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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Change Is In The Air

Banana Republic Green Sweater - XS (2009) (buy similar here)
Abercrombie Kids Lace Cami - L (buy similar here)

Can I start off by saying how much I love this blazer?  It's like a mix between a slouchy boyfriend blazer and a tailored tuxedo blazer.  I love the fact that it comes right to my hips and has nice narrow sleeves.  I actually love the fact that it's not perfectly tailored in at the waist as it makes it a nice casual look that's great if you don't want people asking you why you're so dressed up when it's just another day at the office. 

And Texas weather is changing again -- another day for 15 degree temperature drops.  This explains the need for layers and the super warm knitted scarf.  Now if you think Texas people can't drive in the rain, I will tell you that they don't know how to dress for cold weather either.  Every time the weather gets down to below 40 degrees, I swear I will still see at least one person dressed in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip flops.  I'm not kidding.  :)

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Courtney said... [Reply]

That's a great blazer but I'm also drooling over your fabulous infinity scarf, it looks so warm and snuggly.

xoxo ~ Courtney

My Heart Blogged said... [Reply]

I love the blazer. to set the record straight I live in Ohio where it's far from warm. Yet during the last bad snow storm when I went to Wal Mart there was definitely a guy wear gym shorts. There was a foot or two of snow already on the ground so it wasn't like it got cold over night. Some people are just clueless.
My Heart Blogged

I Don't Wear Jeans said... [Reply]

You nailed the Texas attire completely! Years ago when we lived out there I used to tell my wife, There goes a Texan!" "How do you know?" "He isn't wearing any clothes!" I don't get it?

Melissa said... [Reply]

I LOVE this. Love the camel and black, love the skinnies and heels, love the rolled up sleeves on the it all!

You're so gorgeous!

aki! said... [Reply]

There are a ton of people dressed in tshirts, flipflops and shorts here too! I can't believe that they'd just ignore winter fashion!

Please stop by my blog, I tagged you for an award.

Sydney said... [Reply]

I was surprised by the warmer weather earlier this week. In fact, I just said to my husband that those temps were not so bad to come back to after having been in Hawaii for 2+ weeks. Today is indeed very eeky. I am one of those who don't know how to dress for the cold weather heh. I don't like having to wear many layers, and I'm also one of those who get cold very easily. Stay warm!

Linley said... [Reply]

love that infinity scarf! the color is perfect and versatile and goes perfectly with this look!

Carol said... [Reply]

I love blazers myself. They're such an easy way to pull together an outfit. Super cute, Kileen!

A La Mode et Plus! said... [Reply]

Love that blazer! It is the perfect fit on you.

Lilly said... [Reply]

Great blazer! I need more of those in my closet :)
You always looks so cute and pulled together!

ReallyPetite said... [Reply]

Oooo I really like this blazer..and this whole ensemble! It's so casual chic!!! :)

serenadeveryday said... [Reply]

I want that blazer!! The circled off edges jumped out at me. You look so warm and cozy. Jeans! I feel like most of the time you're wearing skirts recently. Is that just me? Is your work strict with dress code??

<3 S.

kileen said... [Reply]

@serenadeveryday our work is pretty lax with dress code. the only reason for the prevalence of skirts/dresses lately is that it's that lovely TOTM. TMI, sorry. :)

Donna said... [Reply]

cute infinity scarf :D

lol i know what you mean about people dressing weird even when it's cold here in texas. just like today, on my way to school, some girl was wearing a hefty bubble jacket, leggings, and FLIP FLOPS.

she's really that cold... LOL

Fashion Momma said... [Reply]

That blazer is amazing! I also adore your chunky scarf. :) And if I had all the money in the world (or some of it), I would try to purchase your entire shoe collection.

kileen said... [Reply]

@Fashion Momma haha, thanks! i'm actually planning on selling a few shoes soon! collection is getting out of hand! :)

kristine said... [Reply]

Love that scarf and those shoes! And of course the blazer. I need to get one of those!

Kristine. Or Polly.

Ashley said... [Reply]

That's a great blazer! I have one similar to it, and I basically live in it. :)

I really really love your cute scarf, too!

Amy said... [Reply]

Looking sharp as always! I'm wondering, are those F21 pumps comfortable? I have a pair of F21 shoes that are pretty good, but they don't have a high heel so I'm wondering if those are bearable :O

kileen said... [Reply]

@Amy i would say that these pumps are reasonably comfortable. my only issue is that the padding isn't very soft so if you are planning on walking long distances, i wouldn't recommend them. otherwise, they're a great shoe!

Amy Z. said... [Reply]

I LOVE the blazer on you! It fits you so well , like it was tailored specifically to you!

Nelah said... [Reply]

Your blazer looks so chic and I love how it hugs your body. Great choice of colors for every piece too.

a woman's right to shoes said... [Reply]

Love the blazer, I have always wanted something like that.

Linda W said... [Reply]

That blazer hits you in JUST the right spot. It looks like it was made for you!

The Auspicious Life

SewPetiteGal said... [Reply]

I'm becoming such a big fan of infinity scarves! With normal scarves, I'm always worried that the ends are going to accidentally get dirty bc I'm not paying attention to them but I never have to worry about these. The blazer is a perfect fit - what a great find!

Tara said... [Reply]

That blazer is really looks so versatile!

Justine said... [Reply]

Awesome blazer find. I need to get myself one. And now I need to go to UO!

Just Better Together is having a YesStyle giveaway!

Cassandra said... [Reply]

That scarf looks so comfy and warm! Though, I think my favorite part about this outfit is that sweater! That is my absolute favorite shade of green (which is my favorite color) ever!

Ramsey said... [Reply]

You know me, I'm a sucker for the blazer! Great outfit...and have I told you enough how much I envy your mad ability to wear heels!?

hurricanekerrie said... [Reply]

That blazer fits you perfectly. I like your blog because I, too, am petite. :)

curls-and-pearls said... [Reply]

Ah I love this outfit. I just discovered infinity scarves too and can't get enough :) I like that blazer on you too - perfectly casual!

Angga said... [Reply]

HAHAH I think they probably is in denial!! I do that all the time!! I'm currently in denial that we are at 26 degrees right now!! I want spring to come!!
Anyway to the outfit, I'm in love with blazers!! since you are wearing it I have to say this is my fav look of all time! That is how much blazer affect me lol

DoubleZero said... [Reply]

I like your blazer better than the one currently on UO. I want one now after seeing your pics. I'm still waiting for the Theory blazer to go on sale, can't bring myself to pay $180ish.

Michelle said... [Reply]

i goofed! i joined the color brigade but used my blog name instead of typing the colors: orange, black, blue, can i edit? thanks!

kileen said... [Reply]

@Michelle oh, don't worry about it. you'll have another chance next week to link up again! :)

sharonlei said... [Reply]

The blazer does look fabulous on you.. and so do those sky high heels. I'm weary about buying shoes from F21 though. Are those comfy?

xx Love & Aloha
Swing by to enter my Perricone Giveaway! :)

Kristen said... [Reply]

I love how you rolled the sleeves of the sweater up over the blazer! Such a cute idea. I may have to borrow it. :)

Liana said... [Reply]

cute outfit, i always love blazers and scarves together, i think they look so chic!
great blog too! :)

Beauty Bag 411
Beauty Bag 411

Jessica Marie said... [Reply]

That blazer is terrific! And it is getting WAY too cold here again!

Fashion Me Chic said... [Reply]

Cute outfit. I love to pair skinny jeans with a blazer.

Maybe we can follow each other?

Natasha xoxo said... [Reply]

That blazer fits you perfectly!

Xoxo, Natasha
twenty-something blog

Lula said... [Reply]

Holy moly you look stunning! That blazer is PERFECTION!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

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