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Monday, November 22, 2010

Celeb Gossip Girl

hair's a little crazy but the wind was crazier!
Lulu*s Comeback Baby Light Grey Dress - S (similar here)
Charlotte Russe Crocheted Belt - S
Aldo Whitsey Pumps - 5
Target Necklace

My love of cognac makes a return.  Thanks to everyone who helped vote on which cognac jacket to add to my closet!  I have to admit that I was partial to the Express jacket myself and was glad that everyone confirmed the same one as well!!  There's nothing better than when my style choices are validated by my lovely readers.  ^_^

I spent most of my Sunday driving around town running errands.  A word to the wise:  don't go to the supermarket on the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  Everyone had their carts filled to the brim with Thanksgiving goodies -- turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, boxes of soda, beer.  Most of the time, they couldn't even see over their carts and were navigating the aisles with their heads stuck out to one side.  This is really not conducive to two-way traffic down shopping aisles, in case you're wondering.  And then here I come carrying a tiny basket with a couple yogurts and a banana.  Needless to say, I spent a nice chunk of time waiting to check out and I am now fully caught up on all of my celeb gossip.  But, if you're wondering what Suri and Shiloh play with in their free time, then I'm your girl.  

Anyways, here's to a wonderful short work week and getting ready to get your eat on!  Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday.   ^_^

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  1. Your outfit is totally adorable! Love the fauz-leather jacket. Hope you have a wonderful short week.

  2. I completely agree with your assessment of the Sunday-Before-Thanksgiving-Shoppers...they are among the more inconsiderate and completely without reason group. I avoid grocery stores before big holidays for precisely that reason.

    I love that Express jacket on you, that color looks beautiful against your skin...kind of echos certain shades in your hair, just beautiful!

  3. What "do" Suri and Shiloh play with in their free time? LOL! I'm going to the super market this morning, hopefully it's not too bad. Taking this whole week off. Yay!
    Love this outfit. Really love the brown jacket and heels. I can only admire these shoes from afar. Can't even imagine how you would walk in them. :) The dress is lovely.

  4. @Vicky Let's just say Suri plays with cute things and Shiloh plays with morbid scary things. Kinda expected I guess considering their parents. :)

    And these shoes are actually the one of the most comfortable shoes that I own. Love them!!

  5. LOVE the dress, girl! Your outfits are super cute!!


  6. Classy! Cognac is cool. LOVE your sense of style, you never disappoint. We got caught at the grocery store yesterday, too. Fear not, you have some sympathy. Now the question, will we remember not to do that again next year?

  7. super cute outfit and i love the jacket especially!! the cognac color look great on you.

  8. You're so cute! and those shoes..<3

  9. Looking so gorgeous! You have an amazing figure! I love the belt!

  10. I love this outfit! Your figure is amazing!

    Hey how come you don't have my giveaway button on your sidebar? :)

  11. I totally agree with you on how crazy the Sunday before Thanksgiving can be. I hate it but always forgot and went just every single year!

    You look great in this outfit. The jacket and the Aldo pumps match so well. You are always well dressed, I wish I had more inspiration and creativity.

  12. xoxo You know we love you! And your shoes. And your jacket. And your dress...

  13. Yay! I'm glad you got the express jacket! It's the one that won my vote. And it's perfect on you.

  14. You look great! I love cognac! I am on the hunt for a hot pair of cognac boots! And hot jacket!

    Oh geez...I have been so annoyed with the grocery store lately! I get mild anxiety thinking about the lines. I am afraid that the line I choose will be a dud. Why can't they have a line that everyone enters, and then the next available cashier rings up whoever is next?! It is only fair! :p

  15. I have been looking for a cropped jacket like this, you are looking soo cool!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  16. Soooo ready to get my eat on:-) Also, love those shoes girly super cute!

  17. LOVE the outfit....those shoes..I want those shoes!! We have the same belt:) I still have to go to the grocery store...yes, you read that right, lmao

    Have a great day hunnie!!

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Spotted Moth Giveaway♥

  18. Oooh I love the combo of cognac with gray! You have this impeccable way of choosing colors that go together unexpectedly :)

  19. I would have *SWORN* that jacket was either Banana or Top Shop! In any case, LOVE the outfit! :)


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