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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Only Half Here

Charlotte Russe Beaded Cardigan - S (recent) (buy similar here)
Papaya White Pencil Skirt - XS (old) (buy similar here)
Bakers Mary Pumps - 5.5 (buy here)
Red/Pink Choker Necklace (old) (buy similar here)

Can you believe it?  I'm sick again.  I don't think I've ever gotten sick twice in one season!  I think all the traveling combined with staying with family that was also sick over the holidays did it to me this time.  I'm doped up on cold medicine and cough drops and feeling so woozy that it's making me forget the fact that my throat really hurts.  Can you believe I actually got dressed to go to work this morning?  I would've called in sick from the beginning except I had an early morning meeting with my boss that I couldn't miss.  We both decided that it was best for me to go home shortly afterwards and here I am, lying snuggled under warm blankets, writing up a short blurb before I try to sleep off this sickness.  My mantra is: Sleep Fixes Everything.  I can't wait to wake up and feel better.  ^_^

As for my outfit, I love wearing white in the winter.  Be it pants or skirts, I will wear them even if you're not supposed to.  There's just something so clean and simple about a nice white color that makes it a perfect complement to the darker winter wardrobe colors.  And it's a little hard to see in the pictures, but I love these tights with the bow design in the back.  It's so unexpected, fun, and a little flirty all at the same time.

Ok, now I'm off to bed to sleep off this sickness! 

P.S. I am organizing  a blogger meetup for DFW gals on Saturday, Feb 26!  The first 5 people who confirm can also come to a Dior event that I won from Allure magazine hosted on the same day.  Each person will receive a $20 gift card to use towards Dior products, all thanks to Dior and Allure magazine!  Email me if you're interested!  :)

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41 comments: said... [Reply]

I love your tights!

Rochelle said... [Reply]

You look great even if you're not feeling 100%.

That necklace is so cool and those tights are awesome!


Kirstin Marie said... [Reply]

I would've never guested that you are sick! You look gorgeous. I really like this look, you are so right about white in the winter. I love the details on the back of your tights. Very cute! I hope you feel better!!

Kirstin Marie

Elle said... [Reply]

Feel better Kileen - I got sick during my trip too so I totally understand. You look fabulous like always, those shoes are incredible (I don't know how you wear them to work feet would kill me and I sit all day) :)

And the get together sounds like so much fun...wish I lived closer.

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said... [Reply]

Oh I wish I could go but I'm a bit far away... :) Love your blog title, I could describe myself like this too! :D

P.S: I'm having a 2011 Fashion tote giveaway with Chanel, MiuMiu.. etc illustrations... I thought you might be interested! ;)

Jessica Marie said... [Reply]

This is so chic, and I love those tights!

I Don't Wear Jeans said... [Reply]

VERY sharp!

Vicky said... [Reply]

How do you manage to look so good when you are sick? I love the white skirt with tights look on you, but I think it's hard to pull off.
Get some rest and hope you will feel better soon.


kristine said... [Reply]

Stumbled on your blog - so glad I did, because I am also a small Asian girl (although I am 2 inches taller than you. I think that counts, though). You look great, and those heels are awesome!

Kristine. Or Polly.

s said... [Reply]

Oh man.. I can sympathize - I was in your shoes yesterday!

Another amazing outfit! Love the sheer tights with those blue pumps..

Comewhinewithme said... [Reply]

Those pumps are the hottest I've seen in quite a while. Miss Hotty!Thanks for visiting my blog too,I'm following you now:-)

A La Mode et Plus! said... [Reply]

So sorry to hear you are sick! That is never fun. Hope you wake up feeling MUCH better.

I am loving this outfit, though. The skirt and cute little tights and shoes are all fabulous! And I agree, white is a fantastic winter color.

Ashley J said... [Reply]

Kileen, I have never NOT seen you look cute...even when you don't feel good. Get well soon.

DeVero said... [Reply]

love htis outfit, and your heels are killing me :) so cool!
I also have this idea that sleep cure everything! Get well soon ;)

The Little Dust Princess said... [Reply]

Wow, a white skirt! I rarely see one and this one looks great on you, Kileen! I hope you get well soon!! Sucks to be sick ><

xx The Little Dust Princess

Mich said... [Reply]

You have a talent for making inexpensive items look really expensive. I always look at your outfits and think "I bet that cost her a fortune", and then I scroll down and see you bought the pieces from Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. I really admire that. You look great, as usual!

A Shine Bunny said... [Reply]

I love your white skirt! You look great even with the sickness and I hope you get better very soon!!

Giulia Sulis said... [Reply]

Beautiful blog!
I love all!!!

Manecoarse said... [Reply]

Love your shoes. Get well soon.

Really Petite said... [Reply]

You were sick when you took these? I wish I looked this good when I'm sick!

Cute outfit!! Love the matching cute! And those tights/nylons are hot!

Really Petite said... [Reply]

You were sick when you took these? I wish I looked this good when I'm sick!

Cute outfit!! Love the matching cute! And those tights/nylons are hot!

SageVanity said... [Reply]

you still look fab!! plus I love those tights!
get better soon!

Michelle said... [Reply]

I hope you are feeling better after some sleep!

Gorgeous outfit! Isn't it nice to at least look good when you are feeling bad? It helps me feel a little better mentally. :)

Jealous about the meetup! :p

Tara said... [Reply]

I only wish I look half as good as you when I'm sick! I certainly would have had no motivation to put on such a cute outfit! Feel better Kileen :)

Lydia Marie said... [Reply]

I really love the white skirt, it looks so great with the navy cardigan!

Shopping and Spreadsheets

Melanie said... [Reply]

I really wish I was a DFW gal. I've always wanted to go to a blogger meet-up. BTW, you look stunning, as usual. The white skirt really pops and those tights and those sky high heels are rockin.

Follow @UnraveldTreads on Twitter!

Ramsey said... [Reply]

Props for braving the cold with your sicky poo self! I hope you feel much much better soon. Eat lots of chicken noodle and chocolate. Even though that isn't really supposed to help anything...but it's always good just the same. You look hot as always girlie...rockin the heels and pencil skirt!

Rainy Days and Lattes said... [Reply]

Hi Kileen! :) I hope you get better! :( Flying and traveling is the biggest exposure to germs. But i hope you are getting rested and having comfort food :)

You look so tiny! Eek! I love your outfit, especially w/the contrast of deep blue and white! :)

SewPetiteGal said... [Reply]

I hope you feel better very soon! I just got over a virus myself and it was rotten. But OMG I heart those shoes!! I'm also a fan of white in the winter - so crisp :)

My Heart Blogged said... [Reply]

The winter white is so crisp, and i hope you feel better.
My Heart Blogged

Amy Z. said... [Reply]

Feel better! And you still manage to look amazing even while sick! I LOVE this outfit! Great job on wearing white in the winter, people should definitely do it more often!

burcu d. said... [Reply]

great outfit, you look so sexy ;)

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We hope you'll take part! Good Luck!


Jen HaHA said... [Reply]

I hope you get better soon! When I'm sick, I'm frumpity-frump-frump. You look fantastic! Those heels are sassy. I use that adjective a lot. There's just a lot of sassyness in blogland!

PS I like your redesigned site.

Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

Tiffany - I am Style-ish said... [Reply]

oh no, I hope you feel better soon!

Even though you are sick, you look fabulous!! I'm the same with white, I love wearing it in the winter and I actually just wrote a post about it!

Oh and love the new blog look!

Jennifer and Sherry said... [Reply]

beautiful! I love your white skirt. it's PERFECT on you!

kimmie said... [Reply]

get well soon!

I absolutely LOVE the new header :)

Samantha said... [Reply]

Love the outfit (as always!), especially the pumps!

I really want a blogger meetup, but there's not many other bloggers in my area :(

Did you change your site banner? It's super cute!


kileen said... [Reply]

@Samantha i did just change my banner!! i'm so glad you like it! :)

Ellen ♥ said... [Reply]

so pretty love the colors :) have a nice day

Bre said... [Reply]

If this is what you look like sick, we are all in trouble. Truly inspiring though!!!

Justine said... [Reply]

i hope you feel better soon!

btw, i didnt know i wasnt a follower. now i am offially a follower of yours.

Just Better Together

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