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Monday, March 7, 2011

Color Brigade: Vol 9

j. crew bright dahlia louis vuitton speedy 25
j. crew bright dahlia louis vuitton speedy 25
j. crew bright dahlia louis vuitton speedy 25
j. crew bright dahlia louis vuitton speedy 25

And since I promised y'all a close-up watch photo:
Rave Orange Tunic (super old)- XS / $8 (similar)
Steve Madden Buckle Pumps (old) - 5 (similar)

Color blocking and the Color Brigade seem to go hand in hand (aren't you glad this is a spring trend?).  A mix I've seen a lot of this spring is the pairing of pink and orange.  It's bright, cheery, and a color combination that will get you going in the mornings for sure! 

And if you're thinking this is a bit too bright, you can always tone it down by layering on a simple black blazer too.  If I hadn't forgotten to set my alarm last night before going to bed, I probably would've done the same.  Instead, I was scrambling out the door and even managed to set off my house alarm when I went outside to take outfit pictures.  Yep, Happy Monday.  :)

So after seeing my orange (even though it looks red in the pictures), fuchsia, and white mix, now it's your turn!  Link up your colorful outfits below.

Note:  feel free to link up any outfit you wore in the past week or an outfit that you'll be wearing later this week -- it doesn't have to be something you actually wore today! 

Color Brigade!
  1. Add the Color Brigade button on your blog sidebar (copy the html provided).  Entries without this button will be removed. 
  2. Submit your link by clicking on the "Click here to enter" button at the bottom of this post.  Please have an outfit that combines at least 3 different colors.  Prints count as 1 color (e.g. leopard print = 1 color)
  3. In the "Link it to:" field, please provide the url of the specific post (not the url of your entire blog, lol).
  4. In the "Caption or Title:" field, list the different colors you're wearing.  Example: Gold, Cream, and Red.

    You're done!  Go back and check out the other amazing entries from members of the Color Brigade!

If Linky Tools is being flaky, try this link directly:  click me

Shop This Look:

P.S.  Thank you everyone who helped me justify keeping two Michael Kors watches in yesterday's post, but the pending sale from Sunday went through and have a nice buffer of $75 for my March budget now in case I get tempted with any spring sales.  :)

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H Rija said... [Reply]

love the bright colours in your outfit!
My Lyfe ; My Story

Cassandra Igo said... [Reply]

That watch is gorgeous! And dare I say, timeless! (Aren't I punny?)

Love the red + purple combo. Very unique and definitely colorful!

Cee said... [Reply]

This color combination is perfect. I'm glad you woke up late this morning because I think a black blazer would detract from the overall feel :)

Mindy said... [Reply]

that is a nice watch!
Love your shoes!!

Curls and Pearls said... [Reply]

Woohoo, beautiful watch!!!! You look gorgeous as usual :)

Lisachen08 said... [Reply]

love this outfit! your color blocking is just gorgeous and so on point for spring :)

Elizabeth said... [Reply]

That skirt is so pretty. I love that color. Very springy!

Girls Who Wear Pearls

Ellenreviewsblog said... [Reply]

wow! you really good in mixing and matching colors :) up for this! :)

Laura said... [Reply]

Yay for super brights! I love it:) This is definitely a color combo I will be trying when I get my closet back in a few more days. Also, love your shoes and the new watch is so gorgeous!

Lyddiegal said... [Reply]

I love this bold combo! Fearless color is a wonderful thing.

Michelle said... [Reply]

I love the color of your new watch!

Wow! I cannot believe that sweater is actually orange! I am loving that necklace...gorgeous!!

SkiPetite said... [Reply]

I really love those shoes and that you went more neutral with the shoes to balance the color. Very cute.

Vanessa said... [Reply]

I love this outfit. It looks so springy. The necklace adds a really great touch too.
My Heart Blogged

VLM. said... [Reply]

Great Post! I love your blog; I'm following you now!
xx. VLM.

Rebecca Hammond said... [Reply]

i love color! and i love these colors! and i seriously can't get enough of that skirt.


Nelah said... [Reply]

Very bright and bold colors combo. Your shoes and watch are gorgeous.

Amy Z. said... [Reply]

I love the colors! I WANT a skirt in that color too!

modniza said... [Reply]

great colorful outfit!happy women's day!xoxo

Marciab003 said... [Reply]

WOww love the use of accessories!

Miss Rockwell said... [Reply]

The shoes are too fly! I have a similar pair that I got from Target years ago!

JenHaHA said... [Reply]

Is this the second week the Color Brigade has been on Monday? I fell asleep somewhere. Oh well, I'll still link up tomorrow's outfit if the Linky is still open. Silly me!
Come enter my TinyGoatStudios giveaway! said... [Reply]

love your necklace hon. it's a great piece to the outfit.

brett said... [Reply]

Love the watch, so glad you got a close up
Was reading about it on twitter yesterday
Finally hooked up with the color brigade
Have been wanting to for awhile now and finally got it all together

Elle said... [Reply]

OOOO pretty watch! I also like your outfit and am SOOO JEALOUS that the j. crew skirt fits you so well! I really like the color combo and don't find it too bright at all! :)

fashiontherapist said... [Reply]

I absolutely love the color blocking and as much as some people are against pink/red, I personally LOVE the combo!

Courtney Thomas said... [Reply]

I love the purple and red together! And the watch is really nice - I need to invest in a good quality/fashionable watch like yours.

xoxo ~ Courtney

Kileen said... [Reply]

I actually have been publishing the Color Brigade posts on Monday night as
it seems like that's a better time for people to link up. But yes, the
Linky will be open until next Monday night! :)


Sandy a la Mode said... [Reply]

i am loving all the colors to your outfit girl!! i linked up!! :)

colletteosuna said... [Reply]

LOVE the watch!! The colors in this outfit ROCK:)

Stop by and say Hello♥
Statements in Fashion Blog♥

Angga Heinrich said... [Reply]

So I have sad story....remember how much I want those Jcrew skirt that you are wearing right now and I have to return it because the sales person said that I had to wear size 6P to get the size that I want? I end up returning it in exchange of smaller size because 6 was too big for me...So now when I asked them where is my skirt, they said they sold out the 4P which is the size that I wanted and they refunded my money :-( So now I'm looking at your picture and drooling over your skirt LOL
But the awesome part was when I want this skirt is either JCrew or Kate Spade I opt out for Jcrew because its a lot cheaper, since cant get my hand on them I end up purchasing the Kate Spade one with 50% off on Neiman Marcus last call LOL its still twice as Jcrew but its worth it, I love the color......
Enough me rambling I love your color choice here I dont know that fuchsia and red goes so well together, I thought they would wash off the color great color brigade thinking!!

Kileen said... [Reply]

aww i'm so sad that J. Crew sold out of your size but I guess it worked out
because you were able to get the Kate Spade you really wanted at Neiman
Marcus Last Call! I can't wait to see you rock the skirt!

Angga Heinrich said... [Reply]

I know, I think my size is so popular in JCrew, but it all turns out ok, its just that that means I'm almost $100 over my budget this march, I want to count them towards my february purchase but I cant lol oh well...I need to do better in April

Kileen said... [Reply]

lol, $200 is so hard!! especially cause you were spending like i was at
around $400. :) i say go to $300/month first and slowly work your way
down. there's always temptation every month!

Angga Heinrich said... [Reply]

LOL I know it is HARD!! I think I might get them back out in April!! I was waaaaayyy to ambitious!!!!

katou said... [Reply]


Morgan said... [Reply]

Love love love the outfit Kileen! And that watch is TO DIE!!

Meet Virginia Design

Viv @ The Eclectic Life said... [Reply]

I wish I could pull off heels like that, but I simply was not blessed with the feet or endurance to wear them! I'm always impressed if someone can sport stilettos like you.

Goodbadnfab said... [Reply]

Love the bold colors! Great outfit!

Please check out my blog when you get a chance.
a fashion lawyer by day, fashion police by night...I play at red carpet events, shop all over town, and live life in the fab lane in LA!

xppinkx85 said... [Reply]

wow the color combo of this outfit is amazing!!!...i am inspired to do bolds and brights this spring and summer so this post got me excited :) yay to rose's such a fabulous piece

Kileen said... [Reply]

oh yes, i can't wait for you to start posting outfits again!! your style is
so on point!

Tara said... [Reply]

You've been taking so many color risks lately, and I love it! Fab!

Shaglam said... [Reply]

I am totally in love with your shoes. too bad they are not a recent buy; I'm sure I won't be able to find them. I just found your blog, and I'm very excited to look around. You definitely know how to put together an outfit and work it :)

Sewpetite Gal said... [Reply]

I look forward to this feature every single week and this week definitely does not disappoint! :) I especially love that necklace!

Kileen said... [Reply]

thanks! it's from the one and only
Janelle(@elleandish)! :)

brittany d'lynne said... [Reply]

Love your color blocking, and also that necklace! Too cute!

Really Petite said... [Reply] are my color inspiration petite blogger...does that make any sense? LOL I freaking love that skirt!

Kileen said... [Reply]

lol, i'm so flattered! :)

modniza said... [Reply]

great colorful outfit!happy women's day!xoxo

Anonymous said... [Reply]

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