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Friday, November 26, 2010

My Favorite Holiday

Old Navy Faux Fur Hoodie - XS (very old)
Tulle Double Breasted Coat in Eggplant - XS * (bought off Ideeli)
J. Brand 10" Skinny Jeans in Gypsy - 23 * (bought off Gilt Groupe)
Charlotte Russe Strappy Boots -6
Thanksgiving is all about great food and great company, but it's a delicate balance of being comfortable and still looking stylish.  Not to mention the fact that I had plans to hit the outlet mall afterwards in 40-degree weather and rain! 

The decision was hard, but here's are the pieces I picked out and why:
  • a forgiving pair of jeggings - to accomodate for the potential food baby
  • a cable knit faux-fur zip up hoodie - to protect my ears from the cold!
  • a pair of faux leather knee-high boots -  faux leather ain't scared of rain
  • a thick military-style jacket -- gotta layer up and stay on trend  :)
And now I'm off to spend some quality time with the family and have my inaugural pot of shabu shabu for the year! 

* Fit Notes:
Tulle Double Breasted Coat: Not recommended for petites as it was big all over.  I had to hem the sleeves and add larger princess seams in the back as it was way too wide. 
J. Brand 10" Skinny Jeans  Too long for shorter petites (I need a 25" inseam for skinnies) -- hemmed 2".  Great fit otherwise!

[EDIT]: Since I received a few questions about the fit of these J. Brand Jeans, I thought it'd be helpful to include a picture of the backside.  Note that I had to really increase the brightness of these pictures in order for the stitching to show up against the black fabric, so please excuse the quality of this last picture!

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  1. That's an amazing coat! Je adore!

  2. Kileen-I don't think you could have a food baby if you tried, your so tiny! I really like that fur trimmed sweater.

  3. You look so cozy! I love this outfit :D How do you like the jeans so far? I'm still looking for the perfect pair of J Brand jeans, but the ones I like never come in 23. :(

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  4. i love the hoodie!! i'd never think its from ON -- it looks more expensive. such a cute and cozy outfit!

  5. I so love that eggplant color on you and the strap detailing on the boots!

    LOL on "faux leather ain't scared of rain" :D

  6. I love faux fur hoodies. They're so warm and comfy!! That jacket is really, really awesome too. Tulle has some awesome coats.

  7. @The Little Dust Princess yeah, I was super surprised when I saw size 23 on the Gilt Groupe sale, so I went ahead and bought it for that reason. The fit is great -- just the right amount of stretchiness to not feel tight. I just added a picture of the backside to the post too for those interested in the fit.

  8. I LOVE this Tulle eggplant coat....looks great on can wear this with TONS of outfits....and good for you not freezing to death last daughter left at midnight to shop with friends..they got HOME at 8.45 am...yikes.....Im sure she will be sleeping til Im home from work, lol:)

    Stop by and say Hello♥

    Enter my Spotted Moth Giveaway♥

  9. @Collette Osuna oh wow, sounds like your daughter had quite a successful trip! my mom and i went last night too at 10pm and were finished by midnight. but only cause we didn't go into Coach or Juicy Couture. :)

    and after all my alterations, I'm really loving this coat too!! It was my first purchase off Ideeli and my first experience with Tulle too. Unfortunately now I know Tulle runs wayyy too big for me. :\

    Happy holidays!

  10. Are these black jeans or blue jeans? I dry clean my dark color jeans like these because they would be faded if you wash them. You can't keep the new dark color if you wash them. I fot my first J-brand from Saks I think, and the second pair I got from the Designer Jeans Warehouse sale that goes around from city to city. Glad you had a sucessful black friday shopping.

  11. @Fabulous Fashion Finds these are black jeans with cognac stitching. the last picture is a bit deceiving. the jeans look blue there but only because i had to mess with the brightness so you could actually see the butt. otherwise it was just a big black blob. :)

    hopefully you had a great black friday shopping day too!

  12. very cute elegant casual look! I loooove your coat!

    if you have some spare time, check out my blog! I just wrote about my LanvinxH&M dress!

  13. I love that cute coat!! You look warm and lovely!!

  14. LOVE your cozy look. I also opted for a pair of forgiving black jeggins.

  15. Wow, you're so hardcore to brave the outlet in such cold weather. But it sounds like it was worth it because you picked up wonderful items! Can't wait to see you style them :) I love today's outfit, very apropos for the holidays.

  16. I love the outfit! Those jeans look so good on you!

  17. You look good! :) Love your outfit. :)

    btw, I am your new follower, hope you will follow me back. Have a nice day :)

    <3 Ellen

  18. You look great! I love how you post so often. I totally agree about Thanksgiving being about great company. I hope your shopping was rewarding!

  19. Love everything about this cozy outfit! You're gorgeous!

  20. I love that sweater, it looks so warm and perfect for the chilly winter that is coming up. The coat and boots too, everything about this outfit is so cute!

  21. How did you find those jeans? They look awesome on you! The sweater and furriness looks so adorable!

  22. @Really Petite i got super lucky and saw them on Gilt Groupe one day when they had J. Brand on sale. and size 23's too!! these jeans were still pricey at $99 + shipping, but i think they were worth it!


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