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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review: LOFT Tweed Sheath Dress, Faux Wrap Sweater Dress, Jacket

Warning: I'm not wearing any makeup in the pictures below (eek!).  Please focus on the clothes, not my face.  I was giving my skin a break today.

  • Pleated Tweed Sheath Dress - 00P (buy here)
  • Good length right above the knee
    Arm holes are the perfect size
    Not too snug in the back
    Likes: I love tweed material and had to try on this dress when I saw it in the store.  The dress fit pretty well and was perfectly snug around the bust and waist area.  The arm holes were also not too big or small (but note I have very muscular arms) and the length hit just where I like it a little above the knee.
    Dislikes: My only wish would be that the waist were cinched in a bit more.  The dress looks a bit boxy on me and doesn't do a whole lot to accentuate curves below the bust.  As I have broad shoulders, I normally shy away from tops that just go straight up and back.  If I were to wear this to work, I would probably add on a small bolero or cardigan to downplay my shoulders a bit.  However, most petites out there don't have this problem and I could see this dress looking very flattering on them.    
    Verdict: Will consider buying if it's <$30.
    • Faux Wrap Sweater Dress - 00P (buy here)
    • A little low cut in the front, but I like the ruching at the sides
      Ribbed waistline in the back
      Likes: Nice warm material that hugs your curves.  Side ruching is very flattering.  Great length above the knee. 
      Dislikes: This is way too low-cut for me and I'd have to wear a cami underneath.  Unfortunately because the material is so thin, it would be very noticeable and possibly bunch up over the course of the day.  
      Verdict: No buy.  Not work appropriate.  Bending over would mean disaster city.  ^_^
    • Jacket - XXSP
      (I cannot, for the life of me, find this jacket on the website!  Please comment below if you find the link.  I just tried this on at the store on Saturday, 10/30, but I don't remember if it was on sale or not...)
    • Fits the shoulders right on target.  Love all the pockets!
      Slim fitting
      How it looks unzipped
      Likes: The jacket fits pretty well and ends just above the hips, which is think is perfect for petite figures as it draws your eyes upwards in my opinion.  I like how it's fitted so it's cinched in at the waist and has lots of pockets and zipper detailing.  The color is also a gorgeous dusty purple which can be easily paired with most outfits. 
      Dislikes:  Hm, can't think of any...
      Verdict:  If I didn't have a ton of jackets already, I would've bought this jacket.  But I do have more jackets than I can wear at this point, so I left it on the rack for the next lucky LOFTer.

    Lots of great stuff at LOFT this week!  Hope this review helped you guys!! 

    Saturday, October 30, 2010

    OOTD: Crisp Air Makes a Debut

    Victoria's Secret Double-Breasted Peacoat in Camel - XS
    Ann Taylor LOFT Petite Cowl Neck Sweater Dress - XXSP
    Steve Madden Caryssa Platform Pumps - 5.5 (also shown here and here)
    Belt taken from BCX Dress (shown here)

    Temperatures have finally dropped here in Texas!!  That means that it's time for sipping hot chocolate, sitting in front of warm fires, and snuggling under blankets.  And let's not forget, sweater dresses and winter coats!  Sweater dresses are by far my article of clothing to wear in colder weather as it's soft, cozy, and chic all at the same time.  They're also ultra versatile and can be dressed in countless ways.  I chose the easy way out today and simply added a cinched belt at the waist.  Expect many more outfit combinations in the future with this dress though as it's at the top of my favorites list.  ^_^
    On top of sweater dresses, I'll take a good winter coat any day.  Especially if it's a peacoat.  Peacoats always bring a classy finishing touch to any outfit.  I spent all of my college years (and then some) looking for a properly fitting peacoat and finally found one last year when I ordered it online from Victoria's Secret.  The shoulders are the perfect width and the length hits right below my hips, thus not looking like I'm drowning in a hot woolly peacoat mess.  

    How are you guys enjoying this cooler weather?  Pumpkin spiced lattes, anyone?  ^_^

    Links à la Mode: Costume Drama: A Break From All Things Outfit

    Hooray, I'm featured in the Independent Fashion Bloggers Links à la Mode Roundup for this week!! 

    Here's the post:

    by jennine on October 28, 2010

    links a la mode

    Edited by: Holier than Now

    It’s the Halloween season, when some of us choose to experience the thrill (or horror) of looking nothing like ourselves for a night. For those of you who blog or socially post your outfits, perhaps it’s a chance to take a break from the judgmental eye of the spotlight (consider Love Brown Sugar and One More’s pieces on the subject) – one night where you turn in “looking good” for looking scary, time period-accurate, or just … a little sexier than usual. Inspired? Find last minute costume inspiration from Tickle Me Chic and more.
    And for those of us who don’t celebrate the witching hour, there’s still a chance to step away from the closet and remind ourselves that great lingerie, shoes, bags, and jewels can make even a white tee and jeans look scary good.

    Links à la Mode: October 28th

    Shopbop bags: Clutches, Hobos, Satchels, Totes, Black handbags, Shoulder bags, Women’s Wallets

    Friday, October 29, 2010

    OOTD: Easy Breezy

    Banana Republic Mock Turtleneck Shirt - XS (similar here)
    Forever 21 Gathered Sequin Dress - XS (similar here)
    Forever 21 Black Basic Solid Tights (not shown)
    Harajuku Lovers Airlie Mary Jane Pumps - 5.5 (not shown)

    As is typical for me, I get more and more rushed for time as the week rolls along.  I hit the snooze button one too many times this morning and thus didn't have much time to straighten the hair or put on accessories.  The theme for today is therefore easy and breezy. 

    In honor of the fact that the weather actually turned cooler today (woke up to 60 degrees!), I chose a somewhat glamorous dress with a bit of ruching and sequin detailing off to the side.  It was a dress that, if worn alone, would be great for a night out as it channels a Greek goddess look, but I decided to dress it down and wear it to work!  I layered a mock turtleneck shirt and simple black tights underneath the dress.  Of course, the look wouldn't be complete without my signature high heels, so those went on last.  I really loved this look as it was warm, stylish, yet very easy. 

    And yes, that is a camera remote in my hand.  That's what I get for being so rushed and forgetting to hide it!  ^_^

    Thanks for reading!

    Thursday, October 28, 2010

    Petite Fashion Challenge #3: The Look For Less

    Petite Fashion Challenge #3 is hosted this month by Petite Little Girl!  Please be sure to visit her blog to see all the entries by fellow petites.

    The Challenge: 
    Who is your celeb style icon?  Pick an outfit from your favorite celeb and show us how to recreate that look for less.  Usually, your style icon reflects your personal style and also your body type.  In this challenge, your style icon doesn't have to be a petite.

    My style icon:  Alexa Chung 
    I love Alexa's casual yet sophisticated style.  She has a creative fashion sense and has the ability to mix and match different pieces to create a truly unique look.  

    The look that I'm recreating:

    Ann Taylor Knit Blouse - XSP (similar here)
    Express Patent Black Skinny Belt - XS (similar here)
    Express Grey Skirt - 0 (similar here)
    Forever 21 Long Chain Bead necklace (similar here)

    Sorry, I had to throw on heels instead of flats.  A petite girl's gotta do what she can to be tall!  I actually really liked this look, and it was definitely something that I wouldn't throw together normally.  As I was putting all the pieces together, a part of me was thinking, "this is such a weird combination.  let's hope it works..."  In the end, I actually surprised myself by how much the outfit would be something I could actually wear to work!  I love me some Alexa Chung even more now!  ^_^

    And, if this previous look didn't quench your thirst for "The Look For Less", I have a few more bonus looks that I put together as I was struggling to figure out the final outfit that I wanted to use for the challenge.  

    Second style icon:  Carrie Underwood
    Urban Outfitters Silence and Noise Boyfriend Blazer - XS 
    The Limited White Ruffle Blouse - XS (similar here, here, and here)
    Forever 21 Tweed Shorts - XS (similar here, here)
    L.A.M.B. Glance Booties - 5.5 
    This is definitely not an outfit I would wear outside of the house!  I already ditched the tie that Carrie is sporting and switched it out for a long black necklace instead, but even with these changes, I feel uncomfortable in this outfit.  It was definitely a fun look to try out, but I certainly don't have the guts to wear this out.  Maybe some of you ladies are bolder than me...  ^_^

    Final style icon:  Rachel Weisz

    Urban Outfitters Silence and Noise Boyfriend Blazer - XS  
    Wet Seal Leopard (Snakeskin?) Print Dress - XS (similar here and here)

    I saw this look and decided that my leopard/snakeskin print dress should come out of hiding.  I seriously bought this dress years ago in college and have probably only worn it a couple times.  I think this is a look I could possibly pull off if I were going out with friends to a fancy club, but otherwise, it'll probably go back into hibernation.  

    Here's a quick video of the looks:

    Out of all these styles, which look do you guys prefer? 

    Hope you guys enjoy these looks as much as I enjoyed putting them together!  

    OOTD: Same Show, Different Channel

    Ann Taylor Knit Blouse - XSP (similar here)
    Forever 21 Tweed Pencil Skirt - XS
    Bakers Buckle Platform Pump - 5.5

    I stuck with the tweed theme from yesterday, but slightly different.  Instead of black-and-white tweed, I chose gray-red tweed.  Huge difference.  I know you must be thinking that I have a closet full of tweed, but actually this is it.  Two pieces.  And I had to wear them back to back.  Just be grateful it's a tweed rut and not patchwork denim.  

    On a less sarcastic note, I am a huge fan of tweed and kinda do wish I had more pieces in my closet.  ^_^

    Do any of you guys ever slip into a fashion rut where you where the same style/trend over and over again?  Let me know what your ruts are!

    Wednesday, October 27, 2010

    OOTD: Time For Tweed

     Ann Taylor Tweed Dress - 00P (similar here)
    Guess Buckle Platform Pumps - 5.5 (similar here)
    Charlotte Russe Floating Beads necklace

    With fall weather supposedly around the corner (still in the mid-80s today...), I wanted to bring out some of my fall dresses!  I love the look and feel of tweed as it brings such a timeless touch to every outfit.  I snagged this dress a few months ago at the Ann Taylor outlet and found this last remaining dress in a size 00P.  I remember getting this dress for a steal as it was on clearance and I had an extra 15% off coupon as well.  Although I love the length and style of the dress, my only wish would be that the belt stayed looped in a little bit better.  In my frustration this morning, I actually just took a safety pin and pinned it in place (you can kinda see the pin in the last pic).  Looking back at the pictures, I think I pinned it too tight as I was rushed and just wanted a quick fix...  

    Have you guys ever had issues with these loop belts not staying in place?  What do you guys do to fix? 

    Don't forget to sign up for the Petite Fashion Challenge #3!!  I finally took pictures tonight and let me clue you in -- there is leopard print involved.  ^_^  

    Thanks for reading!

    Tuesday, October 26, 2010

    OOTD: Beads and Baubles

    Forver 21 Beaded Button-Down Shirt - S
    Forever 21 Zipper Pleated Skirt - XS
    Jessica Simpson Astor Pumps - 5

    I'm not usually into vintage-looking clothing, but I couldn't resist this top.  The dark blue-grey color along with the rows of beads down the front make it both cute and romantic at the same time.  I paired it with a skirt that had a little bit more edge with a zipper-detailed waist as well as an exposed zipper than ran down the back (not shown).  This outfit was actually really fun to wear as the skirt made a swishing sound with every step I made.  The sound was very subtle -- I don't think anybody else noticed it except me -- but it's these little things that help you get through a Monday.  ^_^

    Hope you guys are having a great week so far!

    Monday, October 25, 2010

    FOTD: The Dangers of Blue Eyeshadow

    Palace Pedigreed Quad
    Courtly (inner lid)
    Russian Blue (outer lid)
    Quite Spoiled (outer crease)
    Palaace Pedigreed (crease)

    Prized (highlight)
    Blacktrack f/l
    By Candlelight MSF

    Blue eyeshadow can be tricky.  I always fear looking like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show whenever I do wear it.  Today I tried the blue eyeshadow from the MAC Palace Pedigreed quad from Fabulous Felines collection awhile back.  I only used a small amount of the blue on the outer half of my main eyelid while blending in lots of warmer pinks and purples for the rest of the look.  Hopefully the end result wasn't too scary.  At least I know I didn't frighten my parents when I went over there for dinner.  I'll take that as a good sign.

    How do you guys pull off blue eyeshadow?  Any tips/tricks?

    Thanks for reading!
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