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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Swish, Swish


Why the heck am I standing all funky?  Well, we had some seriously strong wind gusts this morning, and combined with my slanted rooftop, this is me trying to keep myself from falling over and making a (bigger) fool of myself in front of my neighbors this morning.  I'm sure my neighbors were doubling over in laughter watching me balance in heels, holding my hair back from my lip gloss, and incessantly clicking my camera remote in the hopes that it would take at least one cute picture of me while I had my balancing act together.  Fashion blogging is such hard work!  :)



I think I've been on a pink streak lately.  And who can say no to more ruffles?!  This skirt pretty much had to be worn today.  And the best part, how it swishes back and forth when I walk.  It makes the fact that I'm stuck in training all day long that much better.


Express Silver Buckle Belt (altered) - S / free with gc (similar)
Louis Vuitton Bellevue Purse - gifted from parents (similar)

And now I'm going to bed.  Or maybe to watch some Glee.  :)

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ProudlyPetite said... [Reply]

Lmao... You described that perfectly. Seriously hilarious, and the pictures turned out fantastic. Cute skirt!

Mindy said... [Reply]

cute polka-dotted blouse!
It was windy today, but aren't you loving the weather? It almost reminds me of California some days (at least over the last week). said... [Reply]

How freaking cute are you, I love those shoes and the top and the skirt and how your standing all funky. LOL

But most of all I love that you brave your neighbors weird looks all for the sake of fashion

Write it in Lipstick

Erica said... [Reply]

I love swishy skirts! And I'm falling over all the time during my photo shoots. But that's because of my clumsiness, not the wind, haha!

North Meets South

Vanessa said... [Reply]

I really like the skirt. You look great in pink so no wonder you are on a pink streak!
My Heart Blogged

Nekiah said... [Reply]

LOVE the blouse & skirt! Very cute on you! Kiah

Thenattyandjessieshow said... [Reply]

Your skirt is super cute!!
I vote - wave at the neighbours...they shouldn't be so nosey ;)

Tyesha said... [Reply]

You look very pretty even considering the fact that it was so windy...I love this look on you the ruffles, polka dots and even the pink..GORGEOUS!!!

Kileen said... [Reply]

lol, i do end up waving to them if i can see them or if they come out and
say hello (which they have done on more than one occasion!).

Bekah said... [Reply]

I LIVE for ruffles. AND I know the wind was aiming to blow your petite self over, but it repeatedly made it possible for my neighbors to catch my unintended Marilyn Monroe impersonation :) Oh, the life! :)

matters of merrymaking

Conny Ramirez said... [Reply]

I NEED a skirt just like this! It's so cute! I love how well the ruffles go with the polka dots! such a fun mix! :)

Tanvi said... [Reply]

Such a cute outfit!!! :)

from ©

Courtney Thomas said... [Reply]

That's such an adorable skirt (I can't even tell that it's super windy in those photos - you look perfectly polished and not at all windblown).

xoxo ~ Courtney

hurricanekerrie said... [Reply]

It's windy up here, too (and currently snowy. Grrrr.) Tiered skirts are so pretty. I think I have three or four of them. They're just ultra feminine and they'll always be lovely. You look so cute!

Abby said... [Reply]

Oh my goodness I love your skirt! And I know exactly what you mean about the balancing act :)

Justine @ Just Better Together said... [Reply]

I want polka dots like yours!

Just Better Together
come check out the prom shoe giveaway!

jillian said... [Reply]

the polka dot top is too cute!! love it :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

eclecticflair said... [Reply]

What a cute skirt!!

Though, I'm not going to lie...I was hoping this was the post with your engagement picture. I wanna see!

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

Kileen said... [Reply]

Oh I don't get the engagement pictures back from the company for another week, at least. And I'm thinking about scheduling those pictures for when I go on my honeymoon in June cause I won't be able to post while in Africa...

Alamodeetplus said... [Reply]

What a fun skirt!! I love the layers. And I can never say no to pink :)

Lisachen08 said... [Reply]

OHHH EMM GEEEEEEE! this has to be one of my absolute favorite outfits of yours!! the pretty blush pink color and the ruffles coupled with your polka dot blouse SO romantic and feminine I LOVE IT!

Alamodeetplus said... [Reply]

What a fun skirt! I love the layers. And I can never say no to pink :)

Mrs. J said... [Reply]

Lovely outfit, the rose ruffle skirt is so pretty and I love the polka dot blouse! :)

richelle said... [Reply]

i gotta say; i adore how you are always rocking those skinny belts. you have inspired me to go out and purchase some. I will be going out tomorrow if the weather is nice and not so rainy in SF :]

Amy Z. said... [Reply]

That outfit is so girly and adorable! I believe Tania from whatwouldanerdwear has the same one, and I love it! Wow I had no idea your pictures were self shot! I always thought your fiance did them.

Jen said... [Reply]

You look so pretty! And def not like you're going to fall over =p You are a pro in those heels!!

cryskay said... [Reply]

although i adore all your outfits, this is one of my faves. the polka sheer top and the blush color ruffle skirt together - perfection! xx

Boglarka said... [Reply]

You look so lovely, love that pretty skirt!

colletteosuna said... [Reply]

Great balancing know I love the polkas....and ruffles too:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
Statements in Fashion Blog♥

Emmy said... [Reply]

I love the ruffles te the polka dot girly and pretty, perfect way to make a training day better :)

Tara said... [Reply]

This is so pretty and girly looking...I love it!

Ivonne said... [Reply]

Your outfit is perfect! Love everything about it Kileen :)

Kileen said... [Reply]

i think adrian has taken a total of 5 of my outfit pictures. he complains
that it takes too long. i can sometimes bribe him with food on the
weekends. :)

Elissa Stern said... [Reply]

Love that skirt! It looks so great with your polka dot blouse and heels. The wind really was crazy yesterday, wasn't it?

Goodframeofmind said... [Reply]

What a fun girly skirt! You're lookin' oh, so, ladylike!

eclecticflair said... [Reply]

Oh that makes sense. I just love looking at engagement/wedding pictures,
they're so cute!

Lindsay Bobindsay said... [Reply]

Ooooh, lavendar and black!

Box Moon Babble said... [Reply]

I absolutely love your top, and you're so beautiful!


Tiffany said... [Reply]

Oh, the wind is something I frequently have to deal with here in Seattle. We have such strong winds sometimes that I have to find something to hold onto or else it will blow me away! It really is annoying when taking pictures and you can keep your hair from whipping into your face. Anyway, you look super cute. I love the polka dots with the ruffles. I certainly can not say no to ruffles! Loves the entire look!

lilaanaa said... [Reply]

sweet dots and cute skirt

Sophie - Country Girl said... [Reply]

You look fab as always Kileen! I just tagged you for a Kreativ Blogger award :)

Sandy a la Mode said... [Reply]

thanks for the polka dot top links!! i've been looking for one forever!!!

Rinny said... [Reply]

I love your skirt Kileen! I wish I had the confidence to wear a skirt and such high heels out - I don't consider myself a prude or anything but I always feel so exposed if I wear an above the knee skirt with heels lol >.<

Callandra said... [Reply]

I am so in love with that blouse Kileen!!

Lyddiegal said... [Reply]

Oh those blustery days, they can really make a mess of outfit photos!
Love your ruffled skirt though, so adorable.

Pheobe said... [Reply]

Love that ruffled skirt--perfect color, perfect cut and such an adorable addition to your super cute spring ensemble!

silvrgurl said... [Reply]

cute look
I have a blue skirt similar to that and am always looking for ways to wear it
Inspiration from your look today!

Box Moon Babble said... [Reply]

I absolutely love your top, and you're so beautiful!


Morgan V.B. said... [Reply]

Kileen! I am so obsessed with this outfit! And dang girl your legs are smokin! I need to hit the gym asap!

Meet Virginia Design

Morgan V.B. said... [Reply]

Kileen! I am so obsessed with this outfit! And dang girl your legs are smokin! I need to hit the gym asap!

Meet Virginia Design

Morgan V.B. said... [Reply]

Kileen! I am so obsessed with this outfit! And dang girl your legs are smokin! I need to hit the gym asap!

Meet Virginia Design

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