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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wine, Cupcakes, and a Few Evening Shots

Forever 21 Polka-Dot Dress - XS (old) (similar)
LOFT Flower Pin (bought yesterday - 25% off this weekend!) (similar)
Aldo Patent Wedges (old) - 5 (similar)

Now I don't normally take evening pictures (ewww fluorescent lighting!) but when you have polka-dots and a big awesome-blossom flower, you pretty much have to.  Adrian and I went to an housewarming (apartment-warming?) party last night, and with the warm weather and light breeze, I decided to go with a easy breezy summer dress and some sandals.  The party was a blast and after hours were spent sitting on the patio, catching up with old friends, drinking multiple glasses of wine, and even indulging in a few mini cupcakes, we went home feeling happy and satiated.  And now I'm off to a yoga class to sweat it all out.  :)

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SIENA.STYLE said... [Reply]

you look stunning!!!great dress and I love the flower!!

marcella said... [Reply]

aaaw, this is awesome :)

Teresa: Life and Style said... [Reply]

I really like that dress, very modern and retro at the same time, I love how you have it styled.

H Rija said... [Reply]

Wow... you look like a model =) and your outfit looks so classy and has a touch of retro! overall, you look amazing!

oomph. said... [Reply]

Very sex and the city (flower pin) + pretty woman (polka dots)...I love the look! I think I work my flower pin for several months straight after sarah jessica wore hers. Seeing yours, I kinda miss it! Pretty as always.

Laura said... [Reply]

I love your dress! And the flower pin is so Carrie Bradshaw :) Sounds like a lovely evening with friends. Always the best way to spend a Saturday night.

Mommyblogger said... [Reply]

Your dress is so pretty! I adore polka dots!

Collette Osuna said... [Reply]

Im a polka dot junkie!!! Love the dress...and the flower...and YOU:)

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Banhannas said... [Reply]

I think this is the fist time I've ever seen indoor pictures! The dress is lovely and I'm really liking your lipstick. Where and what shade is it? I've been dying a duplicate to one of MAC's lipstick ever since I regretfully returned Big Bow from a collection awhile ago.

Angga said... [Reply]

Love love love the polkadot dress!!! Great lighting on the pictures!! I never accomplish indoor pictures at my house, it's too dark

♥ StylisHedForeVer said... [Reply]

You're gorgeous! You blog is lovely!

Sophie said... [Reply]

fab polka dot dress, love it with the flower too :)

Jillian said... [Reply]

i love the flower pin! v cute. xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

Tara said... [Reply]

Very pretty Kileen...sounds like you had a fun night!

Justine said... [Reply]

great dress for the evening :)

Just Better Together

My Heart Blogged said... [Reply]

I love the dress, it's so classic. The party sounds like fun. I saw the picture of the cupcakes, and they looked yummy. I miss the warm weather we were having, it's already snowing again in Ohio.
My Heart Blogged

katou said... [Reply]

Polka dots look great on you love this simplicity of this outfit with the girly touch :)

Elle said... [Reply]

You look too adorable Kileen. I love the outfit from head to toe and the photos were lovely as well. :)

hurricanekerrie said... [Reply]

I'm so happy and relieved to see you wear a thick(er) belt. I have a number of 'em, you see. I have heard some people say it's not necessarily for petites but I think it could work. You certainly made it work. And these indoor shots are turned out nicely!

Natasha xoxo said... [Reply]

LOVE polkadots on you!

<3, natasha
twenty-something blog
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Callandra said... [Reply]

What beautiful pictures Kileen! glamerous!!

Melissa said... [Reply]

Oh my I feel like I have to go out and find a dress like that! You look just darling!

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silvergirl said... [Reply]

love the polka dots
sounds like a fun party
i am a big yoga fan too!

Jules said... [Reply]

Very pretty! Just started following you!

Eule-Lilaanaa said... [Reply]

dots - love it

PetiteLittleGirl said... [Reply]

You look so lovely! I like how you added the flower pin to your dress. The polka dot dress is really fun and chic at the same time. I am glad you had a great time.

lisa said... [Reply]

um seriously.


Sandy a la Mode said... [Reply]

wine and cupcakes, yum!! you look amazing!!

The Little Dust Princess said... [Reply]

The photos and YOU are so lovely. : ) The dress looks amazing on you!

xx The Little Dust Princess

Ping said... [Reply]

i love polka dots! you look so chic kileen. i like the new background too.

Stephanie said... [Reply]

really cute! I like the interior of your apt. You should take more pics inside- it provides a fun background! :)

laura said... [Reply]

sounds like a fun night. that dress looks super cute on you! i LOVE polka dots!

kileen said... [Reply]

@Banhannas unfortunately the lipstick is from a Taiwanese brand called Chic Choc ( the color is RD01. not sure what the equivalent for a US brand is, but maybe you can find it online somewhere...

Really Petite said... [Reply]

*whistle* you look so pretty in polkadots and that flower pin! Stunning:)

Really Petite said... [Reply]

*whistle* you look so pretty in polkadots and that flower pin! Stunning:)

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said... [Reply]

I'm glad to hear you had such a nice time! I'm glad you decided to take pics because this outfit looks so classy on you... I love it!

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