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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Pleated Good Time

banana republic baby blue knit agaci pleated chiffon skirt forever 21 navy skinny belt louis vuitton bellevue purse bakers mary pumps

banana republic baby blue knit agaci pleated chiffon skirt forever 21 navy skinny belt louis vuitton bellevue purse bakers mary pumps

banana republic baby blue knit agaci pleated chiffon skirt forever 21 navy skinny belt louis vuitton bellevue purse bakers mary pumps

I had one crazy ridiculous day today!  Sadly, all my weekends from now until the wedding (May 7) are pretty much going to be ridiculous.  What exactly does this mean?  Let's just say I was up at 7:30am and am just now getting a chance to sit down and write up this post at midnight (12:14 am).  Yes, that is a loooon day, friends.  My bed is looking extra comfy right now.

Adrian (fiance) and I had our first wedding dance workshop today (for my Dallasites, Vow To Dance is awesome).  We were both a little nervous at first but it ended up being so much fun!  And this skirt was the belle of the ball, in my mind.    Everytime Adrian led me into a turn I couldn't help but sneak little glances of the ruffly pleats twirling in the mirror.  This skirt was just made for twirling.

I think my pleated, twirling happiness made me forget about accessorizing this outfit.  I totally could use a necklace and some real bracelets here (instead of an old forgotten hair tie...).  Tomorrow I'll add bring out some extra bling. 

banana republic baby blue knit agaci pleated chiffon skirt forever 21 navy skinny belt louis vuitton bellevue purse bakers mary pumps

banana republic baby blue knit agaci pleated chiffon skirt forever 21 navy skinny belt louis vuitton bellevue purse bakers mary pumps

Oh, and yes, it's the official debut of the bangs!  You like?  You better cause this is what you're gonna see in pictures now for awhile.  :)

banana republic baby blue knit agaci pleated chiffon skirt forever 21 navy skinny belt louis vuitton bellevue purse bakers mary pumps

banana republic baby blue knit agaci pleated chiffon skirt forever 21 navy skinny belt louis vuitton bellevue purse bakers mary pumps

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Natalie said... [Reply]

Oh I love the bangs! Sooo cute!

I hope you post video of your dancing someday!

Kileen said... [Reply]

Oh sure! I'll be sure to get someone to record our first dance. :)

Lisachen08 said... [Reply]

i seriously can't tell you enough how much i love bangs on you!!!

love your blue suede maryjanes so adorable!

Jen HaHA said... [Reply]

I thought your hair looked different because it's down, but it's the bangs! I totally dig them! Love this outfit! It's very springy. Crisp with the pop of blue.
Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

Petite in the City said... [Reply]

That dress is so cute! And I love your bangs!!!! I've been thinking for months on getting bangs but I'm too chicken shit to do it!

Annaonopiuk said... [Reply]

so nice, amazing it

Tara said... [Reply]

That skirt is awesome, and you are right, perfect for dancing! That is so exciting that your wedding is getting so close...I cannot wait to see your wedding pictures! Your hair looks super adorable by the way :)

Leena1021 said... [Reply]

i love your bangs! you look so pretty :) on a sidenote, your photographs look amazing, best so far! did you do something different?

The Classy Confidante

Bre Clifford said... [Reply]

With or without accessories you look so good. I am glad that got to twirl for real in that skirt because I would not have had such a great excuse.
p.s. love the added pop of blue with the all white outfit. Amazing well done darling.

Melissa said... [Reply]

The bangs look GREAT!!! I love them!

That skirt is really so pretty and seems like it would be good for twirling. What a perfect outfit to wear to a dance workshop!

I hope that throughout the long days, you're still able to sneak in some rest and time for yourself! :)

Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

Siena Style said... [Reply]

Im looking for the skirt like this!yours is great!you look amazing

Jarucha said... [Reply]

You do not look tired at all! I love the almost all white - big departure from your usual bright colors! Its so refreshing and clean with the one pop of blue from your shoes. I think bangs make you even more youthful!

Vicky said... [Reply]

You look beautiful in your new bangs! I love it!
The pleated skirt fits you very well. I wonder how well the pleats hold after a wash. I am too lazy to take care of pleats. :)

Corrie Feld said... [Reply]

The bangs look great! I did dance lessons with my husband too before we got married, was totally worth it. Did you guys pick a song yet?

Kileen said... [Reply]

oh goodness, i'm scared to wash this skirt on my own. i'll probably leave
it to the dry cleaners, lol.

Kileen said... [Reply]

we did pick a song! Bright Eyes - First Day of My

Afashionfixation said... [Reply]

You look amazing in this outfit!

H Rija said... [Reply]

Love your bangs and you lok like an angel in white!!

You look beautiful =) (as usual) and love the skirt!

PetiteLittleGirl said... [Reply]

I really like your bangs, Kileen. Sounds like you had a busy (but fun) day. Your outfit is darling. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Jen HaHA said... [Reply]

I thought your hair looked different because it's down, but it's the bangs! I totally dig them! Love this outfit! It's very springy. Crisp with the pop of blue.
Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

Kelly said... [Reply]

I love the bangs, and the skirt sounds like so much fun for dancing!

Megan Cole said... [Reply]

This is a perfect spring look! I love the lightness of it. And yes, your bangs look great! :)
Also, I don't understand girls who can walk around in shoes like that, kudos to you. haha.

-Megan Rose

hurricanekerrie said... [Reply]

The bangs are totally cute!

Love your skirt, I'm sure it swished and twirled gracefully... but did you wear these shoes to dance? Wow. :)

Megan Rose said... [Reply]

This is the perfect spring outfit, I love the lightness of it. And yes, your bangs look great!
Also, I don't understand how girls can walk around in shoes like that, so kudos to you! haha.

ShenDove said... [Reply]

Love your pleated skirt! Looks like the perfect skirt to wear dancing. And your bangs look great.

Kileen said... [Reply]

i was only able to manage 3 hours in these shoes before i had to switch over
to more comfortable wedges, lol. and foam inserts from
the trick. i wore these the first time without them and i couldn't
for more than 30 minutes.

Kileen said... [Reply]

these are my wedding shoes, so i had to practice dancing in them. :)

Erica said... [Reply]

The bangs look so great! And I love twirly skirts! As a little kid, my sisters and I would twirl for hours! As an adult, I still do the same, but for some reason my husband doesn't want to join in. Good luck with the dance workshop!

North Meets South

Vanessa said... [Reply]

You look so pretty. I'm sure that skirt was perfect for dancing. Good luck with the rest of your wedding stuff.
My Heart Blogged

Emmy said... [Reply]

That skirt is absolutely amazing!! I have been afraid to try the pleated skirt trend, but you make it look so perfect!!

Samantha said... [Reply]

The bangs look great on you! I'm trying to decide if I'm going to cut my hair. It's not working so well, I can't figure out if I want to keep my hair long or short. Decisions, decisions.

Also trying to decide if I'm going to get a pleated skirt like that, I did not know they could look so cute!

Sandy a la Mode said... [Reply]

love your skirt and how the blue shoes bring a bright pop of color!! :)

NanyBrazilian said... [Reply]

love the bangs.. the outfit, adorable needless to say it!!

Teresa: Life & Style said... [Reply]

This outfit is beautiful! I love it all, everything just fits together perfectly. Your bangs are awesome too! You look so fresh.

Alamodeetplus said... [Reply]

You look GORGEOUS! I love the pleats and those blue heels are sooo hot!!

Elissa Stern said... [Reply]

I love your bangs! They look really, really great! Good for you for going ahead and making a change. Your outfit is really, really pretty too. Your blue heels make everything pop!

Cee said... [Reply]

SO CUTE, Kileen! Both the outfit and your new haircut. I saw a yellow pleated skirt at The Limited the other day and considered getting it, but eventually passed. You've got me rethinking it now :)

ShanaDahan said... [Reply]

Oh Kileen, you look so pretty with bangs! I unfortunately bought clip on since I didn't have the guts! haha And I love the pleats! Can't wait till it gets warmer so I can but them out. Keep up with the dancing, while I am a dancer, there is something special learning how to dance with your "fiance" working together, communicating, and performing something you both worked on is so rewarding! Can't wait to see it!



laura said... [Reply]

gorgeous skirt! very twirly :) and the bangs are cute, indeed!

eclecticflair said... [Reply]

I LOVE the bangs!! I maybe a little obsessed with the "zooey deschanel" look so dark hair and bangs are usually winners in my book...but to be honest, this look just doesn't work for everyone. But it seriously compliments you so well, I love it1

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

fashiontherapist said... [Reply]

A pleated skirt is the perfect thing to wear to a dance lesson. Even if you were just swaying side to side the pleated skirt will make it look eloquent. Good luck with all the wedding stuff!!

Leena1021 said... [Reply]

i swear i posted a comment, but now it's gone? anyway, i think your bangs look great! on a sidenote, your photos look gorgeous, the best quality yet! did you do something different?

katou said... [Reply]

Bangs look amazing on you, i really like it and love the simplicity of this look you are so chic and appropriately dressed for a dance class i guess!

Pheobe said... [Reply]

I love the fact that this is an all white outfit with a pop of blue from your shoes. Just lovely!

Tanvi said... [Reply]

Love your skirt!!! It's such a cute outfit :)

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Kileen said... [Reply]

ooh, a yellow pleated skirt sounds amazing!! now you have me wanting to go
search for it too!

Kileen said... [Reply]

i had adrian help me take pictures today instead of me just standing in
front of the tripod with my remote. :) and i moved outside of my rooftop
and onto the sidewalk outside my house too.

Gregory said... [Reply]

This outfit is gorgeous, love your shoes and skirt!

Sewpetite Gal said... [Reply]

You look absolutely lovely with bangs! Will you be incorporating them into your wedding hair look?

I have been coveting pleated skirts for what seems like an eternity (it's very hard to get them nicely spaced and pressed as a DIY project) and this looks soooo pretty on you!

ShortieK said... [Reply]

That skirt is awesome- accordion pleats are my favorite!
Your bangs are fabulous and very flattering

kelsey williams said... [Reply]

Your hair looks great, Kileen! I love the bangs on you!

Mindy ♥ said... [Reply]

Absolutely lovely, girl!! <3

Callandra said... [Reply]

Kileen!....You got bangs, it's gorgeous!!!

Justine @ Just Better Together said... [Reply]

I like all of it. Yes, I agree, your neckline area is a bit bare.
I'm totally reading your posts backwards.

Just Better Together
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Nekiah said... [Reply]

I love that pleated skirt and those teal pumps are super HOT!! Kiah

Mrs. J said... [Reply]

I think it's perfect the way you have it, maybe add a bracelet that's all. Love that ruffles are coming back for spring! Lovely Outfit! :)

Goodframeofmind said... [Reply]

Ah! I love the bangs, they fit you so well, and the outfit - BEAUTIFUL GIRL!

Jessy said... [Reply]

The skirt is soo pretty! So school girly.. love it!

Kileen said... [Reply]

Thanks! I was kinda thinking I should've braided my hair too to really get the school-girl effect. Next time. :)

Angeline said... [Reply]

Hello! Loving the bangs! So freakin' cute.

Curls and Pearls said... [Reply]

Kileen, the bangs suit you so well! I LOVE this outfit, so pretty and girly. Just gorgeous! And I'm so excited for your upcoming wedding. Weddings make me giddy ;)

Kileen said... [Reply]

the wedding look i'm thinking about having will be super simple so the bangs should hopefully enhance the look a bit. that's actually the main reason i decided to go ahead and get it cut now instead of waiting until after the wedding. :)

and good luck with a DIY pleated skirt. making the pleats does sound super hard!

PetiteXXS said... [Reply]

What a cute skirt! And I can't believe you're able to dance in those shoes! I do love them but will probably twist my ankle walking down the side walk, much less carrying out complicated dance maneuvers :P

LittleLovables said... [Reply]

looks cute! I never would have thought to pair such a light blue with white, but it works!

Imogen said... [Reply]

I love your skirt so much. I am obssessed with pleats at the moment and I am desperately looking for a pleated skirt but am yet to find the right one which is annoying. I love your white look, so pretty and I adore the shoes.

Kileen said... [Reply]

I just noticed your Rule Breaking Entry too and we were definitely thinking
the same thing when getting dressed! :)

Idontwearjeans said... [Reply]

Nice. Very feminine.

Lacie said... [Reply]

You always have the most adorable shoes!!!

XOXO Lacie

Kileen said... [Reply]

what can i say, i have a shoe addiction. ;)

Cee said... [Reply]

These are the ones! Such a pretty shade of yellow <3

Kileen said... [Reply]

i was actually looking at these too cause The Limited had a 40% off sale this past weekend. i have such horrible luck with sizing there though that i ended up passing... let me know if you get them!

Ellenreviewsblog said... [Reply]

yaay! for the bangs! :D Love the shoes! :)

Styledby3 said... [Reply]

LOVE this all white with the blue shoes, so lovely and you're beautiful!!


Roni said... [Reply]

LOve your look! The pleated skirt and blue shoes are FABULOUS!!!


Tanvi said... [Reply]

Love your shoes!!!

♡ from ©
Apothica Giveaway

Jessica said... [Reply]

I am obsessed with that skirt and those pumps! Great outfit!

Frankie hearts fashion said... [Reply]

Adore your skirt and those pumps!! xo

Michelle said... [Reply]

this skirt is beyond love! you look adorbs!

Stillblondeafteralltheseyears said... [Reply]

Do you ever do anything that doesn't look adorable??? Really, just so so cute!

Would love it, if you would stop by and see how a 45+ year old handles “White Out”—you might get a good chuckle anyway! See you there!
The Chief Blonde

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