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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Budget Recap: July

I haven't done a budget post in awhile, not because I haven't been budgeting, but just because I've been too lazy to write it up {getting all these pictures together takes work!}.  But, since Kimmie requested {I love requests, btw!},  here you go:  my budget recap for July. 

  • Budget: $300
  • Actual Spending:  $246.00
  • Remaining:  +$54
{click on each image to see how it was worn}
1. Banana Republic cardi - $15
2. Gap cardi - $15
3. F21 Belted Woven Skirt - $18
4. Delias Hi/Lo Top - $20
5. Delias Hi/Lo Top - $20
6. The Limited Cutout - $18
7. Gap shirt - $3, belt - $5
8. Kie & Kate - $40 ($30)
9. Ann Taylor Belt - $15
10. Boutique 9 Keeva - $87
11. Melie Bianco Madison - $50
12. F21 Pebbled Bag - ($30)

I'm barely squeezing by under my budget this month!  I tried to be careful in my spending but was alas made a couple big purchases around my birthday {Melie Bianco purse and Boutique 9 Keeva sandals}.  But, I have been auditing my purchases and making sure that what I'm buying is practical and can get a lot of remixing out of my current wardrobe.  I will admit that I had a moment of buyer's remorse in the middle of the month and ended up returning a couple things I had purchased from the Ann Taylor outlet over the Fourth of July weekend {goodbye lace dress and perfect patent pumps}.  I also decided to sell my Forever 21 Mulberry knock-off as I realized that I had too many purses stock-piled in my closet.

I am actually pretty happy with where I ended up at the end of July and can only hope to have more self-restraint for August.  The Dallas H&M is opening up on the 18th and I'm actually scared for my wallet! 

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  1. Oh wow. H&M has been a weakness of mine, but for lack of being able to shop there I have actually been doing a lot of shopping at Forever 21 (Now I have both). Good luck with all of that. I'm going to end up starting a monthly budget here shortly so hopefully I'll be as successful, with not going over, as you. Great buys by the way.


  2. I think you're doing really well with your budget! I love the outfit recap!  Uh oh, H&M MAY indeed break your budget, I think it's ok to go a little crazy at first but then you'll probably have to be more disciplined after ;)

  3. Oh no I am scared for your wallet as well!!! I think you made pretty good purchases. My fav it the Hi/Lo top from Delias. Super cute. Good luck with the budget this month and thanks for sharing. 

  4. I love seeing your budget recaps (duh- I requested it, haha) and you totally deserved the new shoes and purse. Did you ever share what Adrian got you for your birthday? Was it clothes?

    Do you carry over your balance to the next month?

    WHY AM I SO NOSY?!!!

  5. Lol! at you being scared about the H&M opening up! :p

    My two favorite purchases are your Bianco purse (I would assume that costs over $200!!) and the Delia's dot shirt! So cute!!

  6. I always look forward to your budget recaps..LOL

    Oh Kileen!! I finally tried your setting you suggested and tried it this morn indoors and will try it tonight by myself and hope it works!!! Thank you so much for being so generous with all your suggestions and tips on photos! Most people aren't so willing to help but you are just that awesome!

  7. I love that you so openly post your budget and what you spent on different items! I'm always so curious about how much style bloggers spend on clothes, but some of them act like money is a horrible, taboo topic. I'm glad you don't, though! Also, I'm a bit jealous that you get so much to spend each month! I only get $35 - but you've got to work with what you've got, right?!

    Gray Skies

  8. Oh no, I can't believe you sold your Kie & Kate necklace and that cute little bag. 

    btw, you do a great job of staying within your budget! 

  9. Great post.  I'm just discovering your blog...your style is so fun and colorful!  My fave of these purchases (probably because I would wear them to shreds) are the Delia's hi-lo top...that style is my weakness.  And the structure and color of that Melie Bianco bag are just yum.

  10. hey kimmie! adrian and i actually agreed early this year not to get each other birthday gifts but just to go out to a nice dinner instead. we're saving up for a Canon Mark III 5D that's rumored to release around March 2012.

    and yes, I do carry over my balances to the next month! so having a little extra is always a good thing. :)

  11. Oh yeah! You totally mentioned that already. So forgetful. :)


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