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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Scarf, Monopoly, and Disqus

Cami: Gap Basic Bra Cami - XS / $20 (buy)
Scarf: LOFT  $34 (similar)
Shoes: Forever 21 Braided Pumps - 6 / $24 (similar)
Purse: Louis Vuitton Ellipse (gifted from parents)

I'm taking advantage of the slightly cooler temperatures these past couple of days to wear the last bits of my winter wardrobe.  And by winter wardrobe, I mean long-sleeve knits and scarves (there's a reason I live in Texas!). This scarf has been sitting in my closet since Christmas and it's about time that it was given some time to shine.

In non-fashion news, I have a secret to share with you guys.  I'm a sucker for board games and collecting things.  Every spring, Albertsons has a Monopoly Game where you collect stickers every time you shop.  The stickers then go on a little board game where if you collect all the stickers for a given prize, you win the prize.  Let's just say, I was *this* close to winning a $50 gas card last year.  And so far this year, I'm halfway to winning an iPad.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the month!

You might have also noticed that I've switched my commenting system from Blogger over to Disqus.  I've heard lots of mixed reviews so I'm testing it out myself to see how it works.  Please let me know your thoughts too! 

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Sandy a la Mode said... [Reply]

i LOVE your scarf sweetie!!!

katou said... [Reply]

Yes girl let's take advantage of the last cold breezes although i'm tired of rain. you look so polished :)

Cee said... [Reply]

Sorry Disqus didn't work out =/ It works great on Vicky's site, so I wonder what went wrong. Maybe you could look into what Jess @ stylepint uses. It looks similar to Disqus but not exactly it (unless she customized it).

As much as I like your colorful outfits, I LOVE this neutral/muted, but never boring, look on you. More please!

kileen said... [Reply]

@Cee actually it looks like it was a system-wide problem with Disqus. they tweeted about it later:!/disqus/status/43003652306247681

i might give Disqus another try. we'll see. :)

Kileen Cheng said... [Reply]

actually it looks like it was a system-wide problem with Disqus. they tweeted about it later:!/disqus/status/43003652306247681

they fixed up their issues just now and i'm giving it another shot. :)

Kileen Cheng said... [Reply]

I've been trying to lose weight actually in preparation for my wedding! I
haven't lost any weight but I think I've toned up a bit recently. Thanks
for noticing! :)

Melissa said... [Reply]

Love this outfit! That scarf is the perfect pop of pattern!

I hope you win that iPad - that would be so awesome!

Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

Elissa Stern said... [Reply]

Oooh, I hope you win the iPad! I love mine and I've only had it for two weeks. I love Monopoly too, though no one else in my family does. I'm a dork. But I don't care.

Your scarf looks fantastic with that top. I'm glad you had the chance to wear it, because before we know it it's going to be 100 degrees out.

Tiffany said... [Reply]

loving the color combo of this outfit. Very subtle but pretty.

Aubrey said... [Reply]

are you going to take the tag off of your shoes?

Tara said... [Reply]

Love the scarf...I have the cardi with the same print :)

Kristin & Megan said... [Reply]

What a super cute scarf! I've found some fab things at Loft lately too!

Kileen Cheng said... [Reply]

Oh yes, I didn't realize they were still on. Thanks! :)


Kileen Cheng said... [Reply]

Good buy! I love this print!


Mindy said... [Reply]

I really like this outfit! Love the scarf!!!

Really Petite said... [Reply]

I love all the colors of this outfit! The scarf just adds the perfect touch! Is the sweater too big for you or is it just my eyes? I think you should try scunching (is that even a word?) up the sleeves on this cardi- it would make a huge difference. The skirt looks HOT on you!!!

Ramsey said... [Reply] and your amazing shoes! And I so know about trying to wear up all of your winter clothes while you can...but YAY warm weather!!!

Kileen Cheng said... [Reply]

the sweater is too big on me. i bought it several years ago when it went on
clearance and before i really paid attention to fit. even worse is that i
bought 3 different colors of this sweater! :( and yes, i will definitely
try the scrunching method next time! thanks for the tip.

Jessy said... [Reply]

I love the heels and the colours you're wearing! Disqus is great for comment threads, but I like the overall look and feel of Blogger. Blogger really needs to step it up though, when it comes to the commenting system.

xx The Little Dust Princess

Jessy said... [Reply]

Oh and one more thing: when I visit blogs with Disqus, I can't comment sometimes...which is messed up..

Sewpetite Gal said... [Reply]

The print of that scarf is so lovely with the seafoam green and blue - gorgeous as always!

Vanessa said... [Reply]

You look really fresh in all the blues.
My Heart Blogged

Angga Heinrich said... [Reply]

oh wow you change it to disqus?? let me know how it goes I also heard a lot of ggod things about it too!!!
I really love the great combination here and the scarf really add some pop out pattern and fun way to the outfit also that silver pumps

May said... [Reply]

Disqus was definitely down for a while, but it's def back up now (as I'm writing this lol). I really like how the scarf goes perfectly with the sweater. Plus the earrings are a classic!

Dani D. said... [Reply]

The scarf definitely looks awesome. My husband and I are playing the Monopoly game too and we are 1 sticker away from any of the prizes, like all of our categories are just missing one piece haha. Good luck trying for the iPad!

SharonLei said... [Reply]

Oooo Kileen! I love everything about this look. It's sooo chic... LOVE IT to pieces.

xx Love & Aloha

April said... [Reply]

I love your figure! You can wear ANYTHING! I love that you're not stick thin and you have amazing CURVES! Ahh, how I wish I had a figure like you!

she851518 said... [Reply]

You have really great work on fashion, I have also some Fashion News on my blog

Kileen Cheng said... [Reply]

oh wow, you guys are so close!! good luck!

she851518 said... [Reply]

You have really great work on fashion, I have also some Fashion News on my blog

Kileen said... [Reply]

actually for those commenters who disclose their email address in their
comments, I will always email back a reply as well as post it to the blog
post for others to see. currently, i'm actually leaning towards going back
to blogger comments based on the problems people have reported. but i'll
give it another day or so before making a final decision. :)

eclecticflair said... [Reply]

Great outfit! With Disqus when you reply to a comment does it give you the option to email the reply to the person as well as posting it on the wall? I thought of switching over and decided against it because people will probably not look back at that post to see if I replied to their comment, so I figured if I respond via email, it's more effective and personal. Although replying on the comment section itself is great because it creates more of blogging community. Hmm, let us know how you like it after a few weeks.

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

Kileen said... [Reply]

yay!! i'm so glad you enjoy my blog. i'm checking yours out now too!

Cynthia said... [Reply]

I clicked over from a comment you made on Fashion Therapist and am loving your blog already. Those pumps are amazing and I adore that scarf. I am really looking forward to checking your blog out more.

jillian said... [Reply]

love the scarf! and im a HUGE fan of monopoly :) xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

Aggie said... [Reply]

Love the whole look but the printed scarf is gorgeous.

Hiking in Stilettos said... [Reply]

I like the combination of blues and greys. Great choice!

Courtney Thomas said... [Reply]

I hope you win that iPad!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Rochelle said... [Reply]

I love the title of this post as they are all things I love! Monopoly is a game my family has enjoyed off and on over the years but usually just the normal board game, not the one with a chance to win things. That scarf is lovely, as is your entire outfit! And I much, much prefer commenting with Disqus over blogger :D

Anikasmom said... [Reply]

I love the scarf :)

colletteosuna said... [Reply]

Love the scarf....I have Disqus...usually love it..yesterday was horrible no one could leave a comment.....and its happened more than a few times...I maybe switching again..:(

Sophie said... [Reply]

love your look. Can't believe this is your winter. Thats pretty much my summer! Love the matching silver belt and shoes :)

oomph. said... [Reply]

ooh, love your scarf. the color palette in your outfit has a very cool and calming vibe. i'm not a fan of disqus...i spend a lot of time on my blackberry or ipad, and it's difficult to comment. but if it works for you, that's great!

Callandra said... [Reply]

I love this outfit Kileen!........So jealous you have that amazing scarf from the Loft ;) Beautiful color palette as well, blues, grays and silvers, very chic!

Idontwearjeans said... [Reply]

Sharp. Sophisticated. Love your style/

Aki! said... [Reply]

You've got a flight attendant vibe going on! And seriously, how many skinny belts do you have? <3

Amy Z. said... [Reply]

I love the monochrome look and that amazing scarf! Have you been working out? You look so small, like you've lost weight, but still fabulous!

Jen said... [Reply]

You look BEAUTIFUL in here, Kileen :) Your blogger meet up looked like SO much fun! :)

Siena Style said... [Reply]

you look perfect!!

Justine @ Just Better Together said... [Reply]

I love your scarf.
But I don't love Disqus, it takes too long to comment and I don't like the long word verification. And sometimes it takes a while to load on my computer :(

Just Better Together
come check out my giveaway

Aubrey said... [Reply]

The light blue and navy are super pretty together! and you are always wearing such amazing heels :)

hurricanekerrie said... [Reply]

Yay! I think (so far) Disqus is cool in that you get to respond to each comment as you choose and not make one lump of a comment for everybody.

Neutral and Monochromatic looks actually feel and look refreshing for color warriors like us... :)

Savannah said... [Reply]

I absolutely love that scarf, you always look so great!

Rebecca Hammond said... [Reply]

i'm a big fan of disqus. it's what i use for my tumblr and i think it makes commenting back and forth much easier.

p.s. love your outfit. especially the scarf. great pattern!

Laura said... [Reply]

I love that you stuck with one color today! It is a nice mix up (even though I always ADORE your colorful outfits). Your scarf is gorgeous as well.

H Rija said... [Reply]

I love your pumps! It's pretty and I agree warmers weathers do make people smile!

Jessica Marie said... [Reply]

You look fetching, darling!

Kileen said... [Reply]

haha, i almost felt like i was rebelling against the Color Brigade with this outfit!

Cassandra Igo said... [Reply]

This outfit is very sweet! I love the combination of blues and silvers. Two of my all-time favorite colors! :)

And let me know how you like Disqus! I'm getting ready to completely re-do my blog layout and I've been contemplating switching over as well.

Stephanie said... [Reply]

I forgot to mention I love that game as well! I never won anything though. Good luck!

Stephanie said... [Reply]

I love the monochromatic look you did with the blue! It looks great with the pop of the silver heels and belt.

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Phillius Thomas said... [Reply]

This scarf looks similar to the Hua Fu scarfs.

anna willson said... [Reply]

i love what you guys are always up too. Such clever work and reporting! Keep up the great works guys Ive added you guys to my blogroll.

Phillius Thomas said... [Reply]

I am loving that scarf! I have seen none that look like that before, and I have seen some unique ones. Also those shoes! I would love to wear those to a party!

Bobi Chen said... [Reply] You look fetching, darling!

Brigita said... [Reply]

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Go Irani said... [Reply]

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