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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Deal Catcher

Forever 21 Silk Tuxedo Shirt - XS
Ann Taylor Moody Jaguar Silk Skirt - 00P
Express Patent Leather Belt - S
Guess Bow-Tie Pumps - 5.5 (similar here)

I can't resist a good deal.  Remember when I mentioned that I fell victim to Ann Taylor's Friends & Family sale where you could stack a 30% coupon code on top of existing sale items?  Well, the skirt above is one of the lucky finds!  I can't even believe this skirt was originally $118.  After all the discounts, it was only $31.  Much more reasonable and I really love the pattern.  It's supposed to be a jaguar pattern but somehow to me it looks like small flowers...  ^_^

As far as shopping deals go, one of the best shopping deals of the year is right around the corner!  So far, the best deals I've heard of so far are for the outlets.  Here's some of the current promotions that have caught my attention:
  • Ann Taylor - 50% off the entire store
  • LOFT - 40% off the entire store
  • Gap - 60% off the entire store
  • Guess - 30% off the entire store until 12pm noon
  • J. Crew - 40% off clearance until 8am
All stores at my outlet are opening at midnight on Black Friday and some are even opening at 10pm!  My current plans are to hit up the outlets for the 10pm opening.  I will be tweeting my entire Black Friday experience, so please follow me if you aren't already!  I will let you know of any deals I find for sure!  ^_^

[EDIT]: By request, I'm adding a few of the promotions I've seen for regular stores too:
  • Express - 40% off entire store until noon, 30% after noon
  • Bebe - 20% off entire store
  • LOFT - 40% off entire store - online use code ENJOY, free shipping on $125+
  • Gap - $10 knit tops, scarves, hats, gloves; $20 sweaters 
  • Banana Republic - 40% off entire store until noon, 25% all weekend
I'll keep updating this post once I have more info!  

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  1. love this look! that shirt is wonderful and so is the skirt! i love it all!!

  2. wow its sold out already? it literally just came out last week! thats insane!!! im sorry if i see a new one pop up i will let you know asap! btw, looking fabulous as always!

  3. I saw the skirt too but passed because I couldn't pull it off but wow it looks terrific on you! And it's the perfect length on you...AT skirts look merely ok on me. sigh. love the shoes too you are wearing. :)

  4. Gorgeous skirt. Your style is impeccable.

  5. Love your shoes!

    Good luck shopping on Black Friday! I'm going to be hitting up my outlets at 12AM, Friday! haha!


  6. @my favorite pink yay!! another deal-thirsty midnight outlet shopper!! let me know if you're on twitter and we can share deals in real-time!

  7. I really love this look on you! The bow on the shirt and the bow on the shoes- SO ADORABLE!

    You look beautiful as always!!!!

  8. I love the pattern of the skirt! and omgg I wish I live in the states for the shopping!

  9. wow! hot mama with the pencil skirt! and the pattern is so right... love it!

  10. i saw that skirt and passed up on it looks really nice on you. i love how you wore it with the light blue blouse.

  11. I love your skirt!

    come join my giveaway! I am sure you will love it!


  12. I am loving what a good deal that fabulous skirt is! I imagine you will get a lot of mileage out of it!

    So excited for Friday!


  13. Thanks for the outlet heads up! Have you heard about deals at any regular stores? The nearest outlet is farther away compared to the nearest regular store, so I'd prefer not to venture out that far :P

    I really like the F21 tuxedo shirt on you. The fabric, pleating, and bow are such cute details. Time to scour the 'net for something similar! :)

  14. cute cute! great work outfit. I love the print of that skirt and you look great in that shade of blue!

  15. @Cee i've seen a few good deals for regular stores and have updated it in the post. i'll keep updating this post as i find more deals! ^_^

  16. That skirt is really gorgeous...I always admired it in the store, but never got around to trying it on. After seeing it on you, I wish I had...

  17. What a great deal you got on that skirt!! Wow...its gorgeous:)

    Thank you for your kind words on my post today:)

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Spotted Moth Giveaway♥

  18. thanks for sharing..I have to hit up gap now!

  19. I really wish I didn't impose this "no shop november" on myself. Ah, at least I can buy for other people. Anyway, you look stunning. I love that pretty top!

    Follow @UnraveldTreads on Twitter!

  20. Oh I love that skirt on you, Kileen! How on earth did you score it so cheap!? Oh, also it looks like you are in a different season as I am. I would freeze if I wear short sleeves and skirt now. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. @Vicky cheap prices all thanks to Sydney and Jean tweeting how we could stack coupons! i even got a 3% rebate on my purchases too!

    and we've had some abnormally warm weather here in TX. it was in the upper 70s and even hit 80 earlier this week!

  22. I love your pairing of colors! The whole outfit looks so classy but fun.

  23. In the words of Rachel Zoe, I die over this outfit! You look very Mad Men old school style with the little bow on that Forever 21 shirt and those peep toe heels and VERY put together.

  24. That skirt is absolutely gorgeous on you! It looks a little like flowers to me too :)

    I need to get on board with Twitter but I'm too old and I don't completely understand how it works LOL.

  25. @SewPetiteGal oh you should totally get onto twitter! it's like chatting with all your friends in real-time! and we'll help you out with it if it's confusing. it's really very easy to catch on to though!!

  26. I like the pattern on the skirt. I love finding good deals like that and thanks for sharing information about special Thanks Giving sales for Black Friday. Now you make me wanna go shopping:), probably just gift shopping. I went shopping on Tuesday for pre-black friday, and deals I find are:
    - A pair of man Desiel Jeans reg price $200, paid $55.00 (cloth for the bf, now I hope it fits him)
    - A wet cement long Sleeve T-shirt, reg price $98, I paid $15
    - Found two pairs of shoes at Saks for a good deals too, they have additional 50% off until noon, and the SA already hold the shoes I want to ring up on Friday

  27. @Fabulous Fashion Finds wow, nice steals!! i need to learn some deal-finding tricks like you!! :)

  28. LOVE LOVE this outfit! The blouse is super cute.
    Love your style :)

  29. Thanks for sharing! Wish I had seen this earlier!



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