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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Honeymoon Series: Lake Manyara

Our safari begins!!  Our first destination was Lake Manyara, an hour outside of Arusha where we first arrived.

Since we went to Africa at the tail end of the rainy season (and there wasn't much rainfall that rainy season either),  the lake was mostly dry.  Nonetheless, there was no shortage of things to see!

Lake Manyara is drying up -- the dry season is beginning...
All those pink dots are flamingos.  I never thought
I'd see so many flamingos in Africa!
A herd of zebras grazing by the lake
We drove through some jungle and there were monkeys/babooons everywhere! 
I think this is a Blue Monkey.
Vervet Monkey.  These guys were much cuter.  :)
Another Blue Monkey.  He looked so thoughtful. 
Although 1 minute later, it was quite a different story!
On our way out of the jungle, we saw an Impala. 
Yup, that's what the Chevy Impala is named after -- an African antelope!
Next stop, hippo pool!
Lazy hippos.  How cute are the little birdies sitting on their back?
Giraffes!  Once we hit a clearing, these guys were everywhere! 
I love their long legs and they're so graceful in person.
Hello giraffe. 
And that's day 1 of our safari!  Stay tuned as the honeymoon series keeps on going...  :)


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  1. awww i love animals! this looks like the dream honeymoon :) romantic and fun!

  2. These photos are absolutely incredible - lovely that you seem to be having such an incredible time!

  3. these photos are great! they look like they'd be featured on national geographic (sans the native women). a safari for a honeymoon is a great idea!

    xoxo, steph

  4. an outdoor zoo...i wouldn't think to see flamingos either!!


  5. Great pics! So much better than a zoo!! The birds on the hippos are too cute! Great photo capture of your thoughtful monkey!!

  6. I feel like I experienced Africa through this post! Can't wait to see more amazing photos. Did you use a telephoto lens?

  7. This must have been a trip of a lifetime!  What a great honeymoon Kileen!  Great photos and can't wait to see more.

  8. Really awesome safari photos!!! Up close and personal with wildlife... It's my dream too!:)

  9. Gorgeous pics! May I ask which camera and lens did you use? Thanks!

  10. awe i love the pics of the monkeys and giraffes!!! looks like a quite an adventure!!!

  11. Your pictures are amazing Kileen!!  Thank you so much for sharing these ;)

  12. OmgoSh kileen your honeymoon pictures are amazing!! I can only I,gain what it must have been like to see all of those majestic creatures up close and personal!! Can't wait to see more of your honeymoon!!

  13. WOW!  Those are beautiful photos!  So glad that you got to see such gorgeous creatures in real life - just amazing!

  14. beautiful!!! thosse giraffes must've been an amazing site. that picture of them just takes my breathe away! great quality pics. cant wait to see the rest =D

  15. have such a good eye in photography!! I love the monkey expression :) Glad you had so much fun in Africa :))))

    Your loyal reader from irving,

  16. Awesome! You took some great photos. I really love giraffes... and those lazy hippos are so funny XD

  17. QuestforFashionSenseJuly 28, 2011 at 12:21 PM

    Day 1 of the safari looks AMAZING.

  18. pls keep 'em coming.  I am loving these pics.  they're amazing.  what an experience of a lifetime!  makes me want to reconsider my honeymoon options when the day comes.

  19. I love the spot on that particular giraffe. 


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