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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A New Coat and Skinnies

Picture taken in the shade.  I look so much darker!  :)

Macy's Andrew & Co Belted Tunic - S (similar here)
rsvp Gold Studded Peep-Toe Pumps - 5 (similar here)
Charlotte Russe Pearl Bib Necklace

So here's crazy Texas weather again.  The temperatures were back in the low 70s after they dropped down to the 40s for Thanksgiving!  It's still chilly in the mornings and evenings though, and being the wuss that I am, anything under 60 has me breaking out the winter coat.  :)

I found this military-inspired coat at Forever 21 this past Black Friday weekend and I'm super in love with it.  The button details down the front, the way the collar creates a little tunnel around the neck, and the puffed sleeves around the shoulders -- everything about this jacket is love.  After looking at these pictures, I'm thinking that it needs a bit of alterations though.  Maybe take up the sleeves 1" or so as well as take in some fabric around the middle area (make the princess seams a little larger).  What do you guys think?

Another one of my finds this weekend was these skinnies from Urban Outfitters.  I was actually about to walk out of the store when a girl held up these pants to her friend and commented on how cute they were.  I sneaked a peek and agreed that it was definitely worth a try!  The pant legs looked so slim and short that it actually looked promising as far as fit went!  After finding the last pair of 24's, I went in for a try.  Lo and behold, these jeans fit beautifully!  They were the perfect length (26" inseam!) , had no waist gap, and were just the perfect amount of tightness around the leg.  I quickly purchased and skipped all the way home happy with my new find.  I checked out the style online (cause sometimes the website has it on sale!) and noticed that the jeans on the model look like they're supposed to be worn as crops! 
Oh well, these are going as regular length jeans for me.  ^_^ 

What do you guys think of my recent finds?

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  1. Great finds...I can't believe that coat is from F21. I think taking it in a bit would do the trick. I am always disappointed we don't have either one of those stores nearby. I have to drive at least an hour.
    No Guilt Fashion

  2. The jeans do fit you perfectly - excellent find and I love the shirt too!

    I agree with you about the sleeve length of the jacket - take it up just a bit, but what a great find!

  3. Kileen,

    I love this outfit on you. Great find on those jeans. They fit you really really nicely. Perfect fitting on you so be careful drying them. They might shrink quite a bit. I also like the shirt. As for the jacket, I think it looks fine the way it is now except the sleeves are just a tad long. Overall, it's a great jacket

  4. @PetiteLittleGirl i think i will be dry cleaning these jeans for that reason. can't afford any shrinkage!

  5. such a great find!! I love your fur vest on the previous post too!!! and love the skinnies, well wait I lvoe everything!!! lol

  6. LOVE your new coat, it's so adorable. And the jeans look much better on you, I just have trouble liking cropped jeans but it's a great fit as regular length jeans for petites. :)

  7. OMG those jeans fit you PERFECTLY!!! What size waist are you? I love the length and everything!!!!!

    The coat is adorable- sometimes F21 comes thru :)

  8. That coat is gorgeous xox

  9. @Really Petite my waist is 24 but i waver between size 23 and 24 jeans. :)

  10. Those jeans are AWESOME!!!!!!! I've never found a pair that fits perfectly but close to it :) What a perfect fit on you... it's perfect length!! It's hard to find those :p

    Yay for a new military coat!!! :D I esp love the grey color :) Looks great!!

  11. Very chic outfit! Loving the pumps and your necklace. I really think those jeans were a great find! Jealouss!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  12. I lovelovelove that coat and your pants! I might want to get some :)


  13. @Chelsea Lane you should totally do it!! i'm in love with these jeans. :)

  14. Those jeans fit you absolutely perfectly! Funny, I thought that as soon as I saw them on you, and then scrolled down & saw the rest of the post about you buying them! They are a perfect fit!

  15. @Kate lol, my shopping trials and tribulations are almost all documented in my little blog. for your reading pleasure. :)

  16. Awesome coat!! And those jeans look GREAT on you.

  17. The jeans look amazing on you!

  18. The jacket is from F21?! Darn it! I missed it when browsing for free shipping yesterday. It looks gorgeous on you. I think the sleeves look a bit long, but if it bothers you, definitely have it altered. The rest looks good to my untrained eye ;)

  19. Love it all! Glad you found a great pair of jeans that worked perfectly! They are a great fit!

  20. Hi...

    I LOVE and ADMIRE your fashion blog!! I live in Irving. Irving should not be too far from Dallas. Are you planning to have a whatever lunch together gathering or something similar to that for fashion bloggers who live in Dallas and perhaps for your fans :D I learn a lot how to wear a nice and proper outfits that accentuate my body instead of hiding it in a baggy shirt.

  21. @zookie oh I would LOVE to have a blogger meetup or something! i actually don't know more than a handful of dallas bloggers right now since i'm still kinda new to blogging, but that would totally be fun! it'll probably be in the new year sometime since my schedule is pretty busy until then with the holidays and everything. i will keep you posted and let me know if you know of any other dfw bloggers who would be interested in meeting up!! :)

  22. I think those are the best fitting skinnies I've ever seen! Good job! Also love the jacket - my absolute favorite recurring trend is the military one :) As for alterations, I don't mind a long sleeve as long as it doesn't touch my fingernails. There is a little extra room in the middle but I think this is just the style of the coat? Does it have anything in the back to cinch it in?

  23. @SewPetiteGal there is a bit of room to cinch it in, but i'll have to ask my mom as she's my sewing expert. hopefully tailoring the jacket won't be too hard! :)

  24. dang girl, your butt looks slammin in those jeans! :P

  25. Looks like you have managed to get some great finds - I can't believe that jacket is from F21!

    As for where I live, I'm in the Southern Hemisphere - New Zealand (ie where Lord of the Rings was made) - today was the first day of summer! Too bad it was cold and windy lol xx

  26. Great coat and I agree with everyone, the sleeves are a bit long, but that's an easy fix. Those jeans look good on you and it's great that they fit so well and they're not super long! =)

  27. Great coat and I agree with everyone, the sleeves are a bit long, but that's an easy fix. Those jeans look good on you and it's great that they fit so well and they're not super long! =)

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