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Friday, March 4, 2011


I felt like I was standing in a tornado. 

Macy's Plastic Brand Jean Jacket - S (I'm getting the sleeves altered) (similar)
J. Crew Double Serge Sequin Skirt in Bronzed Ochre - 00P / $66.68 (buy)
Bakers Blue Suede Pumps - 5 (super old) (similar)
Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 (gifted from parents) (similar)

I was a little worried about this skirt.  I mean, when does yellow look good against yellow?  But, I figure since the mustard cardigan worked out, maybe this skirt would be ok too.  I have to admit though, even if the color is a little off, I would probably still be wearing the heck outta this skirt.  I'm totally smitten with it (I'm actually quite the glutton and have this skirt in 3 colors...  *guilty*).

Have I told you guys that my wedding countdown has officially begun?  It's 64 days and counting.  Today I went for a menu tasting with our caterer.  I kinda felt like a judge on Iron Chef as I kept on getting asked about every little detail about what I was eating.  I never knew the detail to which you could customize a wedding menu!  At one point I was sitting at the table going over just how much pepper to put into the Togarishi Ahi Seared Tuna sauce and whether or not we wanted to enhance the spicy jalapeno after bite or bring out the sweet chili high notes.  I mean, I had to pretend like I was a real foodie and knew what I was talking about!  At least the menu is finally decided.  One more thing I can cross of my (never-ending) list.

Adrian left earlier today for his bachelor party weekend in Vegas.  I just watched three episodes of Glee (I think we all know I'm addicted already) and am blogging on a Friday night.  Surrounded by my cats.  I might sound like an old maid, but it's an awesome night for me.  And at least I'm getting married soon too.  :)

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Lyddiegal said... [Reply]

I love that skirt too, and I can't blame you for getting it in three colors! The bright dahlia is my fave, but this yellow is a close second. I love all the styling possibilities!

Aubrey said... [Reply]

I just got that skirt in the mail today! Unfortunately, they only had a size 0 which didn't fit me. Boo-hoo. Looks beautiful on you!

hurricanekerrie said... [Reply]

What are you talking about, I love this skirt color (and all the other colors of this skirt!). I think it looks great! :) That would be taxing, having to get down to every little detail of food. I mean, I'll just want to eat!

How do you like Glee so far? I liked the first season, this new season, not so much...

Aubrey said... [Reply]

HAHA Did you seriously say, "When does yellow look good against yellow?". Made my night. :)

Kileen Cheng said... [Reply]

oh no!! i'm on episode 12 of the first season and i'm loving it. well,
i'll keep on trucking along and hope that it stays just as good. :)

Kileen Cheng said... [Reply]

lol, i'm glad. and it's true. :)

Vanessa said... [Reply]

I think the skirt looks great on you. Your wedding is practically two months away, that is so exciting! I hope everything goes flawlessly. Also, my boyfriend is a chef, and I'm scared for when we get married. Were not engaged yet, or anything. But, he is so picky with his food.
My Heart Blogged

kimmie said... [Reply]

Wow, 64 days! that's super soon!

I really really really love this skirt. I saw a mustard colored skirt from Anthro that I really like (it's a more poofy skirt, not pencil skirt) and I'm going to attempt to make one myself after I find the perfect fabric :) I just need to stop being lazy.

Laura said... [Reply]

I love the mustard color on you! It always works. And I like the jean jacket to make it a bit more casual. Perfect Friday attire.

oomph. said... [Reply]

great shoes! i'm still hoping to find my perfect blue suede shoes! i love having nights to myself...oh, what i'd do for a night to myself!

Siena Style said... [Reply]

I love the matching jacket with your pumps!!

Reg Rodriguez said... [Reply]

you look so polished! that mustard looks good on you! and wow, 64 days!!! best wishes, dear :)


katou said... [Reply]

Love this outfit perfect for the weekend :)
I see that you had a great night all by yourself i'm like you i enjoy some time alone doing my favourite things:)
Congrats for your upcoming wedding can't wait to see the pictures

Leena1021 said... [Reply]

i think the skirt looks great against your skintone. and i too, have that skirt in 3 colors, lol.

Callandra said... [Reply]

Those are the kind of nights I enjoy too......blogging, watching my favorite shows surrounded by cats....Sounds divine actually ;)

Tara said... [Reply]

I really love the color of this skirt, it is so unique! I actually bought this skirt months ago and then returned cause I felt guilty with the price lol! It looks adorable paired with that denim jacket!

fashion ice said... [Reply]

love the color of your skirt!
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Hiking in Stilettos said... [Reply]

I love the mustard skirt! So much, in fact, that I bought one. :) It does need a bit of tailoring, but I love it!

colletteosuna said... [Reply]

Love the skirt..looks great and Congrats on the wedding countdown!!! How exciting..its going to fly by!!

Stop by and say Hello♥
Statements in Fashion Blog♥ said... [Reply]

64 days how exciting, I hope we get to see wedding pictures on the blog.

Write it in lipstick

Kileen Cheng said... [Reply]

yes, wedding pictures will be posted for sure! :)

Hanna said... [Reply]

Let the countdown begin! Cee, Elle, and I were chatting about how we peruse through wedding gowns. LOL. So can we get a glimpse of The Dress or does your finance read your blog?

I LOVE that color on you. I also agree it will get a lot of wear as much as your other Jcrew skirts. I bought the grey one and I'm in love as well. I wish I had your hips than I wouldn't be having problems with the fit. =,=

Kileen Cheng said... [Reply]

The fiancé does read my blog (as do some of our mutual friends) so I won't post pics of it until after the wedding. But I'm getting engagement photos done in 2 weeks and will port those once I have them. :)

Cee said... [Reply]

Haha! Kileen, you're a pale yellow, so no worries about the skirt blending in. On me though, that might be another story. I really like this outfit and really want a double serge skirt of my own!

{av} said... [Reply]

I *adore* this outfit--I love the navy+mustard looks lovely! Hope you enjoyed being surrounded by your kitties...I feel like an old maid sometimes too when I have ours flanking me on the couch ;) yay for a wedding countdown too...I had a month to go at this time last year and it went by so quickly! enjoy every minute! xoxo {av}

Tereza Anton said... [Reply]

I just found your blog and I really like it; love your style.
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I wish you a sweet day. Kisses

Angga Heinrich said... [Reply]

Ah I cant wait to get my skirt!! I have to exchange it because it was too big for me, the lady that I talked to at JCrew online tolld me I need a 6P apparently I can fit another person with me in that skirt, so im opt out to get the 4P I'm crossing my finger that they will send me the exchange ASAP. I so missed the fuschsia one, I really want what color, and apparently this color look good on you, I was imagining the same thing when you told me but since the color is more mustard its actually makes your skin looks brighter!!

Sophie said... [Reply]

that skirt is so fab, love the shade :)
wow, you must be so excited about youe upcoming wedding, enjoy the build up :)

Kileen Cheng said... [Reply]

oh i'm glad that you were at least able to get your size in the bronzed
ochre color. i think since the yellow is darker, it works on asian skin
tones. can't wait to see you in yours!

Samantha said... [Reply]

Glee is life. You should totally be addicted, I've got 4 of the soundtracks.

I keep falling in love with this skirt whenever I see it! I really need to make my way to a J.Crew, which is currently probably a minimum 5 hour plane ride away. No fun :(

Cassandra Igo said... [Reply]

How exciting! Wedding planning can be so much fun! It can get pretty stressful toward the end though, so just make sure to make time for yourself and take a deep breath if you start feeling overwhelmed. Everything is going to be great. :)

I love this look! That top is adorable and I think that shade of yellow looks great on you!

11rachel11 said... [Reply]

I love that skirt too. You look great.

Bri said... [Reply]

I am absolutely in love with that skirt. The color is amazing, and I'm pretty sure just including that piece in an outfit makes it great! The belt looks great paired with it!


Sewpetite Gal said... [Reply]

Wow, 64 days left! You must be sooo excited!

I know this J. Crew skirt was one of your most expensive expenditures in Feb, but it is so worth it! The color and fit are perfection.

PetiteLittleGirl said... [Reply]

I am so jealous that you have that skirt in 3 colors :) The bachelor party in Vegas sounds super fun. Your wedding day will be here before you know it. You're doing such a great job planning your wedding and I can't believe you're able to blog every day too.

Jessy said... [Reply]

I love the added denim...makes it a little more casual looking. : ) And I can't WAIT to see wedding's so exciting, Kileen! Congrats again :D

xx The Little Dust Princess

Really Petite said... [Reply]

I am debating on if I should spend the money to alter this skirt...ah...can't decide!!! I just want to make sure I will wear it often to get my money's worth...what do you think Kileen? Should I? LOL

Kileen said... [Reply]

i think this skirt is a really versatile color so it shouldn't be a problem
to get lots of outfits out of it. but it's up to you as far as whether you
feel comfortable wearing this color. i think it would look great on your
skintone! i would say yes. but ultimately it's your call. :)

Jessica Marie said... [Reply]

I swear you age like ten years when you get married. :D Caleb and I have spent many Friday nights eating pizza and catching up on shows on Hulu with our little pup sitting on one of our laps. Not to mention that Caleb usually falls asleep on the couch before 10 o'clock, haha.

Kileen said... [Reply]

Haha, this sounds like us already! Lol.


Anonymous said... [Reply]

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