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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Color Brigade: Vol 2

Forever 21 Tweed Pencil Skirt - XS (old) (buy similar here)
Forever 21 Black Patent Belt - XS/S (recent) (buy similar here)

First off, thank you for all the positive comments on my sequins and leather outfit yesterday!  It did push my limits a little bit, but it was definitely fun to wear and I'm looking forward to mixing up my outfits a bit more!

As for today, I went back to my standard classic, girlie style.  :)  I think it's become pretty clear that this J. Crew placket cardigan has won its place as one of my favorite pieces.  There's nothing better than some chiffon detailing to add a nice touch of femininity to any outfit and the gold color is simply beautiful for a cold, winter day.  And how strange that I'm wearing this button-down shirt again!  I've actually never been a fan of button-down shirts as the shoulders are almost always too wide on me and I end up swimming in the fabric.  This shirt was actually bought back in the day when I was experimenting with Victoria's Secret clothing since their sizes seemed to run a bit small, but unfortunately their suiting is still big on me.  Thank goodness for the cardi as it covers it all! 

My colors for volume 2 of the Color Brigade included gold, blue, gray, and burgundy.  There's nothing better than colored tights to add a bit of excitement to any outfit.  Can't wait to see everyone else's colorful outfit for today!  Please submit your entry below!  ^_^

And feel free to link up your Color Brigade outfit anytime until next Tuesday! 

  1. Put this button on your blog sidebar.  Entries without this button will be removed. 
  2. Click on the "Click here to enter" button.
  3. In the "Link it to:" section, leave a link to your colorful creative outfit for the week combining at least 3 different colors. Note that prints count as 1 color (e.g. leopard print = 1 color)
  4. In the "Caption or Title:" section, tell us what different colors you're wearing.  Example: Gold, Cream, and Red.
  5. And that's it!  Go back and check out the other amazing entries from members of the Color Brigade!

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  1. We both have on a similar color cardi in our posts today! The color of your tights looks great with your outfit!


  2. Loving your sweater!!! the color is what I really love, and loving the red color tights!! I really need one of those, I think more and more blogger wear them these days and they look good, especially on you!!!

  3. Don't you just look great today. You are so good at mixing colors! Can I do this entry tomorrow still or was it only today? My day is over since it's already almost five at night here.

  4. @Bre Feel free to link up anytime before next Tuesday. At that time Vol 3 of the Color Brigade will start over again. :)

  5. You look great! I really love how you wear very chic and stylish ensembles that are work appropriate, too! I am wearing almost the exact same color tights today- too funny! And I wore them just so I could participate in color brigade!!

  6. @A La Mode et Plus! yay!! how exciting! can't wait to see your outfit! colored tights are da' bomb. :)

  7. Despite the number of colors, this is a very conservative outfit.
    I think I have my outfit inspiration for the day!

  8. I love how you paired these colors together!! Those heels look divine with the burgundy tights. Simply gorgeous!!

    Kirstin Marie

  9. Loving the mustard cardigan! They are so hard to find!

  10. kileen-- you look so cute as always. this outfit is so fun and playful and i love how the colors go together.

  11. This is so cute. Just the way I see preppy fashion. You made me smile! Toffee and lush cranberry juice.

  12. Your color combination looks amazing! the yellow and burgundy look so good together. and you definitely can't tell that your button up is a little big.

  13. My favorite part of the look...your hair! It looks particularly good today :)

  14. Love the bold, sassy and colourful outfit, Kileen! You are absolutely glowing and the look reminds me of Emma Pilsbury from Glee (who is super cute by the way). Your post made me happy! :D


  15. oh totally forgot today was the day
    we try and dress colorful tomorrow and link up
    love the tights with the sweater, great color combo

    Celebrate my birthday give away

  16. I love all the bold colors. I love the ruffle on your cardigan I have wine colored one just like it but mine is from Old Navy.
    My Heart Blogged

  17. @My Heart Blogged oooh, a wine-colored one sounds so pretty! you should wear it soon so i can check it out! :)

  18. Love how unexpected the tights are! So fun! :)

  19. Too bad that you did not find a perfect fit with Victoria's Secret clothing. :( Have you given Banana's oop button downs a try?

    Pretty color choices! I love seeing that J. Crew cardigan on so many bloggers! :)

  20. Love how your shoes seem to match the cardi so perfectly! I really need to buy those burgundy tights - you always look so fab in colored tights, but I like these especially :)

  21. I hope mine definitely broke some color rules! You look amazing as always girl!

  22. Oooh! Great job on the color mix, it's fabulous!! A much needed color shot for the dark weather!

  23. This is so stunning! I love the gold sweater and shoes!

  24. I'm loving the whole Color Brigade concept. Very fun! And today's outfit is lovely.

  25. Ooh I like blue and gold, will have to try that since I have both items except my button down is from Ann Taylor. Have you tried their Perfect Button Down Shirt? I really like the fit, the sleeves are just the right length too. I bought some based on PetiteLG's recommendation and ended up keeping all three, a little excessive I know :)

  26. You're making me want to get a yellow cardi too!

    Just Better Together is having a giveaway!

  27. Fantastic colour combination!

  28. Wow you are so good at this! Putting this combinations I would have never thought possible!

    plus you've got the CUTEST Smile ever!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  29. @DoubleZero oh thank you!! i'll have to give the AT Perfect Button Down a try. :)

  30. I would totally attempt this but I don't think I could pull the color brigade off..hehhe

  31. @ReallyPetite and you could totally do the color brigade! colorful accessories are the easiest way to brighten up your look. definitely try it out! :)

  32. I love this idea! I usually add color somewhere in my outfit but I'm not sure I'm creative enough to come up with three colors. :) You look so great!

  33. Love the Color Brigade Idea! Can't wait to join in the fun next week!!!

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  34. the shoes are so pretty with the shirt, love it.
    I follow you! kiss x

  35. Oh my gosh, just found your blog. Too Cute. I sooo have to try the color brigade next Tuesday! One of my resolutions was to wear more color. U R making it so fun!

    Can't wait to play along.


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