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Friday, May 27, 2011

Conquering Style Hurdles



Top: Urban Outfitters Cooperative Loose Button-Up Shirt - XS / $20 in stores! (buy)
Skirt: Forever 21 Bubble Skirt (old) - XS (similar)
Shoes: Bebe Fiona Cork Wedge Pumps - 5 / gifted from Adrian (similar)
Purse: Chanel Lambskin M/L Flap Replica - gifted from uncle (similar)
Necklace: Forever 21 Beaded Necklace (old) - (similar)

I bought this skirt over 3 years ago and this is the first time I've worn it.  I love everything about the skirt -- the taupey color, the bubble hem, and the waist sash -- but somehow never could figure out an outfit with it.

Last night when going through my closet, I decided that today was going to be the day that this skirt was worn.  I ended up taking almost an hour to figure out what you're seeing me wear today.  An hour!!  Adrian was already sound asleep and I was sitting on my closet floor in a heap of exhausted frustration.  I'm still not really sure I like the end result of this outfit, but I do like that it's something different.  And I succeeded in styling this previously unstyle-able skirt!



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Jess W. said... [Reply]

This outfit works! The taupe of the skirt brings out the turquoise's a great color combo. Isn't it great when you find a new way to style? =D

Veena McCoole said... [Reply]

Great post, I love the color of your skirt! This outfit suits you perfectly. Thanks for all your sweet comments! Stop by some time! 

lots of love from your follower, Veena <3

wendyslookbook said... [Reply]

I love this whole outfit!  And especially that beautiful bag!  

Cactusandcucumber said... [Reply]

love that shirt..and everything else!

hawktom said... [Reply]

Of all the petite bloggers, I think you are the most creative and colourful. You inspire me to add more colour for sure into my own wardrobe by imposing a no-black ban on my shopping sprees. How about a fitted top and a less fussy belt with that skirt? Would that work?

Tanya said... [Reply]

heheh I do this too - buy something "different" and then realize I either a) have nothing to pair it with or b) have no idea how to even wear that garment.

I like how you paired it with the turquoise top though - the end result is really cute!

T { sassynerd }

Ladyofashion said... [Reply]

As always this is such an adorable look! I think the  skirt is my favourite especially the colour.
I have an award for you here: *For cute & little!

Tara said... [Reply]

I've totally done that before, buying something I liked then not knowing how to style it and letting it just sit there!  This looks great with the color of that blouse!

Anna said... [Reply]

great shoes 

Vicky said... [Reply]

Hi Kileen, one hour to work on your outfit for the next day? I admire you. Lol. :)  I LOVE this skirt, for the same reason as you described.  I can see how it's hard to style it. The bubble hem makes it very baloony, and would make any figure look bigger than she is.  The sash makes it look too busy on top of that.  To offset the business, can you maybe trying pair it with a sleeveless or short sleeve fitted top? 
I also LOVE the color and drapey material of your shirt. Beautiful.

purses_and_puppies said... [Reply]

you did a great job! everything goes together :)

Keilexandra said... [Reply]

You look amazing in that skirt! It`s great to see you wearing A-lines occasionally, though you always rock the pencils. Personally, I have the opposite problem--bought a pencil skirt from the The Limited about a year ago and have yet to wear it out of the house, even though I love the design. Being petite with slim hips and no waist, I feel like full skirts are much more flattering because I can afford to create an illusory waist by adding volume to my hips.

Tia_cherie said... [Reply]

Love this outfit so much. The skirt is lovely and I don't think you could have found anything better to wear it with. I think the top and shoes are perfect with it.

Kileen said... [Reply]

Thank you!! I'm thinking that next time I'm switching out the belt too to a simpler belt. And yes, I think a fitted top would work much better!


Kileen said... [Reply]

Thanks! I think I'm gonna switch out the belt next time to a simple skinny belt. Maybe slim down the look a little. :)


Kileen said... [Reply]

I agree that full skirts create much more curves. I guess I'm luck enough (?) to be curvy. :)


Megan Mae said... [Reply]

I think the color combination works great! Love the shape of the skirt.

Cel said... [Reply]

I think it's cute, put together and chic, and yet a little boho and free. I definitely love the colour in the top.

aubs said... [Reply]

I'd prefer this outfit w/the sleeves rolled up.  try & let me know how it works out for ya.

Camille Serrecchia said... [Reply]

Hi Kileen, 
Since your skirt is new I wold love for you link up in my "something new" link up! I started it to motivate myself to wear at least 1 new thing every week, I know unworn things get left in the back of the closet! This is the link if you would like to join!
:) Camille

Kileen said... [Reply]

Oh yes, I totally forgot when I wore it last time but will remember next time!


Vanessa said... [Reply]

I really like the skirt, and can see why it might be tough to style. I love bubble hems but I find them really hard to style for me. I think that skirt would be really cute on a hot summer day with a dressy sleeveless top. Maybe even this one you own

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