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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Playing With Color

Charlotte Russe Beaded Pailette Cardigan - S
Banana Republic Layered Ruffle Skirt - 00P (similar here)
Urban Outfitters Kimchi Blue Bow Belt - S
We Love Colors Maroon Tights - S
Guess Mary Jane Pumps - 5.5 (similar here)
Forever 21 Bangles (similar here)
Forever 21 Flower Earrings

Hooray for color!!  After having slept for 14 hours the day before to recover from my Black Friday escapades, I needed something to jolt my senses and get me back into the swing of things.  I think these maroon tights did the trick!
Here's a brief recap of my shopping shenanigans for the past two days:

"Midnight Madness" at my local outlet was indeed madness.  I had checked the specials ahead of time and noticed that certain stores were actually opening early at 10pm.  So after our hot pot Thanksgiving feast, my mom and I headed out to the outlets, game plan in hand.  We braved the 35F weather and waited outside the Gap in this line for about 15 minutes.  Once inside the stores, the crowds weren't terrible and I love being able to browse racks that are correctly sized and sift through tables where the clothes are still folded and in nicely organized piles.  The smallest sizes are usually still available and are just sitting at the front of the rack waiting for you to try them on.  This is probably the main reason I love to shop as the early bird.  That, and the fact that I'm not waiting 30 minutes in line to check out.  My mom and I shopped until midnight and I was happy to take home my $25 worth of spoils

I then slept until 6:30am, at which point I scurried over to my local mall to hit up the doorbuster specials at my fave stores.  After making an initial round through the entire mall (I hit up Gap, BR, Urban Outfitters, Ann Taylor, and Express), I actually hadn't found a single thing worth buying.  Needless to say, it was a bit disappointing.  I then decided to join the throng of people waiting outside Forever 21 to see what I could find there.  Although Forever 21 didn't have much in terms of actual Black Friday specials, I appreciate the fact that they get new inventory in daily so I always have new items to pick through whenever I stop in (which is at least once a week!).  Needless to say, I found lots of items to my liking (I did pick up two fur pieces!) and ended up leaving $94 poorer.

And after a nice two-hour nap in the afternoon, followed by a solid 12 hours of sleep later, I'm finally starting to feel back to normal again.  And while I did miss the traditional Thanksgiving fixings this year, I'm eternally grateful to hot pot for not giving me a whole week of the same leftovers. 

Hope everyone's having a glorious weekend!  ^_^

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AKM said... [Reply]

Look great and the skirt is adorable x

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said... [Reply]

I loooove the color of the tights ;)


Vicky said... [Reply]

Love the outfit. It looks festive for some reason. Maybe I'm just in the festive mood! Haha. Yeah, your Black Friday experience is awesome. I was too chicken to venture out in the cold so decided to sleep. I did venture out the next day and found something worth sharing, but Loft factory was totally raided. This was the first time I went to the store and didn't come out with something in my hand. :) Oh well. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hot pot. what did you put in it? I'm looking for more ideas. :)

kileen said... [Reply]

@Vicky we stuck with mostly traditional ingredients -- thinly sliced chicken/pork, a variety of frozen seafood balls, imitation crab, bok choy, etc. The only new item we tried out this year was a frozen fish cake. It was very savory and a great addition to the broth. I think this will now become a hot pot staple in my family!

kileen said... [Reply]

@Vicky oh, and if you're interested, i posted a picture of my hot pot too:

Angga said... [Reply]

love the outfit!! ah hot pot, I want some!!

What Would a Nerd Wear said... [Reply]

i just love the pop of color with the tights here--i was totally not expecting it as i scrolled down and it was a great burst of color. gorgeous!

Mandy said... [Reply]

Such an adorable outfit! It looks like it would be perfect for a holiday party, especially the ruffly skirt.

Jo said... [Reply]

Incidentally, you are wearing Allouettes colors in this post! That must mean my husband's beloved team will win the Grey Cup today! :)

P.S. - my family doesn't always do "traditional" meals, either. We've had hot pot instead of turkey before, too! Yum.

kileen said... [Reply]

@Jo oh i had no idea, but how awesome!! go Allouettes!

Bonnie said... [Reply]

I love the Black Friday recap. I dragged my fiance out at 4 a.m. and shopped until 2 p.m. It was exhausting, and now I feel like I have a Black Friday hangover. Totally worth it, though.

That being said, I love your outfit. Too few people think they need to stick to one color palette, so I appreciate you stepping outside the typical boundaries and experimenting with color. :) Kudos!


Michelle said... [Reply]

I love what you found at the GAP! So pretty! The ten o'clock GAP outting sounds fun! Stress level did not seem like it would be too high for me in that situation. :p

Glad you are feeling back to normal now! :)

Ping said... [Reply]

kileen-- i love your cardigan! its so cute and festive with the sparkles. i definitely bought too much stuff during black friday. my bf felt bad for my wallet and decided to pay for all my food/gas this

Cee said... [Reply]

I remember seeing this BR skirt on a store mannequin but you look so much better in it :)

Loved your Black Friday recap. I can't believe you went shopping, napped, then went shopping again. Talk about hardcore!

Banhannas said... [Reply]

Now you are definitely a hard core shopper for braving out on Black Friday! Glad you did some shopping. ;-) I love the shiny details in your outfit, so festive!

Collette Osuna said... [Reply]

You go girl!!! LOVE these tights..the shoes are awesome.and the skirt is super ruffled and fun:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
Statements in Fashion Blog♥

Tara said... [Reply]

I love your tights...I bought tights that color last year, wore them once, and when I went to wear them again saw they had a huge hole in them! I never got around to buying another pair, but maybe I should :)

kileen said... [Reply]

@Ping wow, your bf is so sweet!! i'm telling my bf now in the hopes that he might get some ideas too. ;)

kileen said... [Reply]

@Tara you definitely need some colored tights!! We Love Colors has an amazing selection. You can use code WELOVECANDY and each pair was only $6.

Ashley said... [Reply]

Lovely outfit! I love the maroon tights...I've been such a sucker for colored tights lately!

Sounds like your shopping weekend was interesting...I only spent $55 on a coat, so I'm proud of myself! I like the looks of the tights you got! Like I say, I've been such a sucker for colored tights lately, hehe!

minnja said... [Reply]

So lovely!
Amazing pictures :)))


Lilly said... [Reply]

I LOVE the color combination, fabulous!
The sweater is so cute, is it a recent buy?

Ashley said... [Reply]

The skirt is adorable & I love the color of your tights!!! This may be my favorite outfit you've worn so far!!

Can't wait to see the fur pieces you bought! :)

SewPetiteGal said... [Reply]

As always, impeccable color combo! I love that cardigan - so cute! I had no idea F21 had inventory coming in daily :O

Tamara Nicole said... [Reply]

That ruffle skirt is super cute! I've always wanted to wear colored tights, but get scared. Way to rock it!

Ellen ♥ said... [Reply]

yay! up for the combinations of colors and for the skirt and shoes :) plus the smile :) lovely. :)

have a nice day!

♥ Ellen

Nelah said... [Reply]

That skirt is sooooooooo cute on you. Interesting color combination and they turn out well, Kileen.

The Little Dust Princess said... [Reply]

You look fantastic! Love the maroon tights. We Love Colors contacted me during the summer about doing an outfit post for them, and I feel so terrible not having done it yet. I just never had the chance to wear navy tights or white thigh highs! I recently took photos for them though and I can't wait to post for them. ><

xx The Little Dust Princess

kileen said... [Reply]

@The Little Dust Princess oh how awesome that they contacted you! i bought on my own after seeing what a wide color selection they had. the tights are nice and opaque just like i wanted and i really like them!

E said... [Reply]

you are so much braver than I to take on the big sales at the stores right now. I am terrified!

kileen said... [Reply]

@E haha, the trick is to tackle them early before the crowds come in. come 10 am on Black Friday, all the families started pouring in and that's when i ended up leaving. the outlets are always a fun time though! :)

Rach said... [Reply]

Those tights look so cute, I love them with those silver heels :]

kileen said... [Reply]

@Lilly It is actually!! Just bought it online less than a week ago. I have a link to the item in the post where the clothes are listed. It was on sale on the Charlotte Russe website!

kimmie said... [Reply]

Hey Kileen! I LOVE that skirt.

And that's so funny that you hem your jeans like that. And here I was, thinking that it was so cool because I had never seen it before. (Maybe all those people, you included, were doing TOO good of a job that I couldn't tell) I just always took mine to the tailor! LOL :)

Meredith said... [Reply]

girl, you are tiny! jealous! great posing, very profesh:)

kelsey said... [Reply]

cute, cute! all these colors work well together!

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