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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It Was Fate

j. crew placket cardigan loft field spots print tee urban outfitters bdg cigarette grey jeans bakers mary blue suede pumps michael kors rose gold watch mk5430 louis vuitton ellipse purse

j. crew placket cardigan loft field spots print tee urban outfitters bdg cigarette grey jeans bakers mary blue suede pumps michael kors rose gold watch mk5430 louis vuitton ellipse purse

j. crew placket cardigan loft field spots print tee urban outfitters bdg cigarette grey jeans bakers mary blue suede pumps michael kors rose gold watch mk5430 louis vuitton ellipse purse

j. crew placket cardigan loft field spots print tee urban outfitters bdg cigarette grey jeans bakers mary blue suede pumps michael kors rose gold watch mk5430 louis vuitton ellipse purse

j. crew placket cardigan loft field spots print tee urban outfitters bdg cigarette grey jeans bakers mary blue suede pumps michael kors rose gold watch mk5430 louis vuitton ellipse purse
J. Crew Merino Chiffon Placket Cardigan - XXS / $30 (similar)
LOFT Fields Spot Print Tee (recent) - XSP / $21 (buy - 3% back with Mr. Rebates!)
Urban Outfitters BDG Cigarette Jeans - 24 / $19 (buy - 3% back with Mr. Rebates!)
A'gaci Half Inch Skinny Belt - S / $3.25 (buy) (similar)
Michael Kors "Small Runway" Watch (MK5430) - $127 (buy)
Forever 21 Feminine Wrapped Bangles - $6.80 (buy)
Louis Vuitton Ellipse Purse - gifted from parents (similar)
Bakers Mary Blue Suede Pumps - 5.5 (buy in red or black)

If you've been checking up on my monthly budget post (incorrectly named as March recap when the month isn't even over.  *shake my head*...), you know I pretty much hit my clothing budget limit weeks ago.  But still, I went out and bought this blouse from LOFT.  Before you judge, though, hear me out:
  • The shirt was the last one in my size. 
  • I went shopping with my teacher friend, who was able to get me an additional 15% off.
  • I had a coupon for $25 off of $50 and it expired that day.  Even though the shirt was $49.50, the sales associate was willing to accept the coupon!  My boyfriend calls it "the cute girl discount."  I call it fate.  
So you see, I kinda had to get this shirt. If this isn't stars aligning, I don't know what is.  :)

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Jo said... [Reply]

Kileen, thanks for stopping by my blog! The colors of this outfit are beautiful. I love the mustard cardigan with this top And the shoes just pull all together.

Vanessa said... [Reply]

I love the top. I would have totally gone over for it too. Your hair looks completely amazing too.
My Heart Blogged

Jessy said... [Reply]

Love your hair and the shoes!

Tanvi said... [Reply]

Such a great combination! The shoes are to die for ... ! Great look Kileen :)

♡ from ©

Natalie said... [Reply]

Those shoes were meant to be with that shirt. That is number 4!

Lauren said... [Reply]

cute pants Kileen! you are so cute and little ;)

Mindy said... [Reply]

super chic outfit! I really like the color combo and the pop of blue from the shoes.

katypbrooks said... [Reply]

oh, that is TOTALLY fate!!!! no guilt allowed. plus, it's super cute. enjoy ;)

Mrs M. said... [Reply]

This outfit is AWESOME! I am in LOVE with it! Especially the blue pumps, mustard cardigan and the blue in the shirt. LOVING it!

donna said... [Reply]

aww! the top was worth getting! i really like the colorful water color design all over it :). whenever i get coupons i always feel the need to use it because i just have this important notion about "discounts" on everything lol! i think that's why i get super excited whenever i get my ulta coupons in the mail lol!

Erica Ricks said... [Reply]

You totally had to get it! I mean, especially since I know petite clothes are harder to find. I gotta say, the colors in your last two outfits have been spot on. Love them!

North Meets South

Kileen said... [Reply]

oh me too!! i love the Ulta coupons. they always manage to lure me in. :)

Kileen said... [Reply]

thank you! i had to wear a mustard-ish cardigan after all the mustard
colors i saw in this week's color brigade! :)

SkiPetite said... [Reply]

I love this shirt! I just got it and got a bunch of compliments when I wore it to work last week. I'm going to have to try it with a mustard cardi.

Kileen said... [Reply]

Oh yes, take an outfit picture when you wear it next time. I would love to see!


Rebecca Hammond said... [Reply]

Um wow. Those shoes. Just wow. The color. The maryjane style. The height! Fabulous.

Lyddiegal said... [Reply]

well if you put it that way....
I know it's always so easy to rationalize new purchases, I totally fell over on my budget this month as well!

Kileen said... [Reply]

I know! I'll be better next month in staying within budget.


Aggie said... [Reply]

Love the jeans they accentuate your curves, i also have a pair of grey acid wash jeans love them.

Nekiah said... [Reply]

You look smoking hott girl! I love everything about this outfit. You really put this one together nicely. Those shoes are gorgeous and your hairstyle is too sexy! Love Love Love this! Nekiah

Lisachen08 said... [Reply]

i totally think the shirt was SO worth it to get..

1. it looks like a beautiful piece of artwork.. your blouse looks like a monet painting!


2. you got it FOR sure an amazing deal it would have been stupid for you not to get it!!

ps. LOVE your jeans!! i love acid wash grey so hawt!

Michelle said... [Reply]

Aww! I do not fault you for getting the shirt. Too awesome to pass up. And you did a wonderful job styling it! Loving the watch with the bangles!!

Jessica Marie said... [Reply]

You look great! I swear those blunt bangs add an extra level of instant chicness to everything you wear!

eclecticflair said... [Reply]

Haha, I love your reasoning there! The blouse does look great on you!

Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

ilene said... [Reply]

oooh that cardi is the perfect shade of mustard!

tracey said... [Reply]

that shirt has the best print! it was definitely meant to be =)

kimmie said... [Reply]

Man, Kileen. I don't know how you walk in your teetering heels! Your feet are almost perpendicular to the ground. That's gotta take some skill to walk :)

I love the print of the blouse and how you tied it all together with the cardi and shoes. CUTE.

marcella said... [Reply]

hair up looks amazing :)
I love this cardigan :)

Amy Z. said... [Reply]

It most definitely was fate! And the top and cardigan look like they were made for each other!

aki! said... [Reply]

So, I was wearing a cardigan with a pencil skirt the other day and I belted it. I've never belted anything like that before... and I love it. Thanks for being an inspiration!

Justine @ Just Better Together said... [Reply]

YAY for great deals!

Just Better Together

Siena Style said... [Reply]

I love your top!!

colletteosuna said... [Reply]

Gorgeous shoes....Im so loving your look so young:)

Emmy said... [Reply]

Love the shirt and I say you had to go for it :) Great purchase!! It looks great paired with the mustard cardigan too

My showroom said... [Reply]

Love your shoes and bag!!
You style is so great!!

xoxo from Spain

Samantha said... [Reply]

Definitely fate. I am so searching for a LOFT store when I get to the States again, how could I not with shirts that cute? Love it!

PetiteXXS said... [Reply]

I also just picked up the same blouse last weekend! SA also let me use the savings card even though it was already 30% off $49.50... so came out to a pretty good price! I actually initially didn't like it on the rack and didn't think it photographed well... but I rather liked it when I tried it on. And the color palette is perfect for pairing with a mustard cardigan!

Kileen said... [Reply]

thanks! these jeans were also on sale at UO in my favorite cut so i ended
up getting them. so glad i did! :)

Kileen said... [Reply]

i agree!! i was a little bit wary of the shirt cause it looks really boxy
on the hanger and the elastic hem was a little weird, but it didn't look
that bad once i put it on. still a little boxy, but i think if you just add
a belt or a high-waisted pencil skirt then it's not a problem at all! can't
wait to see it on you! :)

VictorianKitty said... [Reply]

Those pants are awesome! I love how they look with the shoes, too. :)

Liesel said... [Reply]

I love the shirt with your mustard cardigan! Just beautiful

Really Petite said... [Reply]

OMG I missed 9 posts of yours? Holy moly!! And you got ur bangs cut? OMG you look like a doll!!! :D

Ivonne said... [Reply]

This outfit is perfect :) And the shoes are killer!

Kileen said... [Reply]

haha, thanks. it's so good to have you back!! :)

Marie said... [Reply]

Love that top, and wow those are some heels!
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

DSK Steph said... [Reply]

Cute hair! I love your bangs :)

aubrey said... [Reply]

I think the pants are rolled up 1 roll too much. You should consider either try releasing it 1 roll down, or...scrunch up your sleeves more. the proportions are a tad bit off & its cutting your legs off.

and have you tried gathering the cardigan a bit closer? it would give the X effect Kelly @ AlterationsNeeded is talking about to give a more curvy womanly shape.

Kileen said... [Reply]

oh, yes, i should've scrunched up the sleeves on the cardigan to balance it
out. and i wanted to try out a kinda cuffed crop pants look, which is why i
cuffed the jeans. i had previously worn them all the way un-cuffed and
they're not too long. good call on releasing 1 of the cuffs though!

and thanks for the tip on gathering the cardi more in the front. your tips
are so helpful! :)

goodframeofmind said... [Reply]

What a fabulous cardi!!

Sandy a la Mode said... [Reply]

i love how you matched everything so well together! and i still wish i bought that ruffle cardigan!!!

Bre Clifford said... [Reply]

I am so not judging. You look so cute with your new shirt, jeans and the knot in your hair.

Megs said... [Reply]

I think this is my favorite outfit of yours EVER! I really, really love every piece of it!!

Kileen said... [Reply]

aww thank you!! :D

Runningonhappiness said... [Reply]

You're hair looks awesome! I love you in bangs! And no judgement here! I went over my shopping budget for the month too. Love those shoes and your fabulous bag! Great ensemble!

XO, Katie
Running on Happiness

Tara said... [Reply]

Love the so had to have it :)

oomph. said... [Reply]

glad i got to see these jeans...been wanting to get them, but wanted to see how they REALLY look on! nice!

Sewpetite Gal said... [Reply]

That shell is perfection - it looks so lovely with the J. Crew cardi and I still can't get how good those bangs look on you!!! Have you ever had bangs before?

Kim Hye Rin said... [Reply]

nice hairdo and fashion style =)

Kileen said... [Reply]

i did have bangs almost 4 years ago, but they weren't nearly as thick. i'm
glad i opted for thicker, blunt bangs this time. :)

Leena1021 said... [Reply]

love the blouse--you were justified in getting it!

Liesel said... [Reply]

I love the shirt with your mustard cardigan! Just beautiful

jillian said... [Reply]

oo i just love this outfit and your hair! the bangs + the bun are too cute :) xoxo jcd

Marie_McGrath said... [Reply]

It was definitely fate! Plus, it looks super cute on you! Love how you paired it with the mustard cardi.

Brittani Sterling said... [Reply]

I'm late catching up on my blogs from this last wekk, but am IN LOVE with this outfit!!!! <3 SHOES especially!

silvrgurl said... [Reply]

love the mustard and blue combo going on here
have been looking for a mustard cardi ever since I had to take one back
will go check out the ones you have listed

Sartorial Nerd said... [Reply]

I never knew mustard yellow could look so chic. I guess it's all in the styling. I love this outfit and the combination of the cardigan with the blue shoes is genius.

Sartorial Nerd

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