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Thursday, October 28, 2010

OOTD: Same Show, Different Channel

Ann Taylor Knit Blouse - XSP (similar here)
Forever 21 Tweed Pencil Skirt - XS
Bakers Buckle Platform Pump - 5.5

I stuck with the tweed theme from yesterday, but slightly different.  Instead of black-and-white tweed, I chose gray-red tweed.  Huge difference.  I know you must be thinking that I have a closet full of tweed, but actually this is it.  Two pieces.  And I had to wear them back to back.  Just be grateful it's a tweed rut and not patchwork denim.  

On a less sarcastic note, I am a huge fan of tweed and kinda do wish I had more pieces in my closet.  ^_^

Do any of you guys ever slip into a fashion rut where you where the same style/trend over and over again?  Let me know what your ruts are!


  1. Hi there! (:
    just found your blog via "late afternoon" and I think your blog is pretty cool! I like your outfits, such classy chic! you're pretty ;)

    I'd love to follow you and I would be happy, If you'd like to follow me back on my blog (:

    When I'll have 100 followers soon, there'll be also a giveaway :)

    love and rockets, Lie

  2. I love tweed too but I don't own nearly enough pieces to repeat myself on a weekly basis. My old rut was dresses under cardigans or blazers and I am still guilty of reaching for that when I am lazy but I try to incorporate more skirts and pants into the equation.

    I love the outfit you are wearing! It's the perfect fall outfit.

  3. Tweed is my favorite to wear during cold months too. Sadly, I purchased my first tweed piece just last week. That's the only piece I own. Your F21 skirt looks so lux. Is it current? Just like Elle, I seem to wear skirt/cardi combo every single day for work. I need to add variety to my closet

  4. I really like that skirt, great find from F21!

  5. @PetiteLittleGirl Unfortunately I bought this skirt from F21 at least 2 years ago (maybe more...). F21 needs to add some more tweed to their current collection! :)

  6. @Lie Thanks for finding me and I just checked out your blog too! Congrats on so many followers. You can count me as one too. :)

  7. I wouldn't have known it was tweed! This is a refreshing post since must tweed is generally in a black and white color. I love the neutral colors in your outfit!
    Cute makeup too! I like how you went for bright colors. I'm jealous you used pink so well, I have a hard time with the color.

  8. @Banhannas It's a very light-weight tweed, which is good since it was still so hot yesterday that I would've been sweating otherwise!

    And thanks for the compliment about the pink eyeshadow -- it's MAC's French Cuff (LE BBR). It's a lustre finish so it's not quite as dramatic so I can pull off wearing it on my crease. Otherwise, I agree that pink is very tricky!

  9. I looove that skirt!! It looks more expensive than F21 and it makes your bum look great, haha.

  10. @TinyInTexas haha, thanks! the style is actually pretty nice for F21, but the stitching is horrible! i had to re-sew the seems on this dress after wearing it once cause it had started to fall apart already! oh well, you get what you pay for. :)

  11. Hi,

    I just found your blog via IFB and I am loving it. You have a a fascination much like mine for ladylike outfits comprised of beautiful dresses and pencil skirts. One thing you can rock which I wish I could is heels though. What wouldn't I give to be able to strut around in a pair of killer heels all day long in Toronto.

    I will definitely be coming back for more and also wanted to know how you felt about a little link exchange. If you do anything like that let me know and I'll be happy to return the favor.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  12. @Kaleido Mind Thanks so much! Just checked out your blog, btw. You have quite the fashion sense with gorgeous pictures to boot! *jealous* :)

  13. I love tweed :) It catches my eye during the cooler months. Your skirt is really nice... I can't believe that was from two years ago! My favorite style is stripes. I find myself always coming back to it, whether it's summer or winter :p

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