Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DFW Blogger Meetup Pictures!

This past Saturday, we had our first DFW Blogger Meetup!  Fifteen amazing girls came out and spent an amazing afternoon talking over lunch, taking outfit pictures, and getting some makeup done courtesy of Allure Magazine and Christian Dior.  Here's a big group picture with all of us:
(left -> right) Jessica, Chastity, Tina, me, Jen, Katy, Tasha, PV, Stephanie, Irene, London, Angga, Charis, Ivonne, Janell, Elissa
We all met up at 11am for brunch at La Duni at Northpark Mall.  Unfortunately La Duni had several large parties that day so we ended up across the hall at Cibus.
We had our own little private dining room for lunch!
Group picture of while waiting for a table.  
Sad that I'm wearing 5.5" heels and am still the shortest one!
(left->right) Tina, Angga, Janell, Ivonne, me, Tasha, Charis
Introductions were made around the table.
Funny stories were shared.  :)
After a delicious lunch (that included bottomless bellinins!), we headed out into the outside park and did a little mingling and had a fun little photo session.
Angga, PV, me, Irene, Stephanie
Angga, Ivonne, Elissa, Tina
Chastity, London, Tasha, Janell, Jen, Charis
Then we headed over to the Dillards Dior counter where I had won an Allure makeover event ($25 gift card for all my guests).  We ended up having a little fun with makeup.  :)

The Dior Beauty Director taught us how to do a basic smokey eye. 
Irene getting some eyeshadow tips.
Angga getting some bright lipstick.
Angga and Stephanie post-makeover.  They're both so beautiful to begin with!
And that basically sums it up!  The last makeup session didn't finish until after 5pm.  Angga, Jessica, and I did a little shopping (we're at the mall already, right?).  Angga and I made another trip out to the Galleria where we hit up one of my favorite stores, Zara, in the hopes that they had a sale.  We didn't have any luck with the sales that day, but neither of us left the malls empty-handed that day!

If you're wanting a close-up of what I wore, here's my outfit pic.

Sweater: Forever 21 Striped Knit Sweater - S / $20 (similar)
Belt: Forever 21 Brown Skinny Belt - S / $4 (similar)
Skirt: Better B Leather Skirt  - S / won from giveaway (similar)
Shoes: Bebe Fiona Cork Wedge - 5 / gifted from Adrian (review) (buy)
Purse: Louis Vuitton Bellevue - gifted from parents (similar)

Shop This Look:

I highly recommend organizing a blogger meetup in your city!  It's fairly easy and it's so much fun to meet people with similar interests and share blogging experiences.  Our current plan is to meet at least once every 3 months so look out for more meetup pictures in the future!

For pictures from other attending bloggers, check out their posts!  (and if I missed your post, please let me know and I'll add you!)

P.S.   If you're looking for the Color Brigade for today, go here!

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  1. OMG there were so many people! Looks like a blast! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. What fun! You guys all look so cute and I bet the other bloggers loved the make-up time you shared with them!
    Aesthetic Lounge

  3. Looks like you organized an awesome event Kileen! If I lived in Dallas I definitely would have been there :) Maybe there will be a DC blogger meet up, soon!

  4. Fun times!!! Hopefully I can come again soon and we can eat at aw schmuck hahahaha!!!
    Anyway everyone look so pretty and the food was so yummy!!

  5. Looks like you guys had such a fun time! What can be better than food, make up and shopping with great company?!

    Lidi @ Eclectic Flair

  6. Looks like an enjoyable day! The makeup session looked particularly fun! :)

  7. this looks like so much fun! i wish i lived in your area =)


  8. This looks like SO much fun!!! Makes me wish I lived there! Even though I really do love Florida. :)

    You look absolutely gorgeous. How in the world you're able to pull off a leather skirt for a casual meet-up is beyond me - seriously, you're magical!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  9. how fun!! i need to orgainze something like this for chicago bloggers! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  10. Kileen, what an amazing job you did organizing this event! So awesome!!! And seriously, you look tall to me in your photos even though I know your stats but standing next to the other ladies you're so tiny LOL! Ah so jealous, that looked soooo fun! Especially the eating and makeover parts :P

  11. @curls-and-pearls lol, i'm in 5.5" heels! they seriously helped me a lot that day. :)

  12. looks like so much fun! thanks for sharing your day with us!


  13. Everyone looked awesome, and it looks like it was so much fun. I wish we had fashion blogger meet ups in Cleveland. There aren't too many bloggers in my area though.
    My Heart Blogged

  14. @My Heart Blogged you'd be surprised!! i actually only knew 2 other DFW bloggers when i put up a post about having a meetup. then 2 grew to 15! :)

  15. You ladies are all so gorgeous! Loving the outfits & all the shoes. Looks like you all had a really good time and formed some really great friendships : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  16. It looks that you had the best time ever love your outfit and the girls seem to be very talented :)

  17. How fun. You did a great job at organizing because everyone seemed so delight and had a blast.

  18. This looks like so much fun! Great pics!

  19. looks like a great time! great pics and love your top!

  20. Congrats on a successful DFW event! I hope you'll have many more in the future and thanks for the tips! =)

  21. All of you look gorgeous! Seeing all those pictures of NorthPark made me homesick. I love NorthPark!

  22. Fun!! That is so cool that everyone got $25 to spend!

    Thanks for sharing all the pics! I am loving that leather skirt! Ivonne's shirt really caught my eye! So pretty...especially with that necklace!

  23. What an AWESOME turnout!! Everyone looks great...how fun it must have been to meet up:)

  24. This looked so fun! Glad you all had a great time and wish I lived closer :( I don't think there are enough ppl here in Ohio to do a meet-up but maybe someday :)

  25. IT looks like you guys had soooooo much fun!! You guys inspired me all! Great pictures!

  26. Looks like you ladies (and a few males) had a fantastic time!

  27. Thanks for organizing the event once again. It was so much fun

  28. I've always wanted to go to a blogger meet up! Looks like you guys had a blast. =0D Love your outfit, looks so effortlessly pulled together.

  29. looks like fun! so, I'm definitely not a fashion blogger but I love reading everyone's blogs and I live in DFW so I joined the network. is that ok?

  30. we're glad to have you here, Lauren!! i'll send you more info shortly. :)

  31. How fun! This is a great idea. Think I might organize one in my area too, thanks for the inspiration :)

  32. Wah it looks like you guys had a blast! I used to live in DFW but moved to another part of TX.. If I ever move back, I'm def. joining!=)

  33. OMG. I wish I lived in Texas right now! I'm so jealous of the blogger meetup. Looks like a blast, and glad everyone had a good time.

  34. the males were our significant others actually. :) Angga's husband and my boyfriend.

  35. You guys are all so adorable and it looks like you had a fabulous time!

  36. aww I'd love to go to a blogger meetup! i'm too new at it to actually organize one though! how did you go about it? an external website like meetup.com or was it just done via blog? 

  37. i just did it all via my blog and had people sign up using a form.

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