :)

Kileen said... [Reply]

Thanks!! Pearls are just so classy, aren't they? I always think of Breakfast at Tiffanys whenever I wear them. :)

Kileen said... [Reply]

Oh, and you'll be happy to know I spent some time cleaning tonight too. :)

cactusandcucumber said... [Reply]

love the dress. your makeup always looks so flawless.

A Little Petite said... [Reply]

great outfit!!! and nice addition with the belt! 

crystal said... [Reply]

kileen... i dont know how you do it. you look so put together every. single. day.!!! love this striped dress with a yellow belt for a pop of color. dallas in 9 days girl! xx

Kileen said... [Reply]

Thanks Crystal! I do plan my outfits the night before if that explains anything. There's no way I could put together an outfit half awake at 6am. :)
And yes, can't wait til you're in D-town!


JennyAustria said... [Reply]

as of this is my favorite look~ yay~

Carrie Higa said... [Reply]

Liking the drapey neckline on the dress and the yellow belt. :) I've been wondering how to style my own military jacket; this gives me some great ideas. 

crystal said... [Reply]

doesnt matter - you always look so happy and your face is flawless even for waking up at 6am! must share your beauty secrets when we meet up! :) 

oomph. said... [Reply]

i have to agree that these military jackets go with everything...as does a white blazer, lol! i love your nude pumps. i still haven't found a pair, but plan to this fall!


Cel said... [Reply]

This outfit looks great on you. That's a lovely dress, and I really like the yellow belt.

Amanda Horney said... [Reply]

I'm with you - loving military-inspired jackets, would love to add one to my closet.  Love every piece of this outfit - the jacket, the navy striped dress with yellow belt, your cognac satchel bag...seriously, this is just a perfect outfit all around!!!


Marie_McGrath said... [Reply]

You look great in this outfit Kileen! I really love the nautical vibe with the stripes and pop of yellow.


Indcfashion said... [Reply]

I love that dress, especially with the belt. I've been looking for a dress like that.


Wincey Tang said... [Reply]

I'm so glad I discovered your blog - I LOVE it :)! Stripe knit dresses are such classics :). xx


TOBeautyReviews said... [Reply]

I love this outfit Kileen!  You remind me that I'm still on the hunt for a mustard belt!!! 

SippingGreenTea said... [Reply]

I'm so glad I discovered your blog - I love it! Stripe knit dresses are always a classic too :). xx


Reyna Lay said... [Reply]

I just found u thru twitter! love this outfit, the jacket is gorgeous! Love the pop of yellow from the belt. btw: new follower on here, twitter, fb, & yt! love finding great fashion bloggers! When you get the chance pass by my blog & check it out! Hope to see ya there soon, can't wait to peek at all your other posts.


Lilly's Style said... [Reply]

Wow, that's an awesome deal on that dress!  Love how you styled it! 

Kileen said... [Reply]

haha, sure. i'm switching up my beauty routine as we speak but i'm having some really good results with one product in particular. will be sharing on the blog shortly!

Kileen said... [Reply]

thanks! LOFT had a 30% off Facebook deal and then I stacked a $15 birthday voucher and a $20 rewards card. the SA even said i was making out "like a bandit" with that dress! :)

Kileen said... [Reply]

I actually noticed that Target had a nice mustard skinny belt! Definitely check out your local Target cause I think it was pretty affordable too!

miriam Stella said... [Reply]

thank you for your comment! have you partecipate to my Chanel giveaway? and have you seen my new post of Milano fashion weeK?
Come and see !;-)

Inna said... [Reply]

Another amazing outfit! I seriously love everything about it-- from the mixing of more feminine and edgier pieces tot he yellow belt. love love love!

Polka Princess said... [Reply]

Loving that pop of yellow through the more subtle colors......! <3

Tara said... [Reply]

I love your striped dress, and the pop of yellow is perfect!

Jessy said... [Reply]

Military jackets are something I've always loved, but never tried yet. Your outfit is perfect for it!

Rainy Days &Lattes said... [Reply]

Love the nautical stripes! A contrast to your jacket =D

Guest said... [Reply]

Love how you've styled the dress both times you've worn it -- good inspiration for me to wear the dress beyond summertime.  Can you explain how you slimmed the dress?  Am wondering if i can do that to mine to get it to sit better...

Kileen said... [Reply]

i basically just hemmed the sides in. to do this, i put the dress on inside out and stick pins in along the side that indicate how far in i need to go. then i carefully take off the dress, draw a line following where the pins are, and then just sew it up! it's pretty easy. i'll have to put up a tutorial the next time i slim something. :)

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