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Friday, December 31, 2010

"Are you naughty or nice?" Secret Santa Exchange: Revealed!

Pier1 Imports Purse Hanger
Sephora by OPI in Metro Chic
Sephora by OPI in Mr. Right Now
Tokidoki 3 Nail Files + 1 Case
Forever 21 Elastic Panel Bracelet (buy here)
Forever 21 Vintage Multi-Strand Necklace (buy here)
Forever 21 Glimmer Leaf Pendant Necklace (buy here)
Forever 21 Gray Rolled Hem Socks (buy here)
My Beauty Diary Masks in Provence Lavender, Red Vine, Bulgarian White Rose
Forever 21 False Eyelashes (buy here)
Forever 21 $20 Gift Card (not shown)
NARS Sandpiper / Daredevil Lip Gloss / Lip Stain Gloss Duo

I participated in two Secret Santa gift exchanges this year and this is the second and final reveal.  The second "Nice or Naughty" exchanged was hosted by the amazing Sheila of Maddy Loves!  My lovely secret santa was Joanna from JBreezyBaby.  Joanna went over the top in her gifts and I was so excited with every item I received.  Knowing me, I'll probably be using a face mask first thing tomorrow morning as I wake up from a my New Year's Eve festivities...  ^_~

My secret santa pick was Edna from AbcgrrrL so be sure to check out her blog!

Thank you so much for a wonderful gift exchange, ladies!  Ok, now I'm off to celebrate the night.  ^_^

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Looking to 2011!

Banana Republic V-Neck Sweater - XS (old) (buy similar here)
Charlotte Russe Studded Belt - S (recent) (buy similar here)

Home Sweet Home!!  Ten days of living out a suitcase and it's finally over.  I apologize for the grainy pictures above but I took them in the super wee hours of the morning before we left for the airport and there wasn't much daylight to work with.  I packed on the layers to brave the windy bay area weather and experimented with the belted scarf look one more time!  I took your suggestions and left the scarf unlooped and really like how it turned out much better!  What would I do without you guys?  ^_^

I can't believe 2010 is over and this is my last outfit post for the year!  2010 was such an eventful year for me filled with many milestones achieved and lessons learned.  I wanted to wrap up the year with my last Friend Friday post.  The questions for this week couldn't have been more timely!

1. What's the one thing you vow to learn or do in 2011 to improve your blog?

My hope is to make more YouTube videos to add to my blog.  I've dabbled in a few videos previously but need to familiarize myself more with video editing software so that I can make better videos in the future.  I've actually been asked a couple times already if I would make more YouTube videos and it amazes me that people are interested in seeing that from me.  But since you asked, I will try my best to deliver!  ^_^

2. What did you learn about blogging in 2010 that you plan to put into practice next year?

I'm still relatively new to blogging (just barely at the 3-month mark!) so everything is still a learning process for me!  The one thing I'm going to focus more on next year though is interacting with more bloggers out there.  I'm hoping to become more proficient in writing posts for my own blog so that I can spend more time visiting and interacting with the other amazing bloggers out there creating wonderful content. 

3. Do you have any high-level goals for your blog in the coming year?  

I'm hoping to put into place a new template for my blog in the new year.  I've been brainstorming up a few ideas already but need to find the time to put it into action!

4. If you could collaborate with one other blogger within your sphere of influence in 2011, who would you like to collaborate with, and what would you like to collaborate on?

Oh goodness, this is a tough one.  I feel like currently there is already such a great petite blogging community out there and there is already so much collaboration amongst all of us.  I think just growing this collaboration and bringing more awareness to the needs of petite fashion is something I would love to see happen in the new year.  The petite blogging community has grown so much in the past year already, but I know that this is definitely just the beginning.  I can't wait to see what we can do in the future!

5. What do you plan to do to support other bloggers next year?

I'm thinking of hosting a blogger meetup for those in the DFW area.   I had so much fun in my recent meetup while I was in the California and have actually been asked if I would host one for those in DFW so my hope is that there will be enough interest to organize one!  If you live in the area and are interested in meeting up, definitely let me know in the comments!  ^_^

For more Friend Friday responses, please check out  Katy at ModlyChic!

Thank you to everyone for making 2010 a great year and have a safe and happy new year to you all!!

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Petite Secret Santa" Exchange 2010: Revealed!

Forever 21 Glitter Bow Clips
OPI Over The Taupe Nail Polish
elf Matte Finisher Nail Polish
Japanese "Bump-It"
Forever 21 Pearl Bracelet
technique Tourmaline Round Brush
Annabelle Kohl Eye Pencil in Silver
Pink Scarf

My Petite Secret Santa was Jessy from The Little Dust Princess!!  It was my first time participating in any sort of Secret Santa gift exchange, but it was so much fun!  I'm so overwhelmed with everything I received and actually already used the polish in my last experiment with shellac nails.  Jessy was so super sweet and really found some amazing items that really fit my style!  Stay tuned to my blog to catch these items in my daily posts.  I can't wait to try everything!  ^_^

My secret santa pick was Jean from ExtraPetite.  I was already such a huge fan of Jean and her blog, but the exchange really let me get a chance to get to know her better!  I can't wait to read up on everyone's secret santa revealing.

Also, a huge thanks to Jessy for organizing the Petite Secret Santa gift exchange as well!  She did such an incredible job communicating with everyone and making sure the exchange went smoothly.  Hopefully we can do this again next year!

Check out these other bloggers that participated in the Petite Secret Santa exchange:

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday! 

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My Last Hurrah!

H&M Military Blazer - 2 (similar here)
Forever 21 Sleeveless Sequin Tank Dress - S (recent but not online) (buy similar here)
Old Navy Scallop Tights - S
Forever 21 Chic Leatherette Stilettos in Olive - 5 (buy here)
The Limited Silver Pendant Necklace

Are you tired of the military accent yet?  I hope not!  I found this cute little black military jacket on my last H&M trip while out here in California and I fell in love with the button detailing in the front.  I was trying to keep myself from spending any more money, but for $20, I decided to give in.  The shoulders fit perfectly and the sleeves actually weren't long at all (for once!).  It's like it was calling my name.  How could I refuse?  ^_^

My vacation is finally winding down.  I'll be back home in Dallas by tomorrow evening and it really couldn't come any sooner.  I love traveling and visiting my family, but after it's all said and done, there's nothing better than coming home and sleeping in my own bed.  And with any more good food, my skinny jeans and I would soon become estranged.  And we certainly can't have that!

So as a final departing post, I'll leave you with my favorite meal of the trip so far -- a visit to a little dumpling house called Din Tai Fung (if you're not familiar with Din Tai Fung, check out this wikipedia).  ^_^

Los Angeles restaurant front
Original pork-stuffed xiaolongbao
Close-up pork xiaolongbao
Veggie steamed dumpling
Close-up veggie dumpling
Crab-stuffed xiaolongbao
Tofu + vermicelli soup
Chicken soup
Sour spicy seaweed
Sauteed broccoli
Taro dessert dumpling
Close-up taro dumpling

My first experience with the world-famous Din Tai Fung was actually at their original Taipei location on Xinyi Road several years ago.  It was absolute heaven and I've been craving their crab-stuffed xiaolongbao's (dumplings) ever since!  While the Los Angeles location isn't quite as good as the original Taipei location, it definitely satisfied my craving.  And I tried the taro-stuffed xiaolongbao's for the first time too and it's probably my new favorite dessert!  mmm...this restaurant is definitely going to be an annual tradition now.

Oh, and in case you're wondering about whether my shellac nails stood up to two-weeks of wear, they unfortunately did not.  My nails actually started chipping around the one-week mark and completely peeled off by two-weeks.   My nail polish did stay my nails chip-free for longer than usual and my nails actually do seem stronger and healthier now, but depending on how expensive the service is, I probably won't be getting them again in the near future.  So sorry to disappoint you guys!  =\

P.S. Stay tuned for a Secret Santa post later today!  I'll be taking pictures and putting up a post once I get home from California so it'll be a bit late, but it'll be worth it! 

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Back In The Bay + Blogger Meetup!

Forever 21 Braided Open Vest W/ Belt  - S (buy here)
Banana Republic Mock Turtleneck Tee - XS (old) (buy similar here)
Urban Outfitters BDG Grazer Cigarette Jean in Medium Vintage Wash - 24 (buy here)
The Limited Silver Pendant Necklace
Forever 21 Chic Leatherette Stilettos in Olive - 5 (buy here)

I am back in the bay area and back to the modern world with internet access!  Thanks to all my new subscribers out there and those who followed me from Collette's Twitter Tuesday feature!  I'm so far behind on replying to my comments and visiting blogs, but I hope to catch up by the end of the week! 

The highlight of my day was actually a little blogger meetup that we had arranged a few days earlier.  I had no idea there would be so many people willing to get together out here but they were all too eager to share a few laughs over dinner and drinks at the 5A5 Steak House in downtown San Francisco.  There were 6 of us total -- Serena from SerenaEveryday, Jess from Stylepint, Pam from PamLee, Susan, Sophia from Kechiko, and me.  There was yet again so much good food and so much good conversation!  It's amazing how much we knew of each other already just from reading each other's blogs!  Here are a few parting shots:

Shooters - Hamachi
Shooters - Salmon
Beef Kebab with Ikari Aioli
Chicken Yakitori
Truffle fries
(l -> r) Serena, Jess, Pam, Susan, Sophia, me

I had so much fun meeting up with everyone.  I was amazed at the turnout on such short notice and not to mention trudging through the rain!  Thank you so much ladies for making my annual California family reunion trip so much more fun!  ^_^

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Indulgences

J. Crew Chiffon Placket Cardigan - XXS (buy here)
Gap Outlet Ruffle Blouse - 0 (buy similar here)
Flower Pin (given from ReallyPetite)
Express Black Patent Skinny Belt (borrowed from dress)
Forever 21 Red Skirt - XS (recent) (buy similar here)
Old Navy Scalloped Tights - S
Sam Edelman Nivan T-Strap Platform Pumps (buy here)

I'm two days into my stay here in Los Angeles and I've been overwhelmed with the good food and shopping!  Our annual Peking duck lunch was amazing and I was able to check out another H&M store out in Pasadena in the afternoon.   I found a couple nice things, and while they weren't expensive, they also unfortunately were not on sale.  I'm definitely going to need to go on a shopping ban once the new years starts!  Not to mention a diet.  :)

As for my outfit, I wanted to wear a flower pin that the lovely Annie from Really Petite sent to me a few weeks ago.  (I've actually been meaning to wear them earlier but kept on forgetting!)  This black pin is absolutely gorgeous as it has a combination of satin and lace; it goes perfectly with the J. Crew chiffon placket cardigan.  I am also happy to report that the cardigan sleeves have stretched out a bit after having worn them previously for a day and are a great fit now!

I'll leave you with a few pictures from yesterday.  To start off, here is a picture of me and my cousins here on my mom's side of the family.  They're both younger than me and even with my standard 3" heels, they're still towering over me!

And a few pictures of our lunch:

Peking duck soup
Peking duck slices
Mu shu pork
Shrimp wrapped in fried vermicelli
Egg omelet over tofu
Roasted eel over fried rice
[UPDATE]: I'm being featured today on the beautiful Collette's Statements in Fashion blog!  Check out her Twitter Tuesday post!

I'll be reporting from the bay area tomorrow!  Can't wait to have internet again.  ^_^

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