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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Budget Recap: August

I seriously went over budget this month {hides head in shame}!!  Reason?  I got a little mid-year bonus from work at the end of July {deferred bonuses are a nice perk of the hedge fund business} and let myself overspend.  Good news is that the funds were there.  Bad news is that I have no self control.  Needless to say, the new fall collections drew me in and I splurged on quite a few pricey items {at nearly full-price too}.  I'm setting my resolve to remedy the budget crisis in September and get the spending back in line again!   

Readers: What's your favorite item that I purchased this month?  And what are your best tips for sticking to a budget?  :)


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Lyddiegal said... [Reply]

I have no self control either, I totally went over for august - but you got some fab things, and that red pencil skirt is gorgeous. I want it. like yesterday.

Kileen said... [Reply]

thank you so much!! the red skirt is so gorgeous. it's probably still in stores too. ;)

Cel said... [Reply]

I really should start keeping a budget too, I have the bad habit of not at all tracking my expenses and it can get a little out of hand sometimes. I think my favourite in all of these is that wicked red skirt though.

fifi said... [Reply]

i love the red skirt paired with the leopard belt! xo

Elle said... [Reply]

Kileen, I really think you didn't go crazy with spending this month. Yes, it's over your budget but everything you got was SOOOO SOOO pretty and lots of "investment" pieces in there. I love that j. crew skirt with all of my heart (haha I got one too in a different color). 

Kileen said... [Reply]

thanks, elle! and did you already wear your j. crew skirt on your blog and i just missed it? i'd love to see the color you bought!

My Dressy Ways said... [Reply]

I love your monthly budget updates. I should totally steal this idea from you. Muahahaha. Really though. It's better to have a budget and than to do like me, just spend, spend, spend. That way, if I want to splurge, I can do it and not *too* guilty. Love all the pieces you added though.

Kileen said... [Reply]

you're so good at thrifting though so your monthly spending is probably much better than mine! but yes, i encourage you to steal this monthly budget post idea! :)

Katherine said... [Reply]

I really love the ASOS Cobalt jeans in that electric blue! Been looking around for a pair over here :) It definitely is hard to stick to a budget but I guess you have to ask yourself it its a want or need... usually its both! haha

Tara said... [Reply]

My faves are your pink blazer, red skirt, and blue pants!  (I'm sure your not shocked by that lol!)  I have no self control's bad!

AUBS* said... [Reply]

I like your red skirt & the jewelry.  I feel like you can get those cobalt jeans for less.

Kileen said... [Reply]

i agree about the pants...i felt kinda guilty about one.

Adrian Valenzuela said... [Reply]

you didn't include those lululemon shorts you bought.  cheater ;)

Kileen said... [Reply]

oh true. tack on another $30. *sigh*

Kileen said... [Reply]

and i'll add the shorts into the budget post for next month so that they'll be included.  :)

Alisha said... [Reply]

You did get some great stuff!  I love that leather wrap bracelet.  Two tips I use for budgeting are keeping fun money separate from the rest of my stash - either by designating a separate checking account or withdrawing that amount in cash and keeping it in an envelope.  Then it becomes easier to see instantly how much you've spent and how much you have left.  It's not a foolproof method to keep you from overspending, but a little reminder to give your self control an extra push.

Pheobe at pballoonjournal2 said... [Reply]

I like the orange cropped fall-ish, but can also work for the summer and spring. I tend to over-spend as well, but the trick that's worked for me (especially this summer) is taking out cash and leaving the debit card at home. I'm very visual, so I can see how much I'm spending because it's right in my hand. 

Kileen said... [Reply]

oh this is a great tip!! thank you so much! i'm definitely trying this out.

Kileen said... [Reply]

oh that's a great idea. thank you!

Vicky said... [Reply]

I have two favorites - the H&M swing jacket and the Limited red skirt. 
Don't ask me for advice for sticking to a budget, because I don't have one. lol.
I do find that when I am super busy at work, I have no time to blog AND SHOP! So I end up having more money left in the bank. :)

Pheobe at pballoonjournal2 said... [Reply]

You're welcome!

Alamodeetplus said... [Reply]

The zara blazer is my favorite!!

Rainy Days & Lattes said... [Reply]

I'm debating between the Pearce pumps and the crochet top. I think I saw the Pearce pumps on sale at the Target website not long ago but that could be the "Pierce" pumps, which is entirely different :p

Canadianpetite said... [Reply]

I seem to overspend during the warmer months. I've started blogging too to keep track of my expenses and see where I could improve on my purchases. I like the red skirt and crochet top. Reminds me to post my taupe shoes recent finds! 

Courtney said... [Reply]

Blue pants are my favorite, hands down!

I suck at staying on budget. When you find some tips let me know.

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Cher said... [Reply]

August is one of the worse shopping months for me. All the summer stuff goes on super sale, and my favorite season for fashion is fall. By mid-August, I already have an extremely long fall wishlist, with a few things that I *have* to have. So badly, that I won't even wait for a sale if I find it. I actually didn't do terribly for August overall (surprisingly), I spent about $300 or so and got a few key pieces, which is my typical budget in a month anyway. However, I did try and lower it to about $100 to see if I could--it totally didn't happen! I'm hoping to do better this month.

Kileen said... [Reply]

omg, $300 is already such a stretch for me that i don't think i could do $100. i am hoping to do better this month, but all these labor day sales are doing me in... hoping to make up for it now with a blog sale. :)

kimmie said... [Reply]

I love your budget updates! I am so jealous of all your new pretty clothes. I love that Zara blazer and your two pencil skirts. :)

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