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Friday, October 29, 2010

OOTD: Easy Breezy

Banana Republic Mock Turtleneck Shirt - XS (similar here)
Forever 21 Gathered Sequin Dress - XS (similar here)
Forever 21 Black Basic Solid Tights (not shown)
Harajuku Lovers Airlie Mary Jane Pumps - 5.5 (not shown)

As is typical for me, I get more and more rushed for time as the week rolls along.  I hit the snooze button one too many times this morning and thus didn't have much time to straighten the hair or put on accessories.  The theme for today is therefore easy and breezy. 

In honor of the fact that the weather actually turned cooler today (woke up to 60 degrees!), I chose a somewhat glamorous dress with a bit of ruching and sequin detailing off to the side.  It was a dress that, if worn alone, would be great for a night out as it channels a Greek goddess look, but I decided to dress it down and wear it to work!  I layered a mock turtleneck shirt and simple black tights underneath the dress.  Of course, the look wouldn't be complete without my signature high heels, so those went on last.  I really loved this look as it was warm, stylish, yet very easy. 

And yes, that is a camera remote in my hand.  That's what I get for being so rushed and forgetting to hide it!  ^_^

Thanks for reading!


  1. I like that F21 dress, how it's cinched in at the waist! Looking great as always, have a great weekend!

  2. I like how you made the dress a bit more business-formal by adding the turtle neck. :)

  3. Normally I would associate this dress with warmer weather, but I loved how you added the extra layer underneath. Perfect for cooler weather!

    Cameras come with remotes?! I must have been living under a rock lol.

  4. @Cee If you have a DSLR camera, remotes are fairly common accessories that you can buy. I love my pictures with the DSLR so much more but my boyfriend doesn't always have time to take pictures for me. The remote has saved me. It's not too expensive either!

  5. I never would've thought you used a remote! Hehe and i push the snooze button sooo much in the morning too, until the last possible moment to wake up. you look sweet in that dress x

  6. I followed you! You are such a pretty girl and I like how you write the blog, Put videos in it too and write about your inspirations, recreate famous looks, and showing how to dress up creative! Keep posting, I will keep an eye on you girl ;)
    If you want check out my blog too I'm posting my outfits too every day.

  7. Lol about the camera remote!!

    What a neat idea to put the turtle neck under the dress!

    I hear yah on the snooze...perhaps daylight savings will help us get up earlier!

  8. You look darling! I love wearing long sleeves under dresses too. It keeps you nice and cozy! :)

  9. I didn't know that F21 made a size smaller than their "small"! The dress looks absolutely superb on ya. =0D
    I'm totally understanding on the snooze deal, Daylight's Savings Time needs to be sooner!

  10. @Banhannas the F21 Twelve By Twelve line oftentimes carries an XS. their dresses and skirts, in particular, go very small. i try and stick to this line if at all possible cause it always fits like a charm! :)


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