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Thursday, January 6, 2011

No Holograms Today

Zara Striped Shirt - S (recent) (buy similar here)
Aldo Red Pumps - 35 (old) (buy similar here)

I resisted the temptation to add a belt to my outfit today.  If you've been following my posts, you know that I'm a big fan of adding waist belts to cinch everything in and give my petite figure some curves.  As Kelly put it, it's the classic "X-shape".  But since this shirt already had the stripes going on, I figure adding another belt would just make it look too busy.  So I went without.  And I have to admit, I felt like something was missing all day since I didn't have a waist belt, but I think the outfit fared better without it.  What do you guys think?

I have another funny story for you today.  I've mentioned before that my boss notices my outfit every now and then.  Well today he noticed my necklace (and mind you, I've had this necklace for at least 2 years and have worn it LOTS since then!).  Here's how the conversation went:
Boss:  "Are you wearing a hologram?"
Me: "Huh?"
Boss: "You know, like does your necklace have different 3D images when you tilt it at different angles."
Me:  "Oh, um, no.  Although maybe if you drank that entire bottle of cough syrup that's sitting on my desk, you maybe could get it to do some holograms."
My boss has 2 little kids.  I think that's the only explanation for him thinking that my necklace was a hologram.  But thinking about it now, it would be kinda awesome if my necklace were a hologram.  ^_^

P.S. I am organizing a blogger meetup for DFW gals on Saturday, Feb 26!  I've gotten lots of positive responses so far and have a list of current attendees listed in this post.  Please sign up or email me if you're interested! :)

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Fabulous Fashion Finds said... [Reply]

I really like the outfit, super cute and very all American look:)

Ashley said... [Reply]

ah, I don't think my comment saved! But I said that I love your red shoes, I agree that a belt would have been too much, and my aunt used to have a hologram necklace (it was king tut) that we now use as a Christmas ornament!

Ashley said... [Reply]

ah, I don't think my comment saved! But I said that I love your red shoes, I agree that a belt would have been too much, and my aunt used to have a hologram necklace (it was king tut) that we now use as a Christmas ornament!

elleandish said... [Reply]

Eeeee I love love love this look! So classic =)

You already know my <3 for stripes so I'm all over this.. hehe. And I agree with you on the belt issue.. I think this outfit looks so perfect already.

Elle said... [Reply]

I love your outfit today, it's casual but dressy (those SHOES!!! GAH I WANT!) Thank goodness they are "old" because I really can't afford to buy anything else in the next month. And lol to your response to your boss, hilarious!

No Guilt Fashion said... [Reply]

I think I like this outfit much better without a belt. You look great! Love the sweater and shoes the most. BTW cute new header. Classy!!!
No Guilt Fashion

- susy - said... [Reply]

If you were wearing a hologram, i'd call you Jem! Just kidding ;)
I love that sweater, it's so cute!

Kimberly said... [Reply]

First, I haven't stopped by in a few days and I'm LOVING the new blog look. It's really clean and inviting! second, I think your outfit looks much better sans belt (although I haven't seen it with and it's strange to see you without!), but you look awesome and petite and perfect. And you're right- the stripes are enough.

I totally want a hologram necklace, now. But subtle, you know, so no one can see my super hero right off the bat!

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said... [Reply]

Lovely outfit! Simple but perfect for work!

maggeygrace said... [Reply]

You can do absolutely no wrong in stripes! You look classy and I love the shoe choice. So chic and sweet:)

Stylepint said... [Reply]

The stripes already add a belted effect to the top! I've learned that you don't always need a belt and you don't always need to accentuate the waist. Love this look, so classic Americana! =)

April said... [Reply]

I love the pretty necklace and those red pumps are sooo pretty!!!

De Vero said... [Reply]

So cute look! And i like that you styled with the red shoes!!

curls-and-pearls said... [Reply]

I don't think you need a belt with this, I love this outfit as it is. Such a great casual look but of course always interesting especially with those shoes!

Michelle said... [Reply]

Too funny!

You pulled of red, white, blue, AND stripes without looking like Americana decor. It looks classic and feminine!

Really Petite said... [Reply]

you look great!!! I love the jeans!! :)

Elaine said... [Reply]

Hahaha, I'm so like that.. But lately I've been like "screw belts, I'm eating a lot today" ;).

I love the preppiness of your outfit with a hint of sexy! Love it!

Cee said... [Reply]

The thing with belting around the waist is sometimes I have trouble breathing! I don't think it's cinched too tight because any looser then the belt will slide down. Do you have tips? I think it might have to do with my ribcage sticking out a bit -_- But I really do like the belted look though :) Love your look today, very nautical-inspired. Agree that no belting is perfect!

kileen said... [Reply]

@Cee i have found it hard to breathe sometimes too but have noticed that it's much better when i'm sitting or standing up straight. i guess the waist belt helps with posture too! :)

Justine said... [Reply]

I like how you pair red shoes with this outfit.

Your boss is a funny man. I'm guessing he's sick too?

Just Better Together

kileen said... [Reply]

@Justine haha, my boss isn't sick. he's just funny like that. :)

Collette Osuna said... [Reply]

LOVE the striped cute...and the colorful shoes add a bit of fun to the look fab as always:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
Come be a part of my new online fashion magazine!!♥

My Heart Blogged said... [Reply]

I love the pop of red from the shoes. I used to have a hologram ring I got it from a cereal box when I was little, and it was so much fun to play with.
My Heart Blogged

Shannon said... [Reply]

Such a classic outfit!! Love the nautical influence and I think it looks great without a belt. Haha your boss's hologram comment made me think of how much I coveted holographic Pokemon cards when I was younger. Oh, those days of yore...

zookie said... [Reply]

Kileennnn!! Now I know what to wear with my red pumps, I never thought that a nice shirt and skinny jeans will look awesome together in red shoes,,,,

I do not feel confident to wear heels in red color during the day!!! I always matched my red pumps with a dress in black or beige color and wore it at night,

Angga said... [Reply]

REally like the outfit without the belt!! I agree It think it makes it too busy.
Thanks for the help on deciding the leather jacket lol oh and that story is so funny!! I remember when I was a kid and have those hologram necklaces and bracelet, those things are cool lol

20 York Street said... [Reply]

Hello my dear pretty girl!

Look at you and your new blog, wow! I am loving the new look!

Of course, you are looking as pretty as ever!

I do, I do shop at the kid's department all the time! They are cheaper and they fit perfectly for petites!

How are you my dear?


Happy, Happy New Year!


SewPetiteGal said... [Reply]

Love the stripes especially paired with the red shoes! Funny story about your boss and the "hologram" necklace :)

Amy Z. said... [Reply]

i think your outfit looks great without the belt! it's so nautical and the red shoes are so fun. your response to your boss was too funny!

Eva Teresa L said... [Reply]

lovely girl and lovely blog :) im a new follower!

Nelah said... [Reply]

You look so cute and casual in that striped shirt. LOVE your red heels!

aki! said... [Reply]

You should have just gone with it and told your boss it was a hologram. Haha. Your outfit looks lovely and I think you're right. Better without the belt.

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said... [Reply]

Cute outfit! I especially love the pop of red from the shoes!

Just wanted to let you know that I have made you outfit of the week on my blog. I made sure to include a link back to your blog so that everyone knows where to find you. I really love your style, thanks for sharing your wonderful outfit pics with all of us!

Jazzy E (hivennn) said... [Reply]

love your necklace! x hivennn.

Jessica Marie said... [Reply]

I'm loving those red pumps!

oomph. said... [Reply]

i actually love's a nice relaxed look and a great change for you. not to mention i'm a fan of stripes.

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