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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sponsor Love: Emyloo Shoes

If you know me, you know I LOVE shoes.  My shoe collection is pretty ridiculous (my guess is around 60 pairs?) and each pair was a hard-fought battle to find.  I probably pay more than the average girl for her shoes as I am always scouring the stores for when their new collections are on display and paying full price for shoes if they carry them in my size (there's usually only 1 size 5 that stores will stock!).  And even though I will buy the smallest shoe size available, I almost always will still need to add heel and foam inserts in order to have the shoes fit properly.

If you can commiserate with any of my struggles in finding shoes, you will definitely be as happy as I am to learn about Emyloo Shoes.  I had the pleasure of interviewing Emily, the founder of Emyloo Shoes, this month and learning more about her company specializing in petite and custom-made shoes.
Meet Emily of Emyloo Shoes!

1.  How did Emyloo Shoes get started?
The idea of Emyloo Shoes was many years in the making. I have always been interested in fashion, specifically when it came to accessorizing. I love to accent a simple, casual outfit with a cute necklace, funky belt or a great pair of shoes. Unfortunately, shoes were always a challenge for me to find. As a petite woman (4’11”, 98 lbs) wearing a size 4 shoe, I’ve always felt disappointed by the lack of options for women who have smaller-than-industry-standard sized feet (generally a size 6). I always felt like we were an overlooked population of women who were forced to wear multiple layers of socks or shop in the children’s shoe department.

Over the years, I started coming across other petite women who have shared similar frustrations and I realized there must be many more like women with a need for small shoes. What better way to reach these women than by establishing an online boutique that caters to this select population?  I decided it was my duty to provide more stylish options for women with small feet. I wanted women to have shoes that fit their feet and  fit their style of fashion!

2.  You specialize in shoes 3-6.  What if we have smaller or bigger feet?  Is it still possible to order from your site?
While size 2 is our minimum, we are able to make most styles in average or large sizes through our custom sizing option. We can also work with women who have two different sized feet. However, at this point in time we cannot make shoes smaller than a size 2 and keep them up to Emyloo’s high standard of quality.

3.  Emyloo Shoes offers custom sizing options at no additional cost.  What are some examples of common customization options available?
We can customize almost every aspect of our shoes to better fit our customers’ feet. This can range from simple measurements such as the length and width of their feet, to more specific modifications like boot length, calf-girth and heel height. We encourage our customers to submit their individual measurement and we’ve found this option is extremely popular.  Since many of our customers have had past difficulties finding shoes that fit, they love the opportunity to have shoes made to their specifications. In addition, customers only have to submit their custom size information once; we’ll store their measurements for future orders!

4.  All Emyloo Shoes are hand-made by artisan craftsmen.  How did you go about finding these skilled artisans to craft your shoes?
The process was a worthwhile journey. We immersed ourselves in the shoe industry, scoped out new styles, met craftsmen and made connections. Since then, we have built strong relationships with a number of skilled, well-reputed shoemakers around the globe who specialize in making and customizing stylish petite footwear for women.

5.  What are some of your best-selling items you recommend every woman having in their closet?
Our top-selling styles are simple and classic designs with a lot of versatility. These are styles that every woman can confidently add to her shoe collection, knowing that they will be worn often and can compliment a wide variety of outfits. Here are a few of our top-sellers:
  • Zara – our classic black pump with a unique twist
  • Anita – sexy and timeless peep-toe heel
  • Amelie – classy heel with an embellished rounded-toe 
  • Molly – beautiful peep-toe sandal with a vintage feel 
  • Brina – great everyday flats for spring and summer 
  • Chloe – a perfect everyday leather boot
6.  Anything else you'd like to add?
Our styles are always changing so make sure to check back often! Although Emyloo Shoes is an online boutique, we are personally available to our customers. Feel free to email us with any sizing questions, concerns or ideas for styles and we will gladly respond to your needs!

Check out Emyloo Shoes today and use code 5FOR311 to get $5.  Hurry though, offer expires 3/31!

And thank you Emily for giving me the wonderful opportunity to interview you! 

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  1. i love shoes too, but recently i did a crazy thing, i changed my recidence, back to the city were i was born, and let behind a lot of clothes and SHOES that i was not gonna use anymore a lot of them were almost new, so now i have my closet empty ready to be fill up again

  2. This sounds like a great website to show my sister in law and mother in law they have teeny tiny feet and it is diffucult for them to find shoes. I used to wish I had smaller feet (I'm a size 8) but seeing as how hard it is for them to find shoes made me more grateful for my feet lol

    Btw thank you for putting how many shoes you own I have about that many shoes and I feel a little bad thinking about how much I spend just on shoes but I guess it's more the norm tham I thought hehe

  3. wow, that is brave of you to leave your clothes behind but this way you
    really do get to start over in your new place! can't wait to see how you
    fill your new closet. :)

  4. That is wonderful. I have small feet too (size 5-5.5) and feel sorry for myself that most places do not the styles I like in my size and when there are available, they are not so cute. Will definitely keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing Kileen.

  5. That Emily is a genius! What a great idea. So glad that she thought of you tiny feet peeps! ;-)

  6. That is wonderful. I have small feet too (size 5-5.5) and feel sorry for myself that most places do not the styles I like in my size and when there are available, they are not so cute. Will definitely keep this in mind. Thanks for sharing Kileen.

  7. I love that ever since I was exposed to the petite community, there are so many other retailer options specifically geared towards petites! I hate that a lot of times we are neglected. =0( Thank you for sharing, never heard of them before.

  8. Justine @ Just Better TogetherApril 18, 2011 at 1:47 PM

    Shoes, shoes, shoes! I love shoes, but you Kileen totally take it onto another level, and I love it! I wish my shoe collection is as large as yours!

    Just Better Together
    come check out the Vintage Scarf giveaway

  9. I love shoes too! Thanks for the post Kileen :D

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