Saturday, August 6, 2011

Leather Wrap Bracelets for Small Wrists

I don't normally post deal alerts on my blog, but this one was too good to keep all to myself! 

You might have noticed that wrap bracelets are all the rage this season! I've tried on a few and haven't had any luck finding one that fits small wrists. Today, I think I finally found a winner and wanted to share it with my readers! 
gorjana on Plum District
I saw this deal on Plum District this morning for 51% off Gorjana
and was intrigued by her wrap bracelet...
Gorjana Leather Wrap Studded Bracelet in Rose Gold
I ended up buying this metallic rose gold leather wrap bracelet.  Love the gold studs!
Measuring at 19" long, it's the perfect length to wrap 3x around smaller wrists. 
The $29 Plum District deal covers the cost of this bracelet completely
{except shipping}.
I looked up reviews on this bracelet before purchasing, and many of the comments off the Piperlime site complained about the bracelets being too short to wrap around 3 times.  After measuring myself, turns out that 19" is actually quite ideal for those with smaller wrists. 

I can't wait to receive mine in the mail.  If you need a referral link to Plum District, here's mine.  And if you wanna buy my rose gold bracelet, here's the link as well.  Deal expires Sunday, so you might wanna step on it.  I noticed a few styles sold out already...

Let me know if you end up taking advantage of this deal and what you get!  Happy Saturday shopping.  :)


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PetiteLittleGirl said... [Reply]

Leather wrap bracelet is such a cute accessory for a girl! Thanks for sharing the deal. I am looking forward to see it on your wrist :) Have a great weekend!

Polka Princess said... [Reply]

Such a smart piece you got yourself! :)

Amber said... [Reply]

i'll go look at these! i love the leather bracelets. ive been coveting the balenciaga triple tour bracelet for ages!!

Jessy said... [Reply]

Love it. Another suggestion is They're much cheaper and I love how small the leather bracelets fit! I bought so many last year!

Jessica said... [Reply]

These are cute!!! I'll look into them for sure! Thanks for sharing them!


Kileen said... [Reply]

Oh I've never heard of bleudame. Thanks for the rec!!


MarianneMatic said... [Reply]

Pretty!!! I think the color you chose suits you well and would pair up with your watch nicely. I too purchased some arm leather bracelets (braided), but still waiting for them to arrive from the post!  This is getting me excited, can't wait to see you wearing yours! Mar

Tanya Ann said... [Reply]

I buy all my "tiny bracelets" form kid sections or form H&, where they carry "XS" bracelets

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