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Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Last Hurrah!

H&M Military Blazer - 2 (similar here)
Forever 21 Sleeveless Sequin Tank Dress - S (recent but not online) (buy similar here)
Old Navy Scallop Tights - S
Forever 21 Chic Leatherette Stilettos in Olive - 5 (buy here)
The Limited Silver Pendant Necklace

Are you tired of the military accent yet?  I hope not!  I found this cute little black military jacket on my last H&M trip while out here in California and I fell in love with the button detailing in the front.  I was trying to keep myself from spending any more money, but for $20, I decided to give in.  The shoulders fit perfectly and the sleeves actually weren't long at all (for once!).  It's like it was calling my name.  How could I refuse?  ^_^

My vacation is finally winding down.  I'll be back home in Dallas by tomorrow evening and it really couldn't come any sooner.  I love traveling and visiting my family, but after it's all said and done, there's nothing better than coming home and sleeping in my own bed.  And with any more good food, my skinny jeans and I would soon become estranged.  And we certainly can't have that!

So as a final departing post, I'll leave you with my favorite meal of the trip so far -- a visit to a little dumpling house called Din Tai Fung (if you're not familiar with Din Tai Fung, check out this wikipedia).  ^_^

Los Angeles restaurant front
Original pork-stuffed xiaolongbao
Close-up pork xiaolongbao
Veggie steamed dumpling
Close-up veggie dumpling
Crab-stuffed xiaolongbao
Tofu + vermicelli soup
Chicken soup
Sour spicy seaweed
Sauteed broccoli
Taro dessert dumpling
Close-up taro dumpling

My first experience with the world-famous Din Tai Fung was actually at their original Taipei location on Xinyi Road several years ago.  It was absolute heaven and I've been craving their crab-stuffed xiaolongbao's (dumplings) ever since!  While the Los Angeles location isn't quite as good as the original Taipei location, it definitely satisfied my craving.  And I tried the taro-stuffed xiaolongbao's for the first time too and it's probably my new favorite dessert!  mmm...this restaurant is definitely going to be an annual tradition now.

Oh, and in case you're wondering about whether my shellac nails stood up to two-weeks of wear, they unfortunately did not.  My nails actually started chipping around the one-week mark and completely peeled off by two-weeks.   My nail polish did stay my nails chip-free for longer than usual and my nails actually do seem stronger and healthier now, but depending on how expensive the service is, I probably won't be getting them again in the near future.  So sorry to disappoint you guys!  =\

P.S. Stay tuned for a Secret Santa post later today!  I'll be taking pictures and putting up a post once I get home from California so it'll be a bit late, but it'll be worth it! 

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  1. So great photos! You look precious! Thanks for sharing!

  2. girl, your heels are HOT!!!

    and you are making me drool right now, I LOVE DIN TAI FUN!! the first time i had it was in taipei too and every time i go to california, i try to make it out there! soo good!!!!!!

    have a happy new year!!

  3. I do love military, and that coat is just perfect.

  4. I love the sequin dress. I personally never got too interested in the military trend in my own dress but I do love it on others.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. You look great in this outfit. I agree, you couldn't really say no to this jacket, it's too cute and inexpensive to pass. :)
    It is nice to travel and visit families, but nothing is better than home, right?
    Love your food posts. My mouth always waters when I see the pictures. :)
    Have a safe trip home, Kileen.

  6. Love the outfit, especially the nude pumps! And xiaolongbao is delicious! They're so good if they're freshly made ^^

  7. I am sad your shellac nails peeled off Kileen! I ended up getting them the other days so we shall see how they would out for me.

    The outfit is super cute and could even be NYE worthy I think.

  8. Your outfit is so cute, I love military style too so am not sick of it at all. I saw this jacket in stores too in a size 2 but didn't dare try it on (lol, size 2's from HM are almost always too small for me).

    The food looks delicious...I was actually going to go yesterday. But my family got distracted on the way and stopped by this other asian eatery. :)

  9. You're gorgeous! The dress looks amazing on you :D Your food pics are making me hungry ><

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  10. Ah i love military so i dont mind seeing them over and over again!!! So in love with the sequin dress!! F21 just make the awesome dress ever!!!
    I want to eat at Din Tai Fung, they are reallh big inIndonesia, unfortunately i didnt hv time to go there when i went back home last july:-(
    cant wait to see your secret santa post!! And yes our own bed is still better than others lol

  11. Love this look! Def not sick of military trend. This jacket looks fabulous on you!


  12. You're so pretty in this dress!

  13. I hope you have safe travels home. I love your military accents. I actually just picked up a military jacket myself.
    No Guilt Fashion

  14. Such an adorable outfit. Happy New Year!

  15. They just opened a Din Tai Fung in Seattle (well, Bellevue, which is across the lake, to be exact) last month and I love it!

    My grandma lived within walking distance to the original DTF in Taipei, and it was her favorite restaurant, so I totally remember when it was a two-story hole-in-the-wall restaurant. Every time we'd go back, they would have added another story, or another section, and now it's huge! and clean! LOL. But yeah, since I grew up with them, I never realized how delicious the xiaolongbaos were until I ate some seriously nasty ones here in the US. Thick skin, dry filling.. ew. Anyway, I've been to the one in Japan and the one here in Seattle, and I totally agree that the Taipei one is so much better, but they're close enough. Still delicious! :)

    Love the military jacket! :)

  16. Adore your dress!! Hope you have a great NYE and enjoy the rest of your trip :)

  17. Hiiiii I know my question is not related to fashion but I was wondering if you know any good dim sum place in dfw area,,,,,


    p/s: Happy New Year :DDDD

  18. That dress is really cute :) I love sequins for this time of year!

  19. Great last outfit post of the year Kileen... you look super stylish and cute: definitely one of my favourite outfits from you ever! I debated that military jacket a few times but decided I had one too many jackets already... it looks great on you though!

    And those dumplings... you have me drooling. I love dumplings!!!

    Happy New Year girl!

  20. You are one sexy mama! LOL :)

    Such a cute outfit!

  21. know that you have the absolutely prettiest eyes!

  22. Hey Kileen, just wanted to give you a heads up (though I'm sure you already know) - there is now OFFICIALLY an H&M in Dallas!!! Have you been there yet? It's at North Park - although it's super small now, they plan to expand it. SO EXCITED!

    Totally jealous you got to meet Sophia & Serena! :) Glad you had a good time in SF!

  23. I know I usually stop by your blog to see your gorgeous outfits but I think you just made my favorite post of all time. cute outfits AND food? Not to mention Din Tai Fung?! I cannot WAIT to be back in Seattle now that I know this restaurant is here.

    I absolutely LOOOOVE their red bean desert dumplings. I've never tried the taro ones, but they look delicious too. I'm drooling just looking at all your photos!!

    p.s. I hope you have a great New Years!!

  24. For $20 we are glad you bought the jacket. It's great. You look HOT in this outfit which makes it harder for me to wait until tomorrow to find out what you will wear for new years!

  25. @zookie for dim sum in Dallas, i go to Kirin Court out in Richardson:

    it gets busy on the weekends though, so show up early! :)

  26. @Irene oh yes! I actually went to the H&M pop up on the day they opened, lol! I was so super excited and even waited 30 minutes to try things on in the dressing room. The popup shop is supposedly only here until April but the official 22,000 square foot store is set to open in October. I couldn't be happier!! I even wrote up a little blog post on my experience going to the H&M popup shop on opening day... (i'm such a dork, i know)

  27. Let me know when you're back in LA I would love to meet you!

  28. This outfit is so pretty! Randomly came across this and fell in love.. :)


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