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Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Petite Secret Santa" Exchange 2010: Revealed!

Forever 21 Glitter Bow Clips
OPI Over The Taupe Nail Polish
elf Matte Finisher Nail Polish
Japanese "Bump-It"
Forever 21 Pearl Bracelet
technique Tourmaline Round Brush
Annabelle Kohl Eye Pencil in Silver
Pink Scarf

My Petite Secret Santa was Jessy from The Little Dust Princess!!  It was my first time participating in any sort of Secret Santa gift exchange, but it was so much fun!  I'm so overwhelmed with everything I received and actually already used the polish in my last experiment with shellac nails.  Jessy was so super sweet and really found some amazing items that really fit my style!  Stay tuned to my blog to catch these items in my daily posts.  I can't wait to try everything!  ^_^

My secret santa pick was Jean from ExtraPetite.  I was already such a huge fan of Jean and her blog, but the exchange really let me get a chance to get to know her better!  I can't wait to read up on everyone's secret santa revealing.

Also, a huge thanks to Jessy for organizing the Petite Secret Santa gift exchange as well!  She did such an incredible job communicating with everyone and making sure the exchange went smoothly.  Hopefully we can do this again next year!

Check out these other bloggers that participated in the Petite Secret Santa exchange:

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday! 

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  1. aww what a fun gift exchange! and you got a lot of great goodies!! :D

  2. Glad you enjoyed everything, Kileen :D I should repaint my nails in Over the Taupe soon. I love that colour! Does the ELF matte polish work for you? I've read some reviews and it seems pretty mixed. It has worked for me so far!! :D I even tested it out by using it on one hand and using a normal top coat on the other. : )

    P.S. Sorry you couldn't witness my messy writing :P

    Thanks for participating! Hope you have a great new year!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  3. @The Little Dust Princess I haven't tried the ELF matte polish yet but will do so next! i'll let you know how it works out. :)

    and your note was so super sweet! and my handwriting is pretty messy too cause i almost never hand write anything anymore! thank you so much again for everything!

  4. I'd love to see that bump-it thing on you! It sounds so interesting and such lovely items from Jessy! =)

  5. I want to see how the japanese bumpit works too! :)

    I'm loving that nail polish! :)

  6. Jessy got you so many goodies, I especially love the pearl bracelet and the asian bumpit (been meaning to try it myself! so can't wait to see a tutorial on that!)

  7. Such great stuff! I can't wait to see how you ladies wear that bump it - I know a few petites have them. I have the hard plastic version but haven't tried it out yet as I've been too lazy to straighten my hair :P

    Love that nail polish colour - might have to pick that up myself!

  8. I love the belted scarf look...reminds me I need to try that again!

  9. Jessy, u picked out a great color polish for Kileen. I lover Over the Taupe.

  10. This sounds super fun! I totally want to join next year!

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