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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Color Coral. And Some Technicals

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I loved little colorful accessories to add some spark to an ordinary outfit.  Today, it was the color coral.  I saw these awesome little coral pumps on the Forever 21 website and noticed that they had them in size 5, so of course I had to buy them!  And while the shoes actually looked a little cheap when I opened the box, they actually look really cute and nice when worn.  They are a tiny bit big though, but it wasn't anything that a little heel grip couldn't solve.  And while these shoes are a little low in terms of heel height for me, the bright color certainly made up for it.  I think these will be my new go-to shoes for the spring!'s Friday finally!  It's time for another Friend Friday post, and this week's theme is all about blogger mechanics.

1. What technology do you use in blogging? (computer, camera, video camera, tripod, etc...)
Camera:  Canon Rebel Xsi body (borrowed from Adrian - the bf)
Lens:  Canon 50mm f1.8
Camera Setting: AV mode, ISO Auto, F-Stop 5.6
Camera Remote: Canon RC-6
Video Camera: Canon SD1400IS
Tripod: Velbon 5000 (borrowed from parents) 
Computer: MacBook Pro Laptop / Sony Vaio Desktop

My camera is a basic DSLR, but it's perfect for what I do.  I highly recommend upgrading from the default lens to the 50mm f1.8 lens as it's reasonably priced and gives amazing picture quality!  The wireless camera remote is also a lifesaver as I cannot always count on someone else taking pictures for me.  It's also a necessity if you're experiencing blurriness problems when using the camera timer when taking pictures.   The camera is focusing on the background when the timer button is pushed and by the time you're standing in the foreground, the focus will be incorrect and you will end up as a blurry mess.  

2. What computer and online technology do you use? (blogging system, photo storage, photo editing tools, etc..)
Blogging System: Blogger
Photo Storage: Picasa
Photo Editing Tools: Lightroom, Photoshop CS5, Picasa

Although Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop have slightly higher learning curves than other photo editing programs, it's worth it to learn your way around these tools as it will make a huge difference in the quality of your photos.  The primary reason I love Lightroom is how it allows you to adjust the exposure of each picture.  In the situations where I don't have enough daylight while taking pictures, this exposure setting fixes it all!  If you've ever been frustrated taking pictures in the winter time because of lack of light, then you need this software!

3. What is your process for taking pictures?
I take pictures in the morning before I leave for work.  It takes me about 5-7 minutes now and I end up with about 40-50 pictures.  I edit in the evenings after work and will write up the post later that night.  In the past I've always scheduled the post for the next morning, but lately I've enjoyed just posting it automatically that night.  I actually think my readers appreciate this more too as I seem to get more comments that night instead of in the morning!  

4. When it comes to backdrops for your photos what do you consider? Do you scout locations or shoot the same spot daily?
I shoot in the same spot on weekdays as I don't have much time before I leave for work in the mornings to find a photoshoot location.  I'm actually hoping that I'll be able to scout out different locations on the weekends just to add a bit of variety to the blog.  Be on the lookout for this in the future!  

5. If you could splurge and get one new piece of equipment what would you be buying?
Next on my list is a speedlight for my camera.  I'm hoping to be able to take some indoor pictures to do some more beauty reviews and need to have better lighting for the macro shots.  My hope is to save up for one of these by the end of the year.  :)

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Donna said... [Reply]

hi kileen!

those shoes are pretty cute. you're a size 5? such tiny feet. n_n

i need to save this post of yours. thank you for sharing the types of photo editing tools that you use :D. i'm planning to buy a new camera sometime in the summer. for now, i'm just doing little research here and there on what i should get.


Michelle said... [Reply]

Oh! I love the scarf tucked into the belt look!

Jbreezybaby said... [Reply]

i love how you wear your scarf! gawgeous!!!

aki! said... [Reply]

Is your shopstyle feature at the bottom new? I have never noticed it before.

Again, I love your outfit. I've been made fun of so many times for having shoes in strange colors (pink) but I love that feminine touch of color it gives. It's like you understand me perfectly. =)

kileen said... [Reply]

@aki! yup, i just started adding the ShopStyle widgets after I figured out how last week. :)

Stacey Kay said... [Reply]

Great camera tips! Thanks for sharing.

Stacey Kay
“Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

Brittany said... [Reply]

such a fun blog and very helpful too!

Amy Z. said... [Reply]

I LOVE this outfit! It's so cute and casual and kind of nautical too! I LOVE LOVE your belt! You've influenced me to order it too!

cryskay said... [Reply]

i love those shoes and i can't believe their from forever 21!!! great style - i'm your newest follower. xo

My Heart Blogged said... [Reply]

I love the shoes, they such a nice pop of color. While I normally don't do heels myself, I think I could handle those. That belt is such a good deal at $2.50, and it doesn't look cheap.
My Heart Blogged said... [Reply]

Love the coral accents- I think it's one of my favorite colors...your outfit is making me anxious for spring and coral sundresses!

haze said... [Reply]

oh, what an adorable blog! you look so cute! i'm also an asian :)♥

Pearl Westwood said... [Reply]

Love how you wore the belt for a pop of colour x

Melissa said... [Reply]

First, I adore this outfit. The pops of coral are perfect, the belted scarf is perfect, and I love the cuffed pants! You pull that off flawlessly and I desperately wish I could try it but I'm not even sure where to start. So I'll wait. :)

I didn't know that about using the timer feature, which is what I'm going to start doing. I have to borrow my dad's camera and I'm not sure his is compatible with a remote. When I save up for my own camera, I'll look for one that can be used with a remote. I need so much help with this!

Do you pay for storage in Picasa? I feel like my free storage is about at it's limit but I'm not sure how much it would cost for more.

Emmy said... [Reply]

That belt is adorable, adds a great pop of color!

kileen said... [Reply]

@Melissa I did spend $5 and buy 20GB of space on my Picasa account. Totally worth it in my opinion! :)

kileen said... [Reply]

@Amy Z. how awesome! i know you'll love it!

Collette Osuna said... [Reply]

I always adore your pics....and I think I really need that lens you speak of....Im definitely going to check out your photo advice:0

Stop by and say Hello♥
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kileen said... [Reply]

@Collette Osuna cool! let me know if you have any questions!

Jillian said... [Reply]

im wearing a similar coral belt today!! love it. xoxo jcd

S said... [Reply]

the coral on the grey is awesome, and your pants looks so pretty!
Nice blog!

MONKEYFACE said... [Reply]

Kileen, you are a CLASS ACT. Seriously, you are amazing at putting fun and classic pieces together. Love it!

And I'm 100% with you on your camera equipment and technique - I use most of the same stuff/settings myself and it works great!

Melanie said... [Reply]

That BELT and your shoes... ahh, swoooon.

Melanie@Unravelled Threads
Follow @UnraveldThreads on twitter!

silvergirl said... [Reply]

Especially love the coral and the navy together
Gave you a little shout out today, because I wore my hair in bun!
Those hair pins are amazing

kristine said... [Reply]

Coral is the greatest! Love that belt!

Kristine. Or Polly.

Stylepint said... [Reply]

Great responses. I'm always curious about the technology behind the blog. You look so put together and ready for spring! =)

Alterations Needed said... [Reply]

We have the same camera body & lens! The lens is wonderful isn't it? I'm still learning to use it after using the kit lens for so long, but the picture quality is amazing. I'm also really impressed you can take so many great photos in 5-7 minutes! It takes me about an hour to get even 2-3 decent ones for my posts!

kileen said... [Reply]

@Alterations Needed i cannot speak highly enough about this camera body and lens! my pictures just looked so amateur before with my regular point and shoot. and even if i am still an amateur, i think the pictures at least end up looking a bit more professional with the DSLR!

and it used to take me much longer to take pictures but i think i have the process down to a science at this point. i just move around a lot and take pictures in rapid succession. LOL. i think i've also been super quick about getting pictures done because it's so cold outside! :)

hope you're having a happy friday, kelly!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said... [Reply]

I love how subtle this outfit is but it has such a big statement. I must copy you. I have that same top and a white pashmina. said... [Reply]

LOVE the coral :) and your camera! I agree about Photoshop and Lightroom... also, the balcony location you use is so perfect!!

KT said... [Reply]

LOVE those shoes!!! I'm thinking that color heel might need to be my summer shoe of choice! Also, I like the balcony shots you take and it's so nice you have the option to be outside every day. - Katy

Really Petite said... [Reply]

Omg! I have no idea what happened to my comment I wrote this morn! Where did it go? :(

So love the pink pumps but are they too big in the back of the heel? And the pants I think are too big too! THey hide your amazing legs and frame! But that's just me...

I love the pink belt- super cute!!!

And I think you are amazing for sharing your photo secrets- not everyone likes to share that and I think that is fantastic of you especially for people like me who have NO CLUE or am photo/editing novices:) You rock Kileen!

i love mochi said... [Reply]

wow, what a nice coral color you found. i can't get enough of that belt and those shoes!

- susy - said... [Reply]

You're so diligent with posting, I love it. Thank you so much.
Also, the pop of coral adds life to any outfit!!!!

mello yello jen said... [Reply]

You have such a keen eye for color Kileen, love the coral pump and belt! I can see tiny gap you are speaking of in the pumps but I notice the overall cuteness of the shoes more and wouldn't have noticed it [the gap] if you didnt mention it. Good choice in keeping it!

Awesome blogging technique info too, I'm going to have to look into the wireless camera remote you mention and the Lightroom Photoshop program.

SewPetiteGal said... [Reply]

First, I love the coral on you and second, I love that you capture your outfits on a daily basis! I max out at taking a few pictures over the weekend :)

Jessica Marie said... [Reply]

LOVE those pumps! Such a great color!

Ramsey said... [Reply]

Love these pants on you! And I may have to buy those shoes. Because I think they are just perfect!

Carol said... [Reply]

Love the pops of coral in this outfit, Kileen! Very pretty!

Mindy♥ said... [Reply]

Hello!!! I love your blog and style. <3 Those pumps are amazing!

hurricanekerrie said... [Reply]

I love your shoes! It actually looks super cute, and canvas is definitely easier to care for than suede… which most of these nice and brightly-colored pumps seem to be. I’m on the hunt for one myself, for Spring. But with Kendi’s 30 for 30 approaching, my hunt shall be suspended. And I adooooorrre that coral belt, too!

Ellen ♥ said... [Reply]

OMG! we have the same size of feet. :D Love the shoes (i noticed there's still a price tag. ;D)

kileen said... [Reply]

@Ellen ♥ oh, yup, i actually just noticed that too and took it off. thanks! :)

20 York Street said... [Reply]

You always got the loveliest of shoes! I want me those coral beauties too!

p.s. I am amazed at reading all the technology you have - impressive hun!

p.p.s. Will e-mail you about fave..

thank you btw!

Stay Happy and Positive!




20 York Street said... [Reply]

You always got the loveliest of shoes! I want me those coral beauties too!

p.s. I am amazed at reading all the technology you have - impressive hun!

p.p.s. Will e-mail you about fave..

thank you btw!

Stay Happy and Positive!




Jazzy E (hivennn) said... [Reply]

Love the bag girl! x hivennn. p.s enter my jeffrey campbell giveaway?

Comewhinewithme said... [Reply]

Thanks for sharing this with us:-) It's lovely to learn from a professional! You look super cute by the way. The coral pumps are lovely!

Tara said... [Reply]

So simple, yet so chic!

fashionforteens said... [Reply]

You are so much more tech-savvy than me! I did this friend friday post and I basically just use a camera and my laptop (I have the macbook pro too and I love it!). Will have to learn...
Check out my responses!
P.S. I'm loving the coral belt! Such a nice pop of color:)

Anonymous said... [Reply]

First off, just wanted to say SUCH a cute outfit! I love those heels and am SOOO jealous that you were able to get them in the 5 (they were sold out of 5 when I finally decided to buy them).

I was just wondering, how comfortable are the shoes? I don't have a Forever21 near where I live, so I have to order online. I want to get those same shoes in black (they have 5 in those =D) for an interview, but I know we'll be doing a tour of the university, so lots of walking.

Thanks so much for your help!!

kileen said... [Reply]

@Anonymous i wouldn't say these shoes are good for doing a campus tour. they're comfortable enough for walking inside but i don't think they're sturdy enough to handle outside walking unfortunately. these shoes are pretty cheap and they do feel cheap. personally i love the color of these shoes and they're perfect for walking inside the office for me. but anything more than that and i think your feet would be sad.

hope this helps!

Anonymous said... [Reply]


It really did, thanks so much! Although, I am sad to hear it since they are so cute. Maybe if they ever restock size 5 in coral I'll get them for work. I'm sure you know too how hard it is to find cute shoes for such small feet (but you def do find very cute shoes =D). Thanks again!

Nokiajsm said... [Reply]


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