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Saturday, October 30, 2010

OOTD: Crisp Air Makes a Debut

Victoria's Secret Double-Breasted Peacoat in Camel - XS
Ann Taylor LOFT Petite Cowl Neck Sweater Dress - XXSP
Steve Madden Caryssa Platform Pumps - 5.5 (also shown here and here)
Belt taken from BCX Dress (shown here)

Temperatures have finally dropped here in Texas!!  That means that it's time for sipping hot chocolate, sitting in front of warm fires, and snuggling under blankets.  And let's not forget, sweater dresses and winter coats!  Sweater dresses are by far my article of clothing to wear in colder weather as it's soft, cozy, and chic all at the same time.  They're also ultra versatile and can be dressed in countless ways.  I chose the easy way out today and simply added a cinched belt at the waist.  Expect many more outfit combinations in the future with this dress though as it's at the top of my favorites list.  ^_^
On top of sweater dresses, I'll take a good winter coat any day.  Especially if it's a peacoat.  Peacoats always bring a classy finishing touch to any outfit.  I spent all of my college years (and then some) looking for a properly fitting peacoat and finally found one last year when I ordered it online from Victoria's Secret.  The shoulders are the perfect width and the length hits right below my hips, thus not looking like I'm drowning in a hot woolly peacoat mess.  

How are you guys enjoying this cooler weather?  Pumpkin spiced lattes, anyone?  ^_^


curls-and-pearls said... [Reply]

Cute camel coat! Wow, how do you walk in those heels???

Elle said... [Reply]

Love your outfits, you always look so put together. Those Steve Madden shoes are amazing...I have been meaning to get a pair but some reviews say that they fall apart easily. That second picture really needs to be an editorial in a fashion magazine. :)

kileen said... [Reply]

@curls-and-pearls I actually don't walk much in my heels as I have a desk job. It's mostly just walking to the cafeteria and to the restroom. Otherwise my feel would probably be killing me by the end of the day. But I love heels so I'd probably end up wearing them anyways. :)

And walking in heels does take lots of practice. I think I've been in heels since age 12.

@Elle lol, you're too kind! and I've had really great luck with these shoes and have been pretty sturdy for me. but i have a desk job so my shoes don't really take a beating.

And I'm glad I'm not the only one staying home on Halloween Eve! ^_^

Cee said... [Reply]

I have a camel peacoat as well and it's my go-to coat in the winter time =) I love how yours is the perfect length to go with the sweater dress. You look gorgeous!

Ping said... [Reply]

such a cute winter outfit. i love everything about this outfit...the color of the jacket is great, the sweater dress is really flattering and i love those pumps with it.

Stephanie said... [Reply]

Even though I like winter I found myself still missing summer today. I guess I wasn't ready to let go yet. anyway.. That's a great peacoat!

April said... [Reply]

Cute camel coat! I can't fit into VS coats. Lucky gal!

PetiteXXS said... [Reply]

Ooo I really love everything about this outfit and the camel coat! You look so cozy and it's definitely starting to feel like fall/winter!

Banhannas said... [Reply]

That camel coat looks gorgeous on you! Love the color!

I Don't Wear Jeans said... [Reply]

Classy. You look sharp in this dress.

Katie W said... [Reply]

Wow! All I can say is that you look gorgeous!

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