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Monday, September 12, 2011

Color Brigade: Vol 36 {The Perfect Combination}




I actually look kinda bootylicious here!
Blazer: ASOS Linen Mix Shrunken Notch Lapel Blazer - 2 / $66 (buy - 4% back) (loving this linen bf blazer) (wish they had this tailored one in my size)
Top: Forever 21 Pussybow Satin Blouse (old) - S (similar)
Belt: Ann Taylor Perfect Skinny - XS / $15 (buy) (similar)
Pants: H&M Mustard Trousers - 2 / $12 (buy) (similar on sale $36 - 3% rebate
Earrings: Forever 21 Grapevine Earrings - $2.80 (buy)
Bracelets: Forever 21 Beaded Rope - $4.80 (buy), t + j Designs Gold Chain Bracelet - won from giveaway (buy)  
Watch: Michael Kors "Small Runway" (MK5430) - $127 (buy
 Bag: Vieta Veronique Buckle Satchel - c/o Handbag Heaven (buy) (i like these Fossil reissues too)

What better way of starting off the week than with colored pants? I have quite a few in my collection now (red, cobalt, olive, mustard) but have to say that the mustard pair is probably one of my favorites right now. Just like every girl wants to be the "perfect combination of sexy and cute" {thanks Crazy Stupid Love}, every article of clothing should be the perfect combination of professional and stylish. These pants are just that.

Everybody, Everywear | Colored Pants


Lips: Milani HD Advanced, Modern Mauve  {still trying to figure out how to make this work...}

And of course, all this color was also perfect for the Color Brigade day!  The winner of last week's feature is Erin of Simply Just Lovely rocking a pink, white, grey, and black.  I'm totally gonna have to steal this look sometime!

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  1. Love your mustard pants!! They are adorable! Def going to have to hit up H&M soon :)

    Hope that you have had the chance to enter our Tiffany & Co. necklace giveaway!



  2. Love the navy and mustard combo! It's absolutely perfect for fall.

  3. The return of the mustard pants!  It makes yet another winning combination with navy :)

  4. Fantastic color combination, Kileen! I can't pull off these pants, but now I'm wanting something mustard-gold-ish :)

  5. The navy + mustard is such a beautiful combination - love it!

  6. Oh, man!  That IS a perfect combination!  I love the richness to the blue and mustard.  And I love the 'Crazy Stupid Love' quote. 

  7. You are awesome with colored pants, love all the combos you come up with! You look super fashion forward here!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  8. Love the pants and love the blouse to

  9. i love blue and mustard together - and i think that bow on your top ties it together. no pun intended. ;) 

  10. Gorgeous! The blue top you chose to pair with your new pants is great!!

  11. You look great! Love how pants can give just the right amount of color to really bring life to an outfit. I want some now...^^

  12. i love the two rich colors balanced with the fresh white blazer. darn...i keep forgetting to shop thru mr. rebates!! thanks for reminding me!

    [oomph.]Blogaversary Giveaway

  13. That is the perfect color combination! I love the mustard pants, such a great, versatile color. I like my mustard-y cords, but they're definitely lacking in the sexy department!!

  14. i have been seeing those hot pants on the blog and now I really want to get one! you look so good in it!

  15. Love those colors! Navy and Mustard! Beautiful.

  16. I'm loving this color combo! It's so rich and fun.

  17. i WANT your pants!!! i LOVE the color!!!

  18. This really is the perfect combination! Love the pants and especially the top! You look  beautiful.

  19. tia-cherie.blogspot.comSeptember 13, 2011 at 10:13 AM

    I'm starting to love the trend of coloured pants too. I love your style so much!

  20. I love this entire look!!  The pussy bow blouse is GORG and I absolutely love the color of the pants.  Its one of my fave colored denim colors.  I love this color combo!!

  21. I love when EBEW fits in with your Color Brigade feature. This is a great use of color (of course, you are known for your great use of color).
    Also, I am still dying to see that movie, and that reference reminded me to see where it is playing.

  22. oh you HAVE to see this movie!!  it's so much better than i was expecting and i had already heard great things about it!

  23. Very classic. The white jacket and satchel really freshen the look.

    Love from Oregon USA,




    morning comes


  24. I may have to try out the mustard pants...I just bought a mustard blazer for fall!  I love how you paired it with the navy bow front blouse and seriously in the 100+ degree heat, how is it that your skin looks still so fresh and matte.  If this were me, we'd have shiny city going on!

  25. I participated in EBEW too and I came across your link! I love the colored pants you choose, a nice departure from the bright colors, love the fall color pallet.

  26. oh, i think it helps that i have naturally very dry skin, but i also use the Stila face primer which helps keep everything from melting off!

  27. This is a perfect combination! Love the mustard pants and the navy top. You are always so chic and stylish!

  28. Love the style and color of your blouse! Very cute!!

    Check out my blog at:


  29. LOVE the jewel tones. So gorgeous for fall!

  30. Looove the color combination of the mustard and the royal blue. It's like classic with a little bit of a twist. Plus that bow blouse is absolutely insane--can't get over how great it looks!

  31. You are so adorable! this outfit is so beautiful and elegant! The colours are amazing! The bag is great too! I want one! lol
    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home
    The Daily Swoon
    The Penthouse Clan

  32. It's the perfect combination indeed. I love the mustard and navy combination. I  stopped by H&M today to try on those pants but my size wasn't available anymore :(

  33. Aww that's too bad they ran out but it's available online thru Elle (free ship too) link is included on the post (size 2 was available earlier today). :)

  34. Whoa, this is the most SOPHISTICATED look of all the EBEW "colored pant" entries I've seen today.  Well done.

  35. awww, thank you!! i'm so flattered. :)

  36. OMGosh I am loving the deep blue and mustard!  This is a great and stylish look.  I'm gonna have to check out the color brigade!  What a great idea!  Love this look on the reals. 

  37. LOVE the mustard pants!  I have a new yellow skirt I can't wait to wear to work
    <a href=">I did tell you </a>

  38. I love this outfit! Mustard and navy is one of my favorite color combinations.

  39. LOL bootylicious! love it! And I like how you paired navy with mustard- great color combo!

  40. oooh, very exciting!! i can't wait for the weather to get cooler so i can wear my mustard skirt too! :)

  41. Kileen I LOVE this blouse you are wearing... I wish I could find one like this somewhere! I have been looking for ages. I like the one you linked but wish it had a higher bow like yours. Maybe I'm being too picky?

  42. I like the higher bow too myself but I think each one has it's different styling options. The ASOS one I linked might be able to be tied higher and still look ok. There's also a 20% off deal with HAPPYLFW right now on regularly priced items on ASOS! ;)


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