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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Review: Fresh Faces Mineral Foundation + Blush

This is part two of my review of Fresh Faces mineral makeup.  If you missed part one, check out my review of several Fresh Faces mineral eyeshadows.  This part of the review will be focusing on Fresh Faces mineral foundation and blush.  

First, I'll show you a picture of my face without a stitch of foundation (be prepared!):

No foundation at all!  Notice the redness on the sides of my nose and the freckles.
My overall complexion is decent but I do have a smattering of freckles and sunspots around my nose and cheeks.  My sides of my nose also tend to be a little red.  I usually go for more lightweight coverage when it comes to foundation and try to find something that evens out the redness around my nose as well as covers the freckles around my cheeks.

I picked out the Fresh Faces Sheer Glow foundation in Neutral Light Sheer and it seemed to match my skintone pretty well!

After Fresh Faces Neutral Light Sheer foundation applied with MAC 181 SE brush (over Stila Hydrating Primer)
I'm usually a pressed powder fan (previously I swore by Stila Illuminating Powder Foundation in 30 Watts) and this is my first time with a loose mineral powder foundation.  I've been using this foundation consistently now for the past 3 weeks, so I think I've figured out what works for me.

I have very dry skin, so I always will prepare my face with a very moisturizing primer, Stila Hydrating Primer (my tried and true for >1 year now!)  I also tried out a few different brushes when applying the foundation and had good luck with both my MAC 188 small duo fibre brush as well as the MAC 181 SE mini kabuki brush.  The MAC 188 duo fiber brush I've found gives a more sheer application and you can swirl the brush to create an "air-brushed" effect.  For the picture above, I used the MAC 181 SE brush as I've found that it applies a little more product for more coverage and just used a "swirl, tap, buff" technique that I've seen for mineral products (thank you, Bare Escentuals infomercials!).

I then added some blush:
Fresh Faces First Kiss Blush applied with Chisel Powder Foundation Brush and buffed with MAC 182 kabuki brush
side view
I love a soft pink blush for the spring/summer and First Kiss Blush is absolutely perfect!  The color shows up as a soft glow and almost like it's lit from within.  I applied the blush using the Fresh Faces Chisel Powder Foundation Brush and the natural fibers distribute the color very evenly and smoothly.  The brush did shed quite a bit during the first week of use (as the website had warned), but since then I haven't had any problems with it.

Before + After:
We don't need to talk about the before.  In the after though, the foundation really evened out my skin tone and the blush gives a nice flush to the cheeks!
Overall:  I was really impressed with the foundation.  It's extremely buildable and I was able to cover my freckles almost completely without it looking cakey.  I found that after about 20 minutes after applying the foundation, it did end up looking a little more "dewy" with some oxidation.   I did find that with the foundation didn't last more than about 6 hours though, but I was also running around outside in almost 100 degree weather all day.  My suggestion would be to bring some for touch-up if necessary. 

The combination of the foundation and blush is amazing, in my opinion.  The blush really sits nicely on top of the foundation and gives the overall look a very finished appearance.  This powder + blush foundation is definitely going to be my new summer go-to!

Oh, and for those wondering about shades, I'm a MAC NC20 for reference.  :)  

Fresh Faces is offering my readers 20% off their purchases through the end of July with code CUTEANDLITTLE20!!  Don't pass up this opportunity to try out this amazing new mineral makeup line.  It's free shipping too at $50!


Disclaimer: These products were provided to me for review but the opinions are all mine.

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  1. CactusandcucumberMay 31, 2011 at 10:18 PM

    your hair looks a bit seems like a nice foundation..will def check it out!

  2. hm, i do see the blue-ish tint at the top of my head... how weird!

  3. Your face hardly needs any makeup!! But I really do like the way this foundation looks. It isn't cakey at all, and definitely keeps everything even. Nice review!

  4. Kileen you look beautiful with OR without the foundation! :O)

  5. Wow! The foundation really looks like it did the job! But I love your freckles! They are super cute!!!

  6. haha, thanks! i hate my freckles and have been trying to get rid of them
    for years, lol. :)

  7. I love this. I need to try this out. How do you cover up the crack on the side of your nose? I use mac foundation as well and I use face primer but my nose still seem ashy and it's cracking :( HELP?

  8. I just used the Stila Hydrating Primer to seal my skin and cover my cracks.
    I have really dry skin and have found that the Stila Primer is really
    moisturizing and really helps lay a good base for the foundation.

  9. you are soo beautiful girl!! and your freckles are too cute!!

  10. oh, if it helps, i've also had really good luck with the Origins Vitazing
    tinted lotion to cover up cracks and such. I sometimes use this as a
    moisturizer before my primer even. Hope that helps!

  11. I LIKE your freckles! They're so cute and youthful!

  12. I love your freckles! So cute. I hear you on the random face redness though. I'll have to try this stuff out when my MAC stuff runs out. I'm not really a fan of MAC, I should never go in there telling them I want to look natural. Hello, the employees are definitely not going for that natural look.

  13. haha, very true! i've had varying degrees of luck with MAC foundation and
    have found that it does clog my pores sometimes and make me break out over
    the course of using their foundation. I LOVE the fact that Fresh Faces
    minerals is actually good for your skin and that I can feel good having this
    stuff sitting on my skin for hours. The Fresh Faces Sheer foundation is
    also really lightweight, which is what I like. I've found MAC foundations
    to always be a little too heavy or look cakey.

  14. Wow, if I had your natural complexion, I'd be damned if I wore any face make-up ever!  You're so lucky to have a beautiful complexion without make-up!  But, I have to admit, the addition of blush makes you look even more stunning.  I have sensitive skin and my face hasn't reacted well to mineral make-up in the past...but sometimes I'm tempted to give it another go, trial and error anyway.

  15. The great thing about Fresh Faces is they do offer samples for only $1 so you can definitely try it out without spending much. :)


  16. I have freckles too!  My mom likes to tell me how "strange" I look as an Asian with freckles LOL.  I'll have to try this!

  17. lol, i get that comment all the time from all my parents' friends. :)

  18. I like your freckles...I think it makes you YOU! The foundation looked great after but you are one of the lucky girls that look good with or w/out makeup :D


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