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Saturday, November 13, 2010

#30x30 Challenge (Day 6): Hai

(sorry for the brastrap.  i have the problem with boatneck tees sometimes...)

Rave Boatneck Top - XS (similar here)
Charlotte Russe Skinny Jeans - 0S (similar here)
Express Skinny Belt - XS (similar here)
L.A.M.B. Glance Booties - 5.5
Charlotte Russe Necklace(similar here)
Forever 21 Bangles (similar here)

I decided I wanted to do a post to help my readers get to know me a bit better!  After all, it's been over a month and you probably know the better half of my closet by now but only a sliver of the person underneath the clothes.   So, without further ado...

10 Things You May Not Know About Me:

5 Boring Facts:
  1. 100% Chinese.  I think I look very stereotypically Chinese, but I still get asked all the time.  So now you know.   

  2. Bilingual and a Half.  I speak English and Mandarin Chinese fluently.  I can half understand Spanish but know enough to get by in Mexico (as evidenced in my recent trip to Cabo.  :).

  3. I'm A Nerd.  I sit in front of a computer and program for a living.  It's not a glamorous job, but I love it. 

  4. Newly Engaged!  My boyfriend and I started dating right after college (even though we both went to the same school, we were both involved with other people the whole time).  We had a long-distance relationship for three years as I lived in Austin and he lived in Dallas.  Finally, I decided the weekend commutes needed to come to an end and I found a job in Dallas.  Two and a half years later, we're now engaged and plan on getting married in May of next year!  And if you're wondering if wedding planning is fun, it was at first, it's a little less so now, and I might change my answer if you ask me next month.  ^_^

  5. Recent Homeowner.  My then-bf and I bought a new condo in late May of this year -- just in time to qualify for the new homeowner refund.  I know, we did it a bit backwards.  Buy the house first, then get hitched.  I should've told Obama to extend the stimulus a few more months for me.  
5 More Interesting Facts:
  1. I Hate Cheese.  I think it's gross.  The smell actually makes me nauseous.  One time my college roommate made Kraft Mac & Cheese and I actually vomited.  I avoid pizza places at all costs. 

  2. I Love Monopoly.  I am the master at this game.   I don't know why I love it so much but I do.

  3. Lightning Strikes.  I was struck by lightening when I was hiking in Colorado one summer.  I was around 14,000 ft and it's not too uncommon to actually get struck by lightening at that altitude, but I was knocked out for about 20 minutes and my ears were ringing for several hours afterwards.  I still have my beanie that has the singed marks from where the lightening struck!

  4. No Metal Mouth.  I've actually never had braces, retainer, or any kind of tooth correction at all.  But my mom didn't want me to miss out on my opportunity and even took me to an orthodontist to make sure (Asian parents, right?).  My parents should cut me a check for all that money I saved them! 

  5. 8th Grade State Champion in Keyboarding.  Um, yeah, a teacher saw me type at a computer terminal one day and said I had to go to a typing competition.  I didn't even know these things existed.  But I showed up and won.  It was seriously weird.   
And you can tell I'm out of interesting things to say.  ^_^

    Tell me one random fact about yourself!  I wanna get to know you guys too!  

    P.S. Can you see that the leaves are finally turning a little yellow now in the trees behind where I'm standing?  How exciting, huh?

    P.P.S.  Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway!  Deadline is Friday, Nov 19.

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    1. vavoom! you looking smashing in the red tunic! and those lamb heels are to die for. i thought about purchasing them during the current G&G sale for 30% off, but i have some similar booties so i decided to pass :( i love the red stitching detail.

      and thank you for sharing more details about yourself! it's always interesting to get to know the blogger behind the clothes :)

    2. I think I'm secretly jealous of your state typing champion title! I type faster than anyone I you think it's too late for me to enter one? :) Thanks for sharing some info about yourself!

      I'm really short, so I have a great appreciation for your crazy heels in this outfit. :)


    3. Hi Kileen, thanks so much for sharing. It was a fun read, trust me, even the "boring facts" were smashing interesting to me. :)
      Love the red top. Something about red and black hair, they just work together so well.
      I'll share two facts about myself: I'm Chinese too, and I also sit in front of a computer everyday. (I know second one shouldn't count, because you already know. :)
      Have a great weekend.

    4. Forgot to mention, I can't believe your teeth are natural. :) They look way too perfect. First thing I noticed when I found your blog was your perfect white pearls. :) Yes, getting your parents to cut a check to you isn't a bad idea. But then you are opening a flood gate for them to ask you to cut a check for all the time/money/headaches/stress/what-have-you you caused them when you were little. So I'd pass on that. :) I only know because I'm a mom.
      And there is nothing wrong with doing things backwards - house first, then get married. Which ever make practical sense, right? :)

    5. I loved the facts! :) It's extremely interesting!! So, you look WAY young and you have perfect teeth!! :) I am Chinese too! :)
      I can't believe you were struck by lightning! Wow!! Yikes!! :/ I was all the fixings for the typical Asian student.. I had braces, have glasses, awkward, LOL haha

      And yay to wedding planning!! It's stressful huh? :)

    6. Lol about the cheese! I can't beieve that you actually vomitted!

      What language(s) do you program? My husband has his degree in EE (saw that you do too), and does quite a bit of programming in Verilog, C, C++, and C# (I had to have him sitting here telling me this, lol). So that random fact does not count for me, that is more about my husband.

      Hmmm...I get along very well with my in-laws. They live very close by, plus, my sister-in-law and her husband live in the same development as us.

    7. @Michelle I'm so glad to hear you get along so well with your in-laws!! My future in-laws live in El Paso and I'm not very close with them (yet!). But my parents live about 20 minutes away from my fiance and me so we end up visiting them about once a week. My fiance is pretty close with my parents actually so that's pretty good. And my parents always give us a ton of free food, which definitely helps too! :)

      And I mostly program in C# these days although I did quite a bit of C++ and Java back in the day too.

      Have a great weekend!


    8. Wow, participating in a 30 for 30 challenge is very impressive! I like the way you belted your sweater, it really makes your legs look super long!

    9. You and I have so much in common, Kileen! Being Chinese, speaking Mandarin (although mine sucks now, hardly use it anymore), nerd (programmer here too!), still dating my college boyfriend and planning on buying a house before we get married too haha.

      I have serious shoe envy, the LAMB booties look so good on you. Love the red/black of this outfit.

    10. Loving your look. That red really suits you and those skinnies are the perfect fit.

      I don't see how you don't like cheese but I am willing to let that go as there will be more in the world for me ;-)

      Thanks for following me. I'm following you as well.

    11. i love the off the shoulder look!! it's very sexy without showing skin. i also like that you belted the shirt.

      congrats on the engagement and owning your first condo!!! how exciting!

    12. This post was amazing and made me think that we'd get along supper well in real life...except for the cheese thing. I guess as long as you like chocolate, we're ok. Random fact about me: my older sister and I have the same birthday, so we like to say we're twins...even though she's 3 years older!

    13. Red looks great on you! I have the exact same bra strap problem with boat neck tops. I love those shoes!

      Loved the facts about you. Something about me...I was married, had a kid, and owned a house by the time I was 20.
      No Guilt Fashion

    14. Hey, sitting in front of a computer all day does NOT mean nerd. I work in digital publishing, so I sit in front of one all the time too. Nerd? Definitely not.

      As for the cheese thing: I actually don't know too many people who're grossed out by cheese - especially on pizza!

      As for being asked what kind of Asian one is - I get it a lot too. Most people as me if I'm Filipina (often by others of Philippine descent). I don't think I look Filipina at all...

    15. Love the pop of red in your outfit! : )

      I actually would've guessed you were Phillipino, if it wasn't for your last name. OMG I can't believe you hate cheese. LOL That's pretty funny. :P Monopoly is SOOOOOOO annoying, playing with the people I play with. My friends make up the most insane bargains and it takes forever to finish a game. HAHA WOW you got struck by lightning! How unfortunate, but also how COOL is that? haha

      I should do a facts thing about me on my blog in the near future. Thanks for the idea. : )

      xx The Little Dust Princess

    16. Great red top.....Im finding red pretty much goes with anything these look great..and are doing so awesome on the was so nice to learn more about you:)

    17. You look so beautiful in everything you wear! I have the same belt! :)

      I have to say, red is your color! You look radiant!

    18. You look great in red and I can't believe they have a keyboarding competition, that is funny!

    19. Those lamb booties are fabulous!

      The Haute Road

    20. Love the outfit as usual! I never liked cheese either but I can stand cooked cheese, if it was cold cheese I would probably gag and look the other way, but pasta with cheese and pizza... I love lol oh... and I despise and absolutely HATE cheesecakes =x

    21. Fantastic outfit! Those jeans fit you to a T!!! I never would think to look for jeans there! You look so good in red!

    22. Ahhh you look fabulous in red =]

      Hmmm. Random fact. In 8th grade, I was THIS close to going to the National Spelling Bee, but I got cut misspelling "dithyramb." I hate that word with a passion.

    23. Congrats on the engagement! How exciting - I'm looking forward to future wedding posts :)

      I'm also Chinese but speak Cantonese with just a little bit of Mandarin :)

    24. @Shannon Haha, that's hilarious. I've never heard that word before today so you got me beat!  My spelling was also pretty good, but my school never did spelling bees, much to my dismay. For the best, who knows what word I would now hate. :)

    25. @SewPetiteGal Wedding posts for sure!  I still really need to get cracking on the planning more. Hopefully locking down the venue this week. :)

      And I can speak a tiny tiny amount of Cantonese but can understand it 50% of the time. 

    26. I really enjoy these "get to know" kind of posts! Congrats on the engagement and I wish I was one of those girls who had their wedding planned out since they were a girl but I wasn't, and I didn't really enjoy my wedding planning very much haha. And omgosh, the lightning story is crazy! Glad you're okay though! I took 3 years of Mandarin in college and can understand more than I can speak... but know enough to be able to watch Chinese dramas haha :)

    27. Very interesting! Congratulations on your recent engagement.


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