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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Taylor Swift Inspired

Victoria's Secret Sweaterdress - XS (similar here)
Steve Madden Caryssa Platform Pumps - 5.5 (also shown here and here)
The Limited Blush Bobbie Ring

Happy Turkey Day!!  In honor of my favorite holiday, I decided to rock some Taylor Swift inspired hair.  Except I just realized that Taylor Swift has changed her hair and has now gone straight.  Just when I thought I was on trend with my hair finally...  ^_^

I hope everyone is getting their eat on.  As for me, I actually have two eating invitations for the day.  The first will be a potluck lunch with a big group of old family friends.  It's become an annual tradition here and last year was my first year to partake in the Thanksgiving festivities (although I've attended the same New Year's festivities multiple times).  It's a great opportunity to see old friends that I knew growing up but who I never see anymore as they've now moved out of state.  We usually end up playing crazy games like Bohnanza, eating cookies, and catching up on funny stories.  I then have a dinner invitation at my parents' house where we're inviting just one other family friend over to have some delicious shabu shabu!  I'm particularly excited about the shabu shabu as this will be the first time I've had it this year!  I fully plan on taking advantage of the steam from the pot for a mini facial as I have an event-filled night of Black Friday bargain hunting at the outlet and mall.  And don't worry, I will be tweeting all night!  Who else is excited?!

Oh, and one more random fact, I never had a pie growing up until I went to college.  It just wasn't in my mom's Chinese food repertoire and you certainly never see pie in the dessert section of Chinese restaurants.  So think of me and all the other deprived Chinese kids out there when you're enjoying your pie tonight!  ^_^


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope u have a wondeful day and score lots of deals tomorrow. I'm jealous that you have a long weekend! Us Canadians don't have Txgiving thus weekend :( I think we should.

  2. I've heard Taylor Swift has straight hair now which is better in my opinition. I can't stand her curls. It's hard to see your curls in those photos but your hair is beautiful either ways. Happy Thanksgiving, doll! I am going to start cooking :) I'll catch up with you later

  3. Great dress :)

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. @Ashelle awww, I hope you guys still can find some good shopping deals even if you don't have the long weekend! I agree that you guys should also join the US in our Thanksgiving celebrations! :)

  5. You look lovely, Kileen! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. happy thanksgiving! lol well you still look lovely in these pics, whether it's taylor swift old hair or not! :D

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! My Thanksgiving passed in October. haha I was wondering what shabu shabu was, but just googled it myself. :P Hot pot?? Never had pie before? I used to eat the McDonald's apple pie when I was a kid. :P

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  8. @Ashelle: But we already had our Thanksgiving!!! I know we don't get Black Friday, but hey, the US doesn't have Boxing Day...

    @Kileen: You might not see pie (or at least sweet pies like pumpkin pie or apple pie) at Chinese restaurants, but savory mini-pies are sometimes found at dim sum (at least in Toronto and Vancouver) and I've seen pies at some Chinese bakeries (the kind of places that sell fresh cream cakes, "cocktail" buns (aka coconut bread) and so forth...) around here as well.

  9. @CynthiaC oh i've probably had enough of those egg tarts you get at dim sum to make up for not having pies before college. and i love chinese bakeries!! the smell alone is pure heaven. :)

    but pecan pie did rock my world freshman year.

  10. @kileen I think some stores do sales during this weekend but nothing like Black Fridays...

    @CynthiaC Boxing Day is pretty awesome, I just find myself way broke after Christmas and too stuffed to actually get out for the sales.

  11. Using the steam from the hot pot for a mini facial = freaking hilarious because I love doing that too! Hahaha

    Love your shoes Kileen! They're super hot. And hope you have a great time at Black Friday shopping with some good deals scored! Don't get burned out!

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  12. you look amazing Kileen!! Fits you like a glove!

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