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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

OOTD: Beads and Baubles

Forver 21 Beaded Button-Down Shirt - S
Forever 21 Zipper Pleated Skirt - XS
Jessica Simpson Astor Pumps - 5

I'm not usually into vintage-looking clothing, but I couldn't resist this top.  The dark blue-grey color along with the rows of beads down the front make it both cute and romantic at the same time.  I paired it with a skirt that had a little bit more edge with a zipper-detailed waist as well as an exposed zipper than ran down the back (not shown).  This outfit was actually really fun to wear as the skirt made a swishing sound with every step I made.  The sound was very subtle -- I don't think anybody else noticed it except me -- but it's these little things that help you get through a Monday.  ^_^

Hope you guys are having a great week so far!


  1. Great outfit! I just found your blog and started following

  2. @Miranda thanks for following my blog!! yours is equally amazing and i'm a follower too! :)

  3. i love the outfit!! i saw that shirt on f21 and really liked the white color too.

  4. @Ping thanks! i thought about getting the white one too as it would be better for more formal outfits.

  5. Jealous that you are still wearing skirts with bare legs. I am a wimp in the seventy degree weather...I wore tights today. :p

    I love the details of the outfit! I love the edge from the zipper, but the softness of the jeweled top!

  6. @Michelle i'm a total wimp too! temperatures are actually still in the mid-80s here in Dallas so no tights yet. I wish it would get colder so I could wear some of my fall weather! Hopefully later this week it's supposed to drop to below 80. I can only wish... :)

  7. Great outfit, love the flared skirt and the colors...such a classic pairing! =)

  8. Cute look!


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