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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Review: LOFT Tweed Sheath Dress, Faux Wrap Sweater Dress, Jacket

Warning: I'm not wearing any makeup in the pictures below (eek!).  Please focus on the clothes, not my face.  I was giving my skin a break today.

  • Pleated Tweed Sheath Dress - 00P (buy here)
  • Good length right above the knee
    Arm holes are the perfect size
    Not too snug in the back
    Likes: I love tweed material and had to try on this dress when I saw it in the store.  The dress fit pretty well and was perfectly snug around the bust and waist area.  The arm holes were also not too big or small (but note I have very muscular arms) and the length hit just where I like it a little above the knee.
    Dislikes: My only wish would be that the waist were cinched in a bit more.  The dress looks a bit boxy on me and doesn't do a whole lot to accentuate curves below the bust.  As I have broad shoulders, I normally shy away from tops that just go straight up and back.  If I were to wear this to work, I would probably add on a small bolero or cardigan to downplay my shoulders a bit.  However, most petites out there don't have this problem and I could see this dress looking very flattering on them.    
    Verdict: Will consider buying if it's <$30.
    • Faux Wrap Sweater Dress - 00P (buy here)
    • A little low cut in the front, but I like the ruching at the sides
      Ribbed waistline in the back
      Likes: Nice warm material that hugs your curves.  Side ruching is very flattering.  Great length above the knee. 
      Dislikes: This is way too low-cut for me and I'd have to wear a cami underneath.  Unfortunately because the material is so thin, it would be very noticeable and possibly bunch up over the course of the day.  
      Verdict: No buy.  Not work appropriate.  Bending over would mean disaster city.  ^_^
    • Jacket - XXSP
      (I cannot, for the life of me, find this jacket on the website!  Please comment below if you find the link.  I just tried this on at the store on Saturday, 10/30, but I don't remember if it was on sale or not...)
    • Fits the shoulders right on target.  Love all the pockets!
      Slim fitting
      How it looks unzipped
      Likes: The jacket fits pretty well and ends just above the hips, which is think is perfect for petite figures as it draws your eyes upwards in my opinion.  I like how it's fitted so it's cinched in at the waist and has lots of pockets and zipper detailing.  The color is also a gorgeous dusty purple which can be easily paired with most outfits. 
      Dislikes:  Hm, can't think of any...
      Verdict:  If I didn't have a ton of jackets already, I would've bought this jacket.  But I do have more jackets than I can wear at this point, so I left it on the rack for the next lucky LOFTer.

    Lots of great stuff at LOFT this week!  Hope this review helped you guys!! 


    1. Great review! I really like how the first one looks on you - that looks like another great LOFT find for petites in general.

      Not feeling the sweater dress so much even though it does fit you well. It does seem thin and I would also be worried about all the lines showing underneath.

      Great jacket, it's so cute, fits you perfectly!

    2. Can they combine dress 1 and 2? =P Dress 2 is cinched in just right and shows off your curves that dress 1 didn't do. Maybe you can add your own belt/sash to dress 1 to tighten it?

      The jacket fits you so well. I really like that shade of purple/grey.

    3. I really like the jacket. It seems to fit you well. I hear you about having too many jackets. I am the same way. BTW, you look pretty even without makeup :) Have a great rest of of your weekend

    4. i actually like both dresses on you! i recently bought a similar dress at bebe that i absolutely love!! not boxy looking at all, and accentuates the curves in all the right places :) and the jacket looks great too, but i understand what you're saying about already having alot of jackets.

    5. aww lovely finds!! i really like the jacket. gorgeous :).
      <3, KC.

    6. You fill out these dress so nicely! (*insert pervy smile*) :P I really wanted to like that first dress on me, but I was just swimming in it.

    7. The length of the first dress is awesome on you!

      Yikes about the wrap dress! I would be so uncomfortable in that at work! It looks like it attaches to every curve of the body! Might be nice for non-work, when the price is right. :p

      The color of the jacket looks amazing on you! I tried that on a month back, and found it too stiff for me. :/

    8. my fave is the wrap dress! it looks fantastic on you. i like the fitted i know its not work appropriate, but what about for going out to dinner or something? i think you should go back and get it when they have a bigger markdown!

    9. @Michelle totally agree. that jacket was super stiff. i don't think i was easy to move around once i was all zipped in!

      @Ping i will consider going back for that dress once it's marked down more. my mom suggest that i put a little snap button in the front, but i think it might ruin the look of the dress. i think i'll just have to be careful when i wear it!

    10. The dresses look adorable on you! I would pick the sweater wrap (with a cami underneath) over the tweed dress in my opinion. I did buy the jacket and returned it because the material felt so stiff! I think it might have worked if it went through a wash but I didn't want to risk it.

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