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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Color Brigade: Vol 3

Forever 21 White Trench Coat - XS (really old) (buy similar)

I'm trying to kill two birds with one stone with this outfit.  Today is of course, Color Brigade Tuesday but it is also Breton Stripes day at Everybody, Everywear!

This striped outfit was actually not my originally planned outfit, but it turned out to be way colder than I thought when I woke up this morning.  My thin striped long-sleeve shirt wasn't going to cut it so I opted instead for this soft angora cowl-neck sweater dress instead!  With this heavy sweater dress layered under another thick wool skirt, I was ready to brave the cold weather (and by cold, I mean temperatures in the 40s.  I'm a Texan!  ^_^)  I admit that the gray is a bit darker than I would prefer for Color Brigade day, but alas I had to stay warm and I needed stripes.  Hopefully you'll be a little lenient on me for this one. 

Now it's your turn!  Link up your colorful outfits and make me wish I hadn't worn such a boring gray.  :)

Note, feel free to link up any outfit you wore in the past week or an outfit that you'll be wearing later this week -- it doesn't have to be something you actually wore today!  

  1. Put this button on your blog sidebar.  Entries without this button will be removed. 
  2. Click on the "Click here to enter" button.
  3. In the "Link it to:" section, leave a link to your colorful creative outfit for the week combining at least 3 different colors. Note that prints count as 1 color (e.g. leopard print = 1 color)
  4. In the "Caption or Title:" section, tell us what different colors you're wearing.  Example: Gold, Cream, and Red.
  5. And that's it!  Go back and check out the other amazing entries from members of the Color Brigade!

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Linda W said... [Reply]

Sorry that EBEW fell on the same day as your color brigade. But, I do love how you worked the two together! The skirt and tights are perfect together and the striped top adds a great pattern to it all!

The Auspicious Life

Linley said... [Reply]

*ooops* i mean lime, grey, and white. my b.

Amy Z. said... [Reply]

Your grey/white stripes look so good against the subdued teal and maroon of your bottoms. I think maroon tights definitely need to be a staple in every girl's closet!

kileen said... [Reply]

@Amy Z. i agree! i wear mine at least once a week! :)

Linley said... [Reply]

i am seeing maroon tights more and more and i love them! they are the perfect subtle pop! you look great - especially in that skirt (love the color!)! and love the LV bag!!!

20 York Street said... [Reply]

Colours and stripes too! See, you are truly gifted in the fashion department!

You have an innate style and know how to pair things so seamlessly!

Love this outfit hun!

Kristen said... [Reply]

I looooove the pale coat with the colorful skirt & tights. What great contrast. You are such a fearless leader of the color brigade!

cryskay said... [Reply]

you look super chic. xo

Collette Osuna said... [Reply]

Stripes, tights and it:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
Editor, The Fashion 411 Magazine♥

My Heart Blogged said... [Reply]

I think it looks great. You seriously make me want to move to Texas. It's so cold here.
My Heart Blogged

SewPetiteGal said... [Reply]

I LOVE this outfit - you look so classically chic! I do have a soft spot for stripes :)

Kileen - I'm so sorry - I messed up my entry (#4) when I tried to enter it via iPhone. Please excuse the double entry - is there any way to delete the mess up? Thanks so much!

Kirstin Marie said... [Reply]

This is perfect! I love that skirt with those tights and shoes. Fabulous color combination, and the stripe compliment it so well!!

Ramsey said... [Reply]

There is just something about this outfit that I am completely in LOVE with! It just looks so clean and classic! That coat is gorgeous...I remember trying to buy that from F21 a few years ago (or a similar one) but they were sold out, so I ended up with orange. I think I'll wear it today for color brigade day!

Tina said... [Reply]

I really like the subtlety of this week's color brigade. It just goes to show that you can colorful doesn't have to be loud.

Liz (26 and Counting) said... [Reply]

Love this look! The colors are fantastic - especially loving the maroon tights with the blue skirt. Don't you just love the J Crew serge pencil skirt? I'm finding it very VERY difficult not to wear mine all the time.

kileen said... [Reply]

@SewPetiteGal just fixed! :)

kileen said... [Reply]

@Linley just fixed up your entry! :)

Hiking in Stilettos said... [Reply]

I love that J. Crew skirt! I might just have to break down and buy one. The colors are too lovely!

kileen said... [Reply]

@Hiking in Stilettos that's what i did! i just loved the colors too much! :)

Melissa said... [Reply]

You are just perfectly gorgeous in this! I love the color in that skirt and the cowl neck on the sweater is so flattering on you.

a woman's right to shoes said... [Reply]

Love the trench coat, it goes with everything and it looks gorgeous. I believe every girl should own a trench coat =)

A La Mode et Plus! said... [Reply]

I think you hit by challenges spot on! The skirt is so beautiful. I keep hoping it will go on sale :)

I Don't Wear Jeans said... [Reply]

This is my favorite of your three color brigade offerings. I don't think it is boring at all.

Emmy said... [Reply]

I adore this outfit!! I really want to buy that skirt now! :)

kileen said... [Reply]

@I Don't Wear Jeans aww thank you! i'm glad. :)

kileen said... [Reply]

@Emmy it's such a great investment piece! i'm most definitely going to be wearing the heck out of it so i think it's worth the money. :)

Nelah said... [Reply]

The color of your skirt is so gorgeous. The entire outfit looks so luxurious with that coat. You are one well dressed lady who has a great sense of style! I find a lot of inspiration from many of your outfits.

hurricanekerrie said... [Reply]

Yay, I joined the color brigade! I love this idea because I'm a fan of color.

I adore your skirt! It's perfect with the burgundy tights!

Angga said... [Reply]

I really love the Grey stripes combination on the brighter color!! this is a statement that color brigade doesnt have to be loud color!! I just got my self red tights!! So I think I will try to incorporate my outfit next tuesday and see what I do lol

Tara said... [Reply]

I love that J Crew skirt...and how exciting your petite fashion challenge will feature that also! I can't wait to see!!

Mrs. J said... [Reply]

Another Breton stripe outfit, a lot different then the one's I have seen. I really like the classy theme you have with your stripes! Lovely!

Angeline said... [Reply]

Pretty! I love the color of that skirt, and I love how you paired it with gray and burgundy. So pretty (did I already say that? Well it's really pretty!).

Elisabeth said... [Reply]

The turquoise and burgundy look so great together.

Fanny said... [Reply]

you look so chic!! love your shoes x

Really Petite said... [Reply]

You are so good with mixing colors Kileen! You inspire me to go outside my box:)

Leena said... [Reply]

that beautiful blue skirt again! nice mix of colors used in this outfit.

Ellen ♥ said... [Reply]

I love your top. Gray and white stripes combination. Pretty. :)

Brittney said... [Reply]

kay, i'm dying--repeat, DY.ING.--over the skirt/tights combo. i love both in and of themselves, but paired together? perfection. gah! it's just so fantastic. nice.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

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