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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Throw It All Together


Top:  LOFT Fields Spots Print - XSP / $21 (similar)
Pants: Forever 21 Pleated Peg Pants - XS (similar)
Purse: Rebecca Minkoff MAC Convertible Clutch via HauteLook - $179 (buy)
Watch: Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch - $127 (buy)
Earrings: Express Flat Hoop Earrings - free with gc
Shoes: Forever 21 Chic Leatherette Stilettos (old) - 5 / $15.80 (similar)

I really love this colorful LOFT top and my bold magenta Rebecca Minkoff convertible clutch.  So why not throw them together in an outfit right?  I was actually all ready and on my way out the door when all of a sudden I was stumped when picking out a purse at the last minute.  I didn't have much time to think it through, so I just decided to go with the closest one sticking out at me.  Even though the color may not really go with the outfit, I actually think that it makes the purse stand out on its own.  It's not perfect, but I really like it!



And these 4-hour long scuba sessions are really taking a toll on my stamina!  Tonight we had our first pool session and I took my first breath underwater!  It was an unbelievable experience, even in a boring little pool.  Now if only I could run effectively on 5 hours of sleep each night, then I'd be all set.  :)


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  1.  you paired it up so well! totally chic <3

  2. CactusandcucumberMay 18, 2011 at 1:29 AM

    great look. i am loving your bangs.

  3. Great pants! They read a little 90's grunge but you made them so chic with your pairings! Nice!


    Stacey Kay          

    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

    Cleveland Free Press: Goodwill Huntingg Shopping Guides

    Fashion Week Cleveland 2011 recap; Black Tie Gala

    My Vintage Handbag Line

  4. Aren't over the shoulder bags TOTALLY convenient? Enough to comfortably fit your essentials. Whoever said essentials fit into a clutch was lying!!

  5. Once again, your cuteness shines again.  But this time, this is a little boyish cute.  The pants are surely bold and boyish.  However, the pumps, top, and your hairstyle keeps everything girly and cute.  So it's a bit of both worlds to me.  Nice look!

  6. I never would have thought that those pants could be so flattering! They look awesome with your top and bright bag!

  7. i love the contrast of the purples, not matchy matchy
    cute top too

  8. I saw that clutch at the last HauteLook sale (or was it Beyond the Rack?) but not the fun colour you have so I passed!

    I've always wanted to go scuba diving but I get migraines a lot and b/c of the glaucoma my dad has I always get my eye pressure monitored, so sadly I'm not sure if I would be able to do it! 

  9. I can't get over how pretty a color your clutch is, really love it. Your outfit is lovely as always.

    Good luck with your scuba sessions. Let alone the scuba diving, I can't even swim. I miss out a lot especially those trips to gorgeous beaches in the south of Thailand,,duh!

  10. sartorialsidelinesMay 18, 2011 at 9:18 AM

    What a gorgeous top!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11.  I love the colors of your outfit here :D Just got a spotted/dotty top with complimentary colors too!  So out of my comfort zone but I'd like to add a little more to the wardrobe :}  Also, am I a dork to say that I love that fence and horse tail plant!?  I love modern outdoor spaces :D

  12. i agree about the modern outdoor spaces!! i'm actually really lucky to live
    in an area where there's quite a bit of modern architecture!

  13. I think the purse goes great with the outfit! And it really is a great purse to beginwith.

  14.  Lovely outfit. You've got a great style :)

  15.  I am IN.LOVE. with the Rebecca Minkoff clutch!! The color is gorgeous!!!  I'm also loving your pants!! Hot stuff!!!


  16. love this.  you paired this outfit together nicely and i think the purse is the perfect addition of a popping color!  that top is lovely and you look great in those pants.  i wanna try some! 

  17. I love the bold colors! This would be a perfect color brigade outfit! You represent well.  

  18.  Running effectively on only five hours of sleep a night would be fantastic! If you manage it I would patent it, ha ha. Congrats on your first underwater breath, that rocks. Speaking of cool things I love how your Minkoff looks with your cool blues. I also love your top.

  19. love all the colors in your top sweetie! and your pants look uber comfy!!

  20. A little pop of color always works! Specially with that fab bag!

      Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  21. That purse is so awesome! Love it!

  22. I agree with you, the color of the purse really stands out! I love the print of your blouse and how all the different elements of this outfit go together. You have such a great sense of style!

  23. I love your bag!! I think it goes nicely with the outfit - not matchy-matchy, but it goes together!

  24. This is such a simple but adorable!

  25.  I love that its not matchy with the outfit bc like you said, it really makes the bag stand out! Very cute, I love Rebecca Minkoff. Oh and I cant believe you are taking scuba lessons! I'm so excited for much fun!

  26. Love the purse!

    I was thinking of you...I found a site called "" which would be  agreat site to use if you were interested in making a special honeymoon memories book...or any kind of picture book. The pricing is so reasonable!  I am considering making a family picture album for my in-laws using the site.  

  27. The top is great on you. the scuba sessions sound like fun. Try and get some sleep. Five hours is never enough.

  28.  Good luck with the first diving class! :D Thanks for t he lovely comments on my blog, hugss~ Am following your blog now :) Look forward for more updates & I would be more than happy if you could follow back! :D 


  29. So very cute indeed!  Beautiful smile too.

  30. I think the purse absolutely goes with the outfit! There's a bit of purple in your top and it matches the purple in the bag :D

  31. oh wow, what a cool site!! i have a $100 credit for
    Picaboothat expires soon so I'll probably use
    that for the wedding, but maybe can be used for the honeymoon! thank you so much!

  32.  I love your bag, it's fantastic. You really have great style and a way with colors. :)

  33.  I love your bag, it's fantastic. You really have great style and a way with colors. :)

  34.  I love your bag, it's fantastic. You really have great style and a way with colors. :)


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